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Our pregnancy calculator is very easy to use. Simply select the date of the first day of your last period to start calculating your due-date.

Pregnancy normally lasts around 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. Confused already? Forget complicated charts - try our handy due date calculator to help you work out when you can expect your baby to arrive.

If you are recently pregnant and wondering ‘when is my due date?’ Just enter the first day of your last period and our pregnancy calculator will estimate your baby’s due date. Some women have menstrual cycles that are not exactly 28 days though, so if your cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days, please adjust the number as required.

Pregnancy Week Calculator

Want to know which week of pregnancy you are in? Our pregnancy calculator will do that too. Follow the prompts for due date calculation and we’ll also let you know the approximate week of your pregnancy.

Please remember that the pregnancy calculator just gives an estimate and that the majority of women do not give birth on their due date.

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I'm 15 weeks 4 days pregnant and having back pain.

I'm now 15 weeks 4 days pregnant and I've been having some back pains. I believe it could be gas or constipation but I'm still very worried. This is my first baby and I don't want anything bad to happen.

i am mummy

i am 14 -15 week preggy and it my second and i keeping notting down :( any1 help me x

Hi, am 32 and 6 Weeks 6 days

Hi, am 32 and 6 Weeks 6 days pregnant with my first baby.am very nervous since I don't know what to expect.I feel slight cramps and started feeling sick now.am happy and don't want anything to happen to my baby.best regards


Yay I'm 6+2 today and have an early scan next thursday due to pains I never had with my first dd so excited to see my lil bean a nice Christmas present


I just found out im 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Just book doctors appointment as don't want to delay scan as Christmas causes delays. Feel so sick this time round and achy. I have a 3 year old who was born at 31 weeks feel nervous this time round but so happy :-)

hi, i am 5 weeks and 1day

hi, i am 5 weeks and 1day preg,this is our 2nd child the only thing i am worried about is the cramps which i did not have in my first preg,though i had few complications in my frist preg my son had growth retardation and i had been induced when i was 36 week he was born only 1,8kg but now hes(2yrs and 8m) perfectly fine,i didnt sse my gp yet can any one suggest that do need to see the gp soon or can wait for 1-2 weeks.

due date?

my last period was 29 oct (my week off the pill) i was due to take my pill again 5 nov didnt... as wanted to try for a baby. i did a test when i was due on and was neg. did a test today and was positive any ideas when my due date would be??

difference in pregnancies

Hiya just found out im 8 weeks pregnant with 2nd child but didnt find out with 1st baby till 15 weeks gone so dont know what to expect at this stage, im worrying because im not feeling or experiencing anything and thinking that there is something wrong but when i thinik about it i must have been same with last baaby or it wouldnt have took so long to realise. its just weird knowing a lot sooner and not knowing what to expect. im worrying a lot more with this one but i think its cos im in 1st trimester :(

Hi.. My periods was supposed

Hi.. My periods was supposed to be due on 28th nov but I'm two days late and my periods are never late.. I did a home pregnancy test twice and both the times it came negative.. And I'm having similar signs of pregnancy.. So am I pregnant or not?? Please help

To the lady with an 11 wk old

To the lady with an 11 wk old asking if she could be pregnant after having sex 4 wks after having baby, it happened to me 7 yrs ago, we thought we were safe because I had just had a baby but (so my MW said) I was actually more fertile. Now we have 2 daughters who are a little over 10 months apart, don't panic it wasn't as scary as I thought, although very tiring (but we also had a 2 yr old at the time) as long as you have a lot of support you will be fine.

1st timer

i'm so scared, I've just found out i'm pregnant after trying for the past 10 years. I was pregnant before with triplets but something went wrong and i misscarried all of them and yeah now i'm pregnant i'm scared the same thing will happen again just hope this one is a fighter


I've just had a little girl, she's 11 weeks tomorrow. Me and my partner (her dad) had sex when she was about 4 weeks. Now I've been feeling sick and headaches... I've taken 2 pregnancy tests and both come back possitve. Could my hormones still be there or am I pregnant again? Really scared!

Hey! (: I'm 19 soon to be 20

Hey! (: I'm 19 soon to be 20 on the 9th.. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and uve read on the internet at different pages and seen that some people went along to there 16 week appointment but the midwife couldn't hear the heartbeat and had to go for an emergency scan... Is this normal? I'm really nervous as this is my first baby. X

naomi king

I too did the clearblue and it came up 3+,I went to the docs and I was 8 weeks already lol with a result of 3+ on a clearblue you'd be roughly 5 weeks minimum


Hello everyone , I done a clear blue 2weeks ago and it said 5 + im really confussed as I dont no the day of my last period I only no the day it ended could.anyone help me of how I would work that out , dont have a doctors appointment.for 3 weeks. But this is my third and I cant wait im so excited

hello everyone :) im 28 and

hello everyone :) im 28 and we are expecting our 4th baby....already have 2 boys and 1 girl :) going to hospital tomorrow for blood test to find out how far along i am...thinking about 5 or 6 weeks :) xx


hi me and my husband are really excited as we have just found out we are expecting baby number 6. im 28 but our youngest is 2 in jan, she was born 39wks gest but weighed only 4lb 5 as she was severe growth retarded last 3 wks of preganacy, my youngest boy whos 3 tomorrow was born 35 wks gest weighed only 4lb 15 but my placenta abrubted, asyou all can imagine we both are absolutly elated with our latest new but we are both absolutly worried sick incase this new little buddle comes early or incase i have more complications any body else out there who has sufferd like me?

