10 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

10 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

Your little one now looks like a baby, although an ultrasound will show the head is still large compared to the body. The front of your baby’s skull is already starting to harden from cartilage to bone but it will still be flexible enough to accommodate the baby’s growing brain.

The placenta, even though it is still growing, is now able to start supplying your baby with all its needs.


As the end of the first trimester approaches, your belly might slightly swell. Your baby is becoming quite active but you won’t be feeling the movements just yet.

You may be experiencing some aches and pains as part of the 10 weeks pregnant symptoms and this is mainly due to the ligaments and the muscles of your pelvis that are stretching to accommodate your growing uterus. While this is normal it should be manageable, so if you’re experiencing any bleeding or cramps visit a doctor immediately as this could be a sign of a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

What to think about

During your pregnancy you are entitled to free dental care. The hormone progesterone causes the gum tissue to soften which may mean that you are more likely to suffer from swollen or bleeding gums.

You may already feel that you constantly need the loo but it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated throughout your pregnancy. If you’re looking for alternative sources of water, why not try fruit that is high in water like melons?

From the 11th week you might be offered a nuchal translucency scan. This detects the risk of Down’s syndrome and is thought to be 80 per cent accurate. If the results show that there is a high risk, you may be asked to have another test. Read more about antenatal tests.


What’s happening at 11 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 You can now apply for the Healthy Start scheme if you are eligible

Looking for a name for your baby?  Find a name here


am 11 weeks pregnant and am

am 11 weeks pregnant and am really sufferin from tierdness and am not always stressed but i have my off days when everyones against me,and am start to get a baby bump already i dont now if this is bloating or because its my first pregnacy and am only small and the wight is stringing my back aswell nightmare already tbh,and i have high blood pressure i dont now what to do about this though got my first poper scan next week cant wait !!!!


Im 10 wks hav got cramping stretchin feeling on both sides of my womb is this normal

im 10 weeks pregnant and its

im 10 weeks pregnant and its my first :) really suffering from tiredness and get very dizzy and out of breath just climbing the stairs, i seem to get my nausea mostly at night and no food appeals to me :( my scan isnt for 2 weeks and a bit anxious to know if im having twins or not as they run in both sides of me and my fiances family, is there any tell tale signs before a scan to indicate this?

At home doppler!

Hi everyone, i'm new here i'm due on November 5th! I was just wondering if anyone had had any luck with finding thei baby's heart beat with an at home doppler? Me and OH been trying for a few weeks now and I think i'm just picking up my own!

When my sister in law was

When my sister in law was pregnant she was self employed and I think she was entitled to SMP (Statutary Maternity Pay) I can't remember how much this is but ask your midwife and she will probably be able to advise you how to apply. Good Luck xx

When my sister in law was

When my sister in law was pregnant she was self employed and I think she was entitled to SMP (Statutary Maternity Pay) I can't remember how much this is but ask your midwife and she will probably be able to advise you how to apply. Good Luck xx

Baby time. Due October :)

Hey I'm in my 10th week an I dunno much at the moment. I dunno if illget help or don't know where me and my partner will live. I wanted to sort things ASAP for when baby is here in October. But don't think we will qualify as we both work full time but both self employed so don't get maternity leave? Anyone know what I can do?

Hi, Im 10+2 and this is my

Hi, Im 10+2 and this is my first. Morning sickness has pretty much taken over my life atm. Had to take time off work and Im pretty housebound due to fear of not being close enough to a toilet,lol. Hope it passes soon. I think ive tried pretty much all the "Tips ans Tricks" under the sun. Just need to ride it out now. Cant wait for my scan... 2 weeks today! :-)

showing and cramping

im 10+2 with number 3, look like im 4 months gone! Its mad, im pretty slim, size 10 and all of a sudden theres this bump thats that noticable, people are already asking me when im due! I think the feelings some people describe as movements already, could be bowel activity..well thats what my midwife suggests it could be :) Ive never bled, had morning sickness or felt as poorly as i have done this time, thankfully all three seem to have tailed off now. Feeling very anxious now about consultant app, which is where i should find out if i should need a c-section or not, after having retained placenta with last 2 children.. very nervous!! :o/

10 weeks symptoms

I'm 10 weeks and feel fine on a morning, but then gradually through out the day feel like I am really hungry and need to eat and have a horrible taste in my mouth. so i have something to eat at regular intervals. Anyone got any tips?

