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Bounty Weaning Big Bundle

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Bounty Weaning Big Bundle

An un-missable collection of 16 expert-led videos. A step by step guide to weaning your baby. Instant and permanent access via phone, tablet or PC.

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An unmissable collection of 16 expert-led videos – made by a team formerly from the BBC Science Department - ideal for anyone who is starting to wean their baby and needs some support!  Presented by paediatric dietitian, Melissa Little, and advised by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. 

Introducing solid foods, often called weaning, is a really important step in your baby’s development. 

When you start off, try to look on it as a fun and experimental time. Don’t rely on it for your baby’s calories at first – it makes it too pressured. Keep the calories coming with breastmilk or formula, and have a relaxed time playing with new flavours and textures. The more fun your baby has with food, the more likely it is that they’ll allow you to present them with new foods that they’ll enjoy eating. 

Weaning will be a much more enjoyable experience if you can be relaxed and not worried about mess. Babies like to feel their food. They like to mush it in their hands, rub it in their hair and throw it on the ground. These are all very normal and healthy things to do – your baby isn’t being naughty – they’re experimenting with new things.