Hi my names halima and am

Hi my names halima and am 27wks an 2 days pregnant its my fourth child wasn't planned as I had IUD fitted but got preg, but am really happy as I found out its a girl so I've got 2 boy an now 2 girls and hoping for a full stop but just worried what contraception method will b good

hiya am claire am 3 to 4

hiya am claire am 3 to 4 weeks pregnant this is my third pregancy i have a five year old girl and i lost my second baby last year in aug

Hi i am 6wks pregnant with my

Hi i am 6wks pregnant with my 3rd child. I'm a mixed bag really, nervious & excited. I honestly did'nt see my husband & I having another after nearly 8yrs since our youngest child. I thought it was my time to branch out into my own career, however, i do remind myself that the yrs of experience & maturity we have now can only work in our favor. Plus my relationship with my two chidren has grown so much more, so i guess it can be seen it as a very precious miracle :)

HI, I'm 25wks pregnant my 1st

HI, I'm 25wks pregnant my 1st pregnancy... I only feel kicks in the , morning and sometimes at night only when I'm lying down is this normal or should I be feeling more at this stage does any 1 know... Thawks

I am 16 weeks pregnant and

I am 16 weeks pregnant and really excited. I am 17 and this is my first pregnancy, I am really nervous and I am just wondering how long it will be until I feel my baby moving? Thanks :)

Hiya. I'm 18 weeks pregnant

Hiya. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have started feeling a few flutters but not sure if it is the baby moving yet? It's my first child so I haven't experienced it before, does anybody know haha? Xx

due date

i am 35 weeks pregnant and 5 days and am very tired i already have 4 children this is my 5th my older's is 10 and youngest is 3, i have been having some contractions over the week end but seen my midwife and said the head has really drop and if they get worse i should go to hospital.

So Happy :-)

I have just found out that I am five weeks pregnant after my 1st IVF cycle. I am so happy right now I could burst! they collected 6 eggs but only one fertilised, the ebryo was put back two days later, I never imagined that it would work but it has :-D

Im 9 weeks and 3 days

Im 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant, with my first, me and my partner are very exicted, iv had a lot of feeling sick but not any sickness also had a few cramps but nothing to painfull, cant wait iv got my booking appointment in 4 days time.

Hi am 24 weeks with my 5th

Hi am 24 weeks with my 5th baby this will be my 5th c-section. Has any 1 else had 5 c-section


hi my name is amy and im nineteen and 5days pregant

Im Pregnant!

5 weeks pregnant! after 2 mc am feeling hopeful early scan next monday :)

too close?

Just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant and my baby is only 16 weeks old! According to the bounty due date calculator i am due on my daughters due date just one year later! OMG! x

im 7 weeks pregnant with my

im 7 weeks pregnant with my first. really nervous but kind of excited to. havent had much sickness or anything just a little cramping pain but according to the midwife its normal xx

I am due 27th march as an

I am due 27th march as an estimate not see the midwife its my first pregnancy, how is eveyone feeling anyone what symptons have you all had and any aches and pains? xx

Found out 2 days ago that im

Found out 2 days ago that im expecting my first. Really exited as been trying for a few months now. Im 4wks 3dys today. Really nervous abt everything going well. Been feeling tired for the last week and feeling sick during the day. Had some spotting last night & this morning - brown in colour. Read this is normal around this time - i hope so...


I am 4wks and 1 day with my 5th baby it wasn't planned but we wernt being careful as I was told if I wanted more I would need IVF due to pcos I came off the pill in febuary and started taking Agnus Castas a herbal food suplement and he we are 5 months later to anyone who suffers from pcos I highly recomend taking them while trying to concieve x

hi im 7 weeks pregnant with

hi im 7 weeks pregnant with my second one, my first one is 19 years old!

third baby

Hi everyone found out I'm pregnant with my third we already have a boy of 6 and girl of 10 I am only 2 weeks 4 days pregnant! :) x x

No 8

Well im 7 wks pregnant not feeling the sickness so much at all felt it with my others so hope everythings ok.



Finally test says yes!!!

After what felt like a life time of waiting me and partner are due a new arrival 24th feb next year 11weeks now and praying morning sickness finishes soon! still soo happy xxxx

Hi everyone,im pregnant with

Hi everyone,im pregnant with my second, 4 weeks and 2 days.... due 14/04/13 very happy :D

hi everyone im pregnant with

hi everyone im pregnant with my second

Bio oil is fantastic I used

Bio oil is fantastic I used all the way thru my first pregnancy and didn't get one stretch mark

stretch marks

hello everyone, i am pregnant with my 3rd and i am 7wks today due on 7th march :) just wondered if anyone had any tips on how to reduce the risk of stretch marks?

hi everyone my name is linzi

hi everyone my name is linzi im a mum of 4 and just found out today im pregnant with number 5. im 4 weeks 6 days big shock as was on the pill x

baby number 6 :)

hi everyone, I'm seven weeks pregnant today and glowing, loving my pregnancy. I got four grown up girls and a boy of six too. Thanks to Bounty for their ongoing support and information... it's nice to know you're still going from 6 years ago. Happy pregnancies everyone :)


Hi everyone, so happy am half way throw my pragnance and can't wait to push my little one out am due in november, my first is so excited

Hi I'm 27 and 15 weeks and 1

Hi I'm 27 and 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant, first baby first pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on feeling terrified about it? Me and my partner are really excited but yet I still can't help feeling that somthing's gonna go wrong before the birth. I've had two scans and both were ok. I would be greatful for Any advice, thankyou xxx

Hi i am 28 weeks pregnant and

Hi i am 28 weeks pregnant and quite large , lol from west yorkshire, is there anyone else from that neck of the woods? REGARDS Lisa xx

Go get an early scan or DNa

Go get an early scan or DNa test or speak to your doctor chants. 3rd baba for me :) xx


try not sleeping about! ur poor kid