10 weeks pregnant 3rd baby

I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby & feel a bit of cramping but I've been told this is normal & lots of websites also say its normal. I may sound silly but I'm sure I can feel baby moving sometimes, obviously by having 2 other children I know what it feels like, does anyone else experience the same feeling? Also I feel like I'm showing abit too (is this normal for being pregnant for a 3rd time


am 10 wks with my 3rd baby but for the past 2 wks i have been having alot of cramping but its more to my left side ,,i called the midwife but was told as long as there wasnt any blood i was fine ,,but i dint excpereance this with any of my other pregnancys any suggestions pls xxx


hey there i was the same as you i am ten weeks also and i had some bleeding and i had a scan to show that all is well, you being worried is so normal!! you can bleed still while being pregnant right up to the birth so iam told as long as there are not cloats and no cramping with it then you can put your mind at rest :)

is it normal to panic??

i am just over 10 weeks and took 2 tests, both say pregnant. had midwife app already but they never took test there. i had slight spotting at around 8 and half weeks, rang docs and they said any more then go to a&e, although i haven't. it wasnt even a lot of bleeding! I am still slightly worried that when I go to scan, there will be nothing there. is this normal?? I'm assuming i'm still pregnant as still not had period. I'm 22 and this is my first so do not know what to expect! :(

jayj1979 advice

Hello Jay! Good idea you coming on here! And asking. All I can really say is dont push her about, meaning don't go too far with the things she can't carry etc etc .. And try not to go OTT, she isn't I'll! My other half is having that issue same with my sister they claim a bag of teabags are too heavy! And try not to it's hard but TRY not to put your foot in it ... You need to be very very supportive and watch carefully what you say! Haha! It's very easy for a woman with child to be get " annoyed" easily! She can't help it it's just .. Can't help it. Lol! As for scared, yes it's not easy the first 3 months. I've just got past my pregnancy annaversairy of my last miss carrige and I'm Still scared, but get her to RELAX! Stress is the LAST thing she needs! Talk to your doctors .. I've got 3 weeks to go untill I'm " safe" sort of ... Just also make sure she gets the multi vitamins ... Folic acid omega 3 blah blah blah you can get the whole lot in a box at a main shopping chain! Because that help not only her but the bump buddie too! I swear if I didn't take them my Leo wouldn't be as perfect as he is now! Just remember Jay! For the next 8-9 months ... The woman Is always right ;) and don't think your winning a huff you've no chance! Hahaha hahaha ! All will be ok, just remember think carefully before words come out, and think of how she will take it. We're so touchy! Lol! And just console her be there .. 1000% she needs to feel safe & wanted because she is going to change! Keep strong! Only 8-9 months! Then ... That's when the fun starts! Tvgc x

scarletsmummy2006 ref to your comment.

scarletsmummy2006 ref to your comment. - Hello Sweetheart, I've just read your post! Congrats on your pregnancy. Omg twins ! Although with how big I am, we think we're having Twinies too! As much as I can't really give any good advice, all I can say is, when I was pregnant with Leo, my 1st he wasn't planned. Contraception failed (thank god! ) but his " Dad" rejected Leo. Up untill he found out Leo was a boy " and was happy" he still wanted me to abort Leo at 26 weeks pregnant! I suppose, all I can say is give him time maybe he may come around, but for me, I guess I just did it alone. Both me & Leo are lucky to be here, but nobody can tell you what go do, all I can say is give it time, and he may suprise you! If he don't then I'm sorry, it's an awful shame and I'd never wish what I went through on my worse enemy! But ... So long as you GET family and friends behind you to help, I'm sure you will get the help and support you need. Just accept help. Don't be a too proud of mother not to accept it, I wish I did with just the one! Lol! I'm praying for you it don't come to that! But you may know what some men are like! They can be so stubborn And pains in the arses! Lol .. But you will get there sweetheart! Lots of love xxxx Laura & Leo and Pip/s! Lol REMEMBER YOUR NOT ALONE!!! Xxx

