One third of babies will reach 100

One third of babies will reach 100

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Babies will reach 100

More people than ever are reaching the age of 100 and a new report suggests that a third of babies born in 2012 will become centenarians.

The study, compiled by the Office of National Statistics, found that 35% of babies born this year are expected to reach the age of 100. In 2012, 826,000 births are predicted, with a slightly higher number of boys, 423,000, than girls, 403,000.

However, girls are more likely to receive their letter from the Queen in 2112, with 39% of girls expected to reach 100 compared with 32% of boys.

The report, entitled What Are The Chances Of Surviving To Age 100?, said that men and women turning 65 this year only had a 10% and 14% chance respectively of celebrating their century.

This year there will be 14,500 centenarians in Britain, a number which is forecast to jump considerably over the course of the next 50 years. By 2035 there will be 110,000 people aged 100, while in 2060 there will be 276,000 female centenarians.

Better medical services and healthy living habits are leading to longer life expectancies, and it seems babies born this year have the best chance yet of reaching the grand old age of 100 years.

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