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Grip Fast Ultimate Home Saftey Starter Pack

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Grip Fast Ultimate Home Saftey Starter Pack

Everything you need to safe proof your home!

In stock ENDED: 15th May

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Safety Gate

The Gripfast Safety Gate is the ideal solution to stop your little one from taking a tumble down the stairs or adventuring far from your eyes.

The gate conveniently opens two ways and is operated with one hand. There is a double lock barrier for extra safety so your little cannot open it. The Gripfast is strong and durable because it is made from powder coated steel, it is easy to install with simple screw fixtures.

Socket Covers

As parents we know that it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on your toddler's mischief at all times. Let them have fun in the home with one less thing to worry about! Simply plug these covers into any plug sockets that are not in use and prevent those little fingers from going in and getting a nasty shock. This really is a home safety essential that may not have even crossed your mind, that is why Direct2Mum are here to help!!

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it prevents the red blood cells from taking up oxygen, causing severe issues with the body's vital organs. As this is a colourless/odourless gas, a carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to alert you to increasingly dangerous levels of CO before fatalities occur.

Gripfast have designed this alarm to alert you if your family are in danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Every home needs one and with Gripfast offering it at such an affordable price, how could you say no!

The following symptoms are related to CO poisoning: - Nausea - Vomiting - Dizziness - Drowsiness - Severe Headaches - Unconsciousness It is strongly suggested that an alarm is installed on each floor of your home, including every bedroom, attics and basements alike.

Cabinet Locks

Is your little one constantly on the move and on a new adventure? These cabinet locks are a must-have in the house of a terrible toddler. They help to prevent young prying hands from opening cabinets and cupboards and injuring themselves. Parents no longer need to fear for their little ones fingers, arms and any other limb they might want to trap in a door on their travels!

Door Stop

The Door Stop Snails are the latest in an ever growing range of safety products from GripFast. With it's 'mummy chosen' colours, the Snails are sure to compliment your home as well as keep your child safe. Not only can they stop your child from trapping their fingers, they also stop your child from shutting themselves in a room, and consequently being unable to get back out.

Baby on Board

Increase the awareness of the presence of your child whilst in your vehicle travelling. This baby on board sign will let the driver behind you know that you are travelling with precious cargo.


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