Wallets hit by increasing leisure costs

Looking to visit a theme park or attend a football match? Then be prepared to part with significant amounts of cash after a recent study revealed that the costs of leisure activities are at their highest level in a decade.

The price of an adult Premier League football ticket has rocketed by a massive 184% over the last 10 years, meaning on average you will be paying nearly £50. Admission costs to theme parks have also risen steeply, with the average cost now up 46% to £40.

Halifax conducted a survey on 11 leisure activities and found that the cost of 10 of them had increased faster than the rate of inflation.

The cost of gym membership and even the price of a takeaway have shot up in recent years.

Gardening was found to be the only activity that has risen at a slower pace than inflation, increasing by 17% compared to the 29% CPI inflation rate.

In fact, even the price of getting away in the first place has soared. Car fuel is now more expensive that it was a decade ago, witnessing a rise of 89%. Travelling by train doesn't prove to be much cheaper either, as the cost of a return ticket now stands at an average of over £23 - an increase of 61%.

It all means more strain on consumer spending power, with families feeling the biggest squeeze in more than a year, according to a recent Lloyds TSB report.

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