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Baby Bathing Equipment

Baby Bathing equipment includes baby baths in various shapes and sizes, a variety of bath supports and a whole host of accessories too!

Teeny babies can be unbelievably wriggly and slippery, so make bath time fun and easy with a baby bath or a support that sits in the big bath.

You’ll need to hold on tight until they can sit – and you always need to stay close by.

As your baby gets bigger, colourful, squeezy cups and toys can make bath time fun and educational too!

Which baby bathing equipment is right for you?

You can choose from a few main options:

  • baby baths – from mini baths, cute ‘buckets’ and even sink baths, these products hold water
  • bath aid or support – these sit neatly in your big bath
  • swivel bath or support – to use in your bath for babies who can sit

How much will baby bathing equipment cost?

Supports start from around £5 and baths start from around £6.

Baby bathing accessories

You can choose from a variety of products for you and baby:

  • towel or cuddle robe
  • sponge or flannel
  • bath thermometer
  • baby toiletries
  • bath toys – make it fun and educational!
  • non-slip bath mat – complete with handy hot water warning
  • bath kneelers – to protect your knees

Top tips for buying baby bathing accessories

  • Always check the temperature of the water first
  • Run cold then warm up with hot water
  • Never leave your baby unattended – not even for a second

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popoular bathing products below.

Summer Infant Sparkle N' Splash Newborn-to-Toddler Baby Bath

RRP: £28.85 - Buy now

The bathtub that grows with baby! Suitable from birth to toddlerhood, this funky tub is a great buy

  • Has a clip-on sling insert with headrest so newborns and young babies can be safely bathed without slipping
  • Baby sling is machine washable to keep it fresh and hygienic
  • Fits in double sinks and baths for easy,fuss-free bath-times
  • Large padded sitting area for bigger babies and toddlers
  • Has sturdy, easy clean plastic construction and is available in pink or blue

Age: from birth to toddler or 15kg
Dimensions: 42cm x 1.2cm x 70cm

Why we love the Summer Infant Sparkle N' Splash Newborn-to-Toddler Baby Bath ....

  • We love the fact it can fit in a double sink unit – no more bending over baths!
  •  It is lightweight and mega quick to fill and empty
  • The clip on sling holds smaller babies securely in place so you can have both hands free to wash and play with them, while the headrest keeps their head well supported
  • The colour options are bright and funky and the sling comes in a fun colourful whale design
  • It's great that it can be used for toddlers as well as babies – makes it amazing cost-per-use value!

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support

RRP: £24.99 - Buy now

This bath support is a great option for bath-time. Made from super soft plastic that moulds around your baby and warms faster for happier bathtimes.

  • Has an ergonomical design which adapts to baby's shape and gives them optimum support during bath time  
  • It's made from an ultra soft material which warms up to the bath water and baby's body temperature really quickly 
  • There is a water level indicator for safe bath filling
  • Has a sturdy but lightweight construction with a non-slip base
  • Is available in pink or aqua blue

Age: from birth 
Dimensions: 23cm x 59cm x 34cm

Why we love the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support ....

  • Baby looks and feels very secure in it, and its non-slip base means it does not move around in the bath
  • Leaves mum or dad with both hands free to enjoy bath-time with baby
  • The material is really soft and comfy for baby to lie on for tear-free bathing!
  • Great if you are short of space and can't buy a separate baby bath -  there's also a hand hook to hang it up in the bathroom
  • It allow baby to have lots of fun lying back and kicking and splashing in the water!

Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath

RRP: £28.50 - Buy now

An excellent value ergonomically designed bath suitable for newborns and sitting babies

  • Rigid plastic bath support for newborns through to babies weighing 8kg
  • Suckers on the bottom of the three legs fix the support securely to the base of your bath tub
  • Baby is supported in a reclining position, leaving your hands free for washing and fun!
  • Baby is able to kick freely and splash with their arms while remaining securely in the support
  • Available in blue or white

Age: from birth to 15kg
Dimensions: 20cm x 93cm x 54cm

Why we love the Baby bath supports...

  • It is brilliant quality with a sturdy, secure feel that isn't too heavy once filled
  • Baby looks safe and comfy in the ergonomically shaped supports, both at newborn and sitting up stage
  • It can be used in the bath as well as on the floor if your bath is big enough
  • It's great having your hands free and not having to hold a slippery, wet baby for those nerve-wracking first bath times!
  • • It is big enough for baby to really kick and splash about and enjoy bath time!

Safety 1st baby bather sponge

RRP: £8.95 - Buy now

A soft yet supportive foam insert for your baby to lie in for safe bath time fun

  • Really soft and squidgy and adapts to baby's shape
  • Can be used in the bath, sink or baby bath
  • Can be easily rinsed off and any excess water squeezed out after use
  • Safe for baby to use from newborn stage through to 9kg
  • Very compact and easy to store in the bathroom
  • Great for taking away with you on your travels for safe bathing wherever the location

Age: from birth to 9kg
Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm x 8cm

Why we love the Safety 1st baby bather sponge...

  • It's fab for taking away with you or keeping at granny's or childminder's house as it fits in any bath and is really easy to store
  • It is really soft against baby's delicate skin and shapes itself around their body
  • The sponge stays warm so baby doesn't get shivery in the water!
  • We love that baby can lie back and enjoy kicking and splashing while staying safe and secure – and mum or dad can stay hands free to wash them!
  • The top section keeps baby's head and neck really well supported and away from the water

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