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Shaw Academy

Diploma in Cookery

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Shaw Academy

Diploma in Cookery

Cookery is something that has been around for centuries, and every single person is connected with cookery in some form or another,

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Whether choosing to bring friends and family together, keeping updated of what personalities are eating and cooking via online sources and social media, or deciding to take the time to create a fulfilling home cooked meal instead of ordering in.

Cooking is an art form that still to this day holds basic principles that are constantly reviewed tweaked and elaborated, but still hold a massive part of creating a flavour packed, wholesome meal that seamlessly has the power to connect everybody, whether celebrating that birthday, impressing your partner, or nourishing your children, cooking is an everlasting form of expression. As well as expanding your overall vocabulary in cooking and food in general so you will have the power to speak freely about a practice that is a lifelong lesson