11 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

Your baby’s fingers and toes are fully formed, and they can now stretch and kick.

In an ultrasound scan , by 12 weeks, the nose, eye sockets and forehead are likely to be visible. Your little one’s ears will nearly be in position too, even though he can’t hear at this point.

As your baby grows this week, the intestines will be moving from the umbilical cord into your baby’s tummy as there will be more room.

By now his neck will have lengthened and will enable the baby to move freely in the amniotic sac.


Pregnant at 11 weeks, you may still feel emotional and may not know what to expect but this is normal at this stage of the pregnancy.

You could be starting to show now, although some women don’t notice anything for another month or so.

As you near the end of the first trimester most of the early pregnancy symptoms should have passed. You may find that your visits to the toilet are less frequent as your uterus moves up your abdominal cavity and relieves pressure on your bladder. The fatigue may also lift as your sleep may be deeper as you begin to relax into your pregnancy. If your nausea hasn