Mum-To-Be Pack

Mum-To-Be Pack


Mum-To-Be Pack

The Mum-To-Be Pack is the second of four FREE packs from the Bounty Club.

When do I get this pack?

After your first scan.

Where do I get this pack?

To collect your FREE Mum-To-Be Pack, simply take the voucher inside ‘You and Your Pregnancy’ guide, to your local Asda, Boots, Kiddicare or Superdrug store. Click here to find your nearest stockist.

(don’t worry if your voucher does not state Asda, it will still be accepted in Asda stores)

What will I find inside my pack*?

  • Bounty’s ‘Baby Product Guide’, a useful guide to help you make the best product choices for your lifestyle and budget.
  • Great try before you buy product samples.
  • Money off coupons.
  • Helpful advice and information.
    *Contents of pack may vary

Frequently asked questions

I did not get a Mum-To-Be Pack voucher, how do I get one?
If you are already a Bounty Club member, don’t worry as our system can detect any member who has not redeemed their pack voucher and they will automatically be added to our next list of members to receive a pack voucher by email. If you are not a Bounty Club member or need to update your email address, click here to sign up or update your details.

Not a member? How do I join the Bounty Club?
Please click here to join the Club.

My local Asda, Boots, Kiddicare or Superdrug did not have any stock, what do I do now?
We work very closely with Asda, Boots, Kiddicare and Superdrug to ensure there are always plenty of packs for all expectant mums. Please click on the store that you visited below and we will contact them to ensure some more packs are delivered.

Which pack will I get next?
Your third FREE pack is the Newborn Pack, which you will receive in hospital on the maternity ward.