Newborn Essentials Pack

Newborn Essentials Pack


Newborn Pack

The Newborn Pack is the third of four FREE packs from the Bounty Club.

When do I get this pack?

At birth.

Where do I get this pack?

Your FREE Newborn Pack is given to you, by a Bounty Lady or health professional, on the maternity ward during your stay in hospital. Find out what to expect when you and your baby meet our Bounty Club Co-ordinator in hospital.

What will I find inside my pack*?

  • Bounty’s ‘You and Your Newborn’, a step by step guide with lots of useful information for the first few weeks of your baby’s life.
  • Great try before you buy product samples.
  • Money off coupons.
  • Helpful advice and information.
  • Important Government Information on how to claim your Child Benefit.
  • Your Family Pack voucher.
    *Contents of pack may vary

Frequently asked questions

How do I get this pack if I am having a home birth?
If your baby is born at home, your heath professional will be able to obtain a pack for you.

How do I get a pack if I have not yet received one?
Your local health professional should be able to obtain one from the hospital if you ask her during your next visit.

Which pack will I get next?
Your fourth FREE pack is Family Pack, simply complete your pack voucher, which you will find inside “You and Your Newborn” guide, and take to your local Asda, Boots, Kiddicare or Superdrug store to collect. Click here to find your nearest stockist.