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Cover ups

Cover ups give you and baby some privacy and quiet while feeding.

What are cover ups?

We’re all for breastfeeding confidently in public in any way that suits you and baby, but if you want to get a bit of privacy and shield your curious little baby from all those exciting distractions, then cover ups can be super helpful. Usually attaching gently around your neck, they discreetly cover your baby, while keeping them cosy, sheltered and focused.

Which cover up is right for you?

Each system has its pros and cons – it’s really up to your lifestyle and budget:

There are four main designs - shawls, scarves, blankets and covers, which all work well.
What you really want from a great cover up is comfort, plenty of air flow for your baby and a design that helps you maintain eye as they feed. There’s nothing worse than a bad design that makes your baby all hot and stifled, so here are a few features to look out for:

  • comfortable fit – you’re going to be there for a while!
  • natural materials – light and breathable
  • versatile – most double up as a lightweight blanket, sun cover or scarf you can wear when not feeding!
  • hidden pocket – to store breastpads
  • rigid neckline – a benefit of covers, these help you maintain that bonding eye contact and improve airflow
  • adjustable neck straps – to make covers even more comfy

Top tips for buying a cover up

  • as your baby grows they can start to pop off the boob at loud sounds, or movements around them – this is when a cover-up can save your modesty
  • some mums find that a muslin cloth will do the trick – buy a multi-pack and carry a couple in the changing bag even if you do use a cover-up they can come in handy too
  • due to the nature of feeding, think about getting a light pattern, to disguise any dribbles and let-down splashes

How much will a cover up cost?

Prices start around £18 for a scarf.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular breastfeeding cover ups below. 

Coverup Faye and Lou Butterfly Shawl

Faye & Lou Breastfeeding Butterfly

RRP: £27.95 - Buy now
Ingenious butterfly-shaped cover-up you can use in 2 ways to breastfeed discreetly – and it also hides your tummy!

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Can be worn in 2 different styles
  • Available in 3 fabrics
  • Comes with matching bag for transport/storage
  • Adjustable poppers and elastic trim for maximum fit
  • Machine washable

Material: 100% cotton
Size: H92cm x W160cm

Why our mums love the Faye & Lou Breastfeeding Butterfly ....

  • If you are feeling self-conscious about your post-pregnancy tummy and the general state of your body (that’s most of us, then), this might be the cover-up for you as it’s generously sized and covers your whole tummy and back area. It’s nice to be able to feel relaxed while feeding and not embarrassed about tops riding up/rolls of tummy over your jeans/slipping maternity bras....
  • The instructions on how to tie it sound complicated when written down but actually this is a very simple cover-up which you can tie in 2 ways – 1 way even works with mums feeding in the ‘rugby-ball’ position.
  • The elastic around the bottom means this cover-up stays put – unlike some – and because there’s plenty of fabric, your baby doesn’t feel too constrained – although some mums find it doesn’t work so well with a very wriggly baby or one finding it difficult to latch on.
  • Loving the fabrics – especially the denim cherry blossom – which are stylish without being too fussy or girly.

Coverup Mamascarf


RRP: £17.99 - Buy now
Award-winning feeding cover-up that’s simple to use but effective so you can breastfeeding discretely in public.

  • Simple to tie and use
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Comes with a hidden pocket for breastpad
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Doubles up as a scarf
Material: 100% cotton
Size: H118cm x W153cm

Why our mums love Mamascarf ....

  • We love that this scarf is so easy to use – only one knot required. And if you keep it knotted in your bag you can put it on in seconds while holding your baby, so it’s perfect if you’re out and about on your own. No origami required!
  • Because there’s plenty of fabric, it covers your post-pregnancy tummy as well as your baby for maximum discretion while feeding – so you don’t need to buy special breastfeeding tops.
  • Some mums comment that their baby actually feeds better when they’re wearing the Mamascarf because they are less distracted by the exciting world around them.
  • Unlike some cover-ups, there’s plenty of room for your baby inside, so if they need to adjust their position or come off the breast and re-latch, then they can do this without feeling constrained – or exposing you!
  • The fabric isn’t too bulky – but it is study enough that the knot at the back of your neck will help support your baby so their entire weight isn’t on one of your arms but, as the manufacturers point out, it shouldn’t be used as a baby carrier.


Snugglebundl Baby Lifting Blanket

RRP: £39.99 - Buy now

Multi award-winning and multi-tasking blanket with handles that can be used to lift your baby without waking them, as well as a breastfeeding cover-up.

  • Made of 100% cotton with soft lining
  • Sturdy padded handles for lifting
  • Comes with hood and soft padding under head
  • For use as a lifting blanket until 6 months; safety tested to 30kg
  • Can be machine washed and tumble-dried
  • Comes in 2 colours

Material: 100% cotton
Size: 23cm x 5cm x 28cm

Why our mums love the Snugglebundl Baby Lifting Blanket ....

  • This is one clever piece of kit – even at the price, mums say they wouldn’t be without it. The cover-up function is really an added extra: its main use is as a lifting blanket so your baby doesn’t wake up when you transfer them from car seat to buggy to cot.
  • Mums comment that their baby really does stay asleep when you move them between car seat/buggy/supermarket trolley/your arms because they feel fully supported and stay warm and cosy in the blanket. It really is amazing to watch a baby being lifted in one – their head and legs hardly move. Best of all, you can do up the harness while the baby is still in the blanket so you won’t disturb them.
  • The padded handles are properly sturdy – and the blanket has been rated for a child up to 30kg (the average weight of a five-year-old!) so it’s very safe.
  • Simply keep the baby in it while you breastfeed, and drape the end up towards your shoulder. It hides the baby really well, although it won’t hide your post-pregnancy bulges as it doesn’t cover your tummy.
  • Mums with twins love the Snugglebundl (although you have to buy 2 blankets) as they can feed one baby in the blanket then lay them down in it while lifting up the other one in their blanket. Feeding time just got a whole lot quieter!

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