im about 7 weeks pregnant and

im about 7 weeks pregnant and have a midwife appointment tomorrow, i am pertified as last time i found out at 14 weeks.. i havent been sick this time and my belly hurts a lot, dont remember pain the last time, should i be worried?? i want a scan very soon because im scared and excited at the same time xx

is it safe to fly

hi i am 9 weeks pregnant i got a scan and everything seem 2 b fine but next week im due to fly on holidays is it safe at 10weeks

10 weeks pregnant

hi im 37 and found out 2 weeks ago that im pregnant which was a complete shock . as didnt want no more kids as already have 4 kids and twins , even tho they all grown up apart from my little one who is 6 .. well after a week i started to get me head around being pregnant n coming to terms with it .. and then had a nother shock a week later when i went for emergency scan that im expecting twins , told my partner of 2 years, he hasnt come round to the idea and he says his head still messed up .. trying to talk to him is so hard as i know how he feels which doesnt make me feel any better , trying not to get stressed is hard at the moment ,, and as the months pass im scared that he will not be there for me as he isnt now and that when they are born that he wont bond , just feel so alone , and feel like its all my fault and that im going mad , please help


Hello friends, my husband and i found out that we are having a baby in the new year. Happy new year to us, haha. We have a 7 year old daughter and did not plan this one at all. I am not enjoying the sickness and I can't eat anything at all nor smell it all gets to me, but we are excited and looking forward to our first scan on the 14Th of Feb. My daughter prays has come true. When we tell her she will be over the moon I know. Have a nice evening all.

soon to be a first time dad,

Hi guys and girls. me and my girlfriend found out a few weeks ago we are going to be parents, I am 32 and she is 27 we are both very worried and very scared, What can I do to help support her and be their for her without wrapping her up in cotton wool or smothering her?? cheers one and all. Jay

telling children that are adults that your pregnant

Im 39 how do i tell my daughters that im pregnant? they are 17 and 14.I think the eldest will be ok, but the youngest well im not so sure.HELP

Hi everyone i am 22 and 10

Hi everyone i am 22 and 10 weeks pregnant today with my second baby i already have a 2 1/2 year old little girl called Tillie. I am very excited to be pregnant again apart from i cant stop worrying as i did with my first pregnancy, i had morning sickness while carrying my daughter but havent had it this time so abit worried to be honist, i have my first midwife app next Thursday and cant wait for my scan to be arranged, good look everyone and congratulations :) X

I'm 32 years old. My husband

I'm 32 years old. My husband and I have tried to have a family for 8 years. After lots of investigations & 2 miscarriages later we couldn't do it anymore as our relationship started to break down. After careful thoughts and lots of talking we decided to completely give up and started the adoption process a year ago!!! Everything has been going really well and was really excited!!! I hadn't been feeling very well over Xmas and couldn't remember when my last period was so my husband made me do a test.....POSITIVE!!!! Oh my god I'm pregnant!!! I'm now going into my 10th week. We are very scared of miscarrying again so haven't told people yet. We are waiting to hear from the hospital for our first scan and we are so nervous about it as my last pregnancy our scan showed that the baby's heart beat had stopped!!!! We are praying day and night everything will be ok and that 2012 is our year!!!! As for the adoption I'm nervous about telling our social worker as I feel I'm now letting down children in need....

