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Galt Toys

Galt Toys 2-in-1 Playnest

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Precious Little One

Galt Toys 2-in-1 Playnest

The Two-in-One Playnest® is a fabric covered inflatable ring that provides a soft resting area for a young baby on one side and a self-contained play environment for older babies and toddlers on the reverse.

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The soft velour resting area for young babies supports them in a comfortable semi-upright position. The padded area over the Playnest inflatable ring cradles your baby's body and their head and neck are supported by the shaped cushion. The soft harness ensures your baby remains safely in position within the Playnest.

For an older baby, simply turn the Playnest over to reveal a padded seating area which will support you child in a sitting position, enabling them to reach out and explore safely. The triangular shape of the seating area offers sideways support during rest and play. There are 8 multi-sensory features incorporated in the activities around the Playnest to stimulate touch, vision and hearing. Playnest is also an excellent place for baby to sit while playing with other toys


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