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How to Help Your Little Ones Sleep

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How to Help Your Little Ones Sleep

Instant and permanent access via phone, tablet and PC to a fabulous series of 18 videos from Essential Parent’s sleep expert, Mandy Gurney.

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By watching the “Big Sleep Video Course” you will understand all about how your baby sleeps and when. You will also learn how you can gently and effectively influence their sleep patterns to fit in better with yours. The “Big Sleep Video Course” covers all the basics like how your baby’s hormones affect their sleep – and how you can influence those hormones. Very simple changes and tweaks can stop a baby waking at 4am every morning, for example.

You will learn how to gently plan your baby’s daytime naps and play, so that they start to understand the difference between night and day. This helps enormously in getting them to sleep longer and better at night.

If you and your baby are having any particular problems – such as waking throughout the night, only falling to sleep in your arms or after being fed, crying through the night, or waking very early every morning – the steps you need to take to overcome these problems are explained in great detail. 

Consultations with Sleep Experts usually costs a great deal – but everything you need to know is right here. We feel sure that the “Big Sleep video course” will have you on your way from chaos to calm really soon.