I'm 18 and almost 10 weeks

I'm 18 and almost 10 weeks pregnant with mine & my partners first baby... So excited. Can't wait for a scan!! Good luck to you all x

hi ladies im 22 years old and

hi ladies im 22 years old and 10 weeks pregnant today :) so excited this is mine and my partners 1st baby cant wait for our scan on the 3/2/2012 today i have been experiancing nausea today for the 1st time hope this passes soon x :) goood luck ladies X

hi every1 im 10wks pregnant

hi every1 im 10wks pregnant today with my 5th child (yep this will be number 5)i dont have any symptoms so a little worried as have always suffered with sickness with the other pregnancys ,i have my scan in 2wks so il hopefully be reassured happy pregnancys ladies an good luck xxx


Hi ladies im 10 weeks today :) and soo excited i just want a baby now!! haha x hope youre all doing ok and you sickness isnt too bad!! i havnt had any! lucky me! :) x good luck ladies! x

hello every one and

hello every one and congratulations i am 10 weeks now and realy exited to be having my scan next week. I hope everything goes well this will be me and my partners 1st baby. We didnt think we could have kids but its came as a huge surprise i just pray all goes well and goog luck ladys x x

my first baby!!

hello everyone, im 9 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby at the ripe old age of 38...... i had my first scan yesterday and saw the little heart beating...... it really took my breath away, how amazing. long way to go yet but im so excited. i feel amazing and blessed today. all the best ladies. xx

Hello, I am 29 and nearly 11

Hello, I am 29 and nearly 11 weeks pregnant. Still doesn't feel real even though had an early scan where we saw a heart beat! Had an ectopic pregnancy in May and a miscarriage in September so probably why I still don't quite believe it, even though I already have 2 beautiful girls. Really nervous about 12 week scan as I have convinced myself there is going to be something wrong :( Good luck to all you lucky ladies and wish you all the best x

Hi Mum's to be! I am 10 weeks

Hi Mum's to be! I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first child, this is a much wanted and longed for IVF pregnancy and we feel truly amazed and lucky to be at this stage. Due to it being an IVF pregnancy I have already a scan at 6 & 9 weeks and baby appears fine. I have another private scan 22nd and the big 12 week NHS scan on the 29th Dec. We will spread our good news to friends and family once we have had the 12 week scan. This truly is the best christmas present we could ever ask for, we are both extremely nervous and just hope nothing goes wrong, roll on the 2nd Trimester! Good luck to everyone! x

hi im alison, im 10 weeks

hi im alison, im 10 weeks pregnant. havent had a scan date yet, cant wait to see my lil baby. iv got a lil girl who is 19 months and a lil girl who is 8 month. im hoping for a boy this time, but if i have a girl i will save alot of money on clothes :) xx


hiya everyone my name is kim im 21 year old and im 7 weeks pregant and this my frist on and im due in the july the 7 20012 im very happy that im pregant and what is giving birth like then if you are in intersted in talking then feel free please thank you

Hiya everyone :) I'm Kerry

Hiya everyone :) I'm Kerry and im 19 years old, i'm also 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant, so due on the 9th July 2012! I'm so excited, and we have our first scan on the 30th December, which i can't wait for, to see my little cutie! If anybody is interested in talking, feel free :) xx

Hi everyone, i am 10 weeks

Hi everyone, i am 10 weeks pregnant with twins. I have 2 older children a girl aged 10 and a boy aged 8. im feeling very anxious about this pregnancy as ive had several miscariages over the past few years. i cant wait to get a date for my next scan to see if the twins are ok and developing properly.

am 9 weeks and i found out i

am 9 weeks and i found out i was pregnant on bonfire night i get my scan on monday 12 ov this month

hello- i am 10 weeks and one

hello- i am 10 weeks and one day pregnant (first baby) . im worried as since i found out at 7 weeks i have lost 7lb, i have not had any sickness, just feeling a bit queesy the last 2 weeks but that has past now. i am keen to put weight on as currently only weigh 8st! other than that ive had no symptoms, carnt wait for my first scan then i can tell everyone!

