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Solution For Fussy Eaters

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Solution For Fussy Eaters

Promote healthy eating and good table manners using this motivational dinner set and game: Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt is a treasure-hunt themed dinner set and motivational game in a gift box that engages and encourages children.

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Remove the daily stresses and tension created by fussy eating, bad table manners and unhealthy eating practices by taking a new approach with the expert-endorsed Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt. Treasure Every Mealtime! Ages 3+.

This set features a ten-step treasure trail snaking around two beautifully designed dinner mats. As children eat their meal or behave as requested, they move along the trail using a large golden coin, until they reach the end. At this point they are allowed to remove their plate and reveal one of ten non-food reward cards. As they travel the trail, the points of interest, conversation and learning in the dinner mat provide plenty of opportunity for fun and distraction away from the issue of eating. 
The specially crafted reward system relies on the best guidelines around healthy eating, and with an advice leaflet from a nutritional therapist included, there is simply nothing else like this on the market. 

This enchanting dinner set has been designed in consultation with a nutritional therapist as a tool to reinforce healthy eating practices. This is a fun, creative and POSITIVE way to bring joy to the dinner table, and with magical designs for boys and girls featuring castles, shipwrecks, pixies and fairies, and special treasure-hunting themed cutlery that every child will love, you will have children "digging" into healthy meals in no time! There's even a short-cut designed for smaller meals or appetites. 

But the Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt isn't ONLY designed for children who don't want to eat...it is an enchanting dinner set in a gift box that brings joy to any child. With treasure hunting themed cutlery, dinner mats featuring pixies, fairies, castles and ship wrecks, and a great, healthy reward system for good behaviour, who wouldn't enjoy using this set?!To understand more about how this unique set works, watch our explanatory video here: http://www.gotrovotreasurehunt.co.uk/mealtime-hunt/explanatory-video/

If you want your kids to sit nicely at the table, eat with their mouths closed, feed themselves, try new healthy foods, overcome fussy eating and build healthy eating habits, this is the set for you! 


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