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Zippy Bandana Dribble Bibs - 4 Pack

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Zippy Bandana Dribble Bibs - 4 Pack

Zippy Bibs are stylish and practical bibs for all ages.

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Designed by mums who have had way too much experience of drooling babies, we understand how bibs need to be absorbent yet still look good, whether on a premature baby or for adults.

FirstBib is a traditionally-shaped flat bib with a softly gathered neckline that gently stretches to fit around premature and newborn babies’ necks. This catches milk and teething dribble to stop their chests getting damp.

Our Fun bandana bibs are cool, stylish and fashionable bibs that keep babies’ chests and outfits dry. A fun addition to accessorise babies’ outfits!

Finally, Absorbent bibs put simply are our most absorbent bibs! They keep the wearer drier for longer. Helps stop chests getting damp and prevents having to change clothes as often (less hassle and washing!). One size fits babies and toddlers whilst the Extra Large range is sized to fit older children and adults.


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