Hello everyone, im 19 and

Hello everyone, im 19 and this is my first pregnancy, i am 10 weeks. i found out a week before my birthday, i found out i ws pregnant a month into my pregnancy. thank god i havent been sick yet, just feel sick on a night and cant eat much. i have my scan on the 9th december i am a bit nervouse because twins run in my fiances family, and there is a chance i could have twins :). i am mainly only wanting to sncack on sweets, and arent hungary most days. everyone thinks we might be having a little girl, i cant waite to find out :) x

Hi every1, i'm 31 and this is

Hi every1, i'm 31 and this is my first pregnancy - I am 10 weeks. I found out more or less straight away that I was pregnant, so it feels like I have been waiting for my first scan for ages. It took me only a month to get pregnant so I feel really, really lucky. I worry every day though that when I do finally go for my scan there won't be a heartbeat, I would be asolutely devastated. My first scan is just over 2 weeks away and it can't come quick enough - wish I could fast-forward these next couple of weeks. I must admit, I feel worse than what I ever expected, I feel nauseous all day which is worse in the evening and I am craving rubbish which is probably why I look so pale and am so spotty! I also have bouts of diarrhoea, with bad stomach pains! Oh and someone mentioned hiccups - I get them constantly! I know all this will be worth it in the end though, i'm so excited :) x

congrats to you all :) , im

congrats to you all :) , im about 10 weeks have my scan on the 5th next month hehe, me and my partner are 21 and this is our second baby. has any one notis that the second pregnancy is totaly different to the first, i only been sick once were last time it was every day. good luck to you all :) much love xx x

Hi all and congratulations,

Hi all and congratulations, This is my 6th pregnancy, had 5 miscarrages before this pregnancy I am 10 weeks now and this is the furthest we have got with any of our pregnancys!! We are very excited, had to early scans so far and have a lovely heartbeat! Still very nervous can't wait to get the first trimester out of the way then maybe I can relax a little! would like to chart with some of you lovely ladies that have been through a simular situation.

Hi everyone, weve just had

Hi everyone, weve just had our first scan, im only ten weeks so it was a bit early but weve had some complications and it was such a relief to see our babys heartbeat nice and strong. It all seems very very real now :) cant wait for my morning sickness to stop tho!!!! Good luck to you all xx

Hi all mummy's to be.I'm 36

Hi all mummy's to be.I'm 36 and this is my first pregnancy and I'm ecstatic!We tried over 2 years and now finally I'm pregnant!I feel sick mostly in the mornings but I never throw up, so I am quite lucky.I can't wait to know if I am having a boy or girl so I can go shopping and get all the baby stuff ready. Good luck for all! xx

hi all mum's and mummy's to

hi all mum's and mummy's to be, I am 16 and this is my first pregnancy. I am really worried about how things are going.. I keep getting cramps but they don't feel like normal ones i had before. I feel sick all day everyday but i never throw up.. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thank you. Good luck laddies :) Best of luck xx

10 weeks pregnant

Hi everyone, Since im pregnant i see pregnant women everywhere.. iv never noticed Pregnant women like the way i do now. My sick feeling kicks in during evening Times. But i dont puke but feel misreble n fat already. Any way goodluck Mummys to be x

First Pregnancy

Hi everyone I am 26 and this is my first pregnancy , it was a total shock , I got pregnant whilst waiting to take a new pill. I feel really lucky to have got preg this way.. after I got over the shock!!!! you hear so many storys of people trying without success. Iam nearly 10 weeks and worry all the time about every twinge and ache,counting down the hours until my first scan so i can relax a bit. good luck to everybody xx

Hi all, i'm new to bounty,

Hi all, i'm new to bounty, i'm35 and 10 weeks with my first, known since i was 4 weeks. reading some of the previous messages i feel much better about my worries, these being, daihorea (not as bad as the other mum 2B) but there all the same. panic about the scan not finding a heartbeat, or it being an ectopic. Realising that all these worries and apprehensions are probably natual think its that motherly instinct kicking in (we are gonna worry for the rest of our lives think we better get used to it). I've just had 2 weeks holiday and now very well rested but prior to that i was tired all the time so worried that i will be like that again.

Hi everyone, i found out 2

Hi everyone, i found out 2 weeks ago that i was pregnant and around 10 weeks now. I am so worried that when i go to the scan there wont be a heartbeat, i have read this can be a normal feeling. im not feeling as sick now, am getting heartburn at night and get a crampy feeling in my womb...think this is growing pains. is this all normal? Sarah

nice been ere,11weeks now and

nice been ere,11weeks now and am in college,am just praying i scale through my skool with my preg....i sleep alot and do av hicops now.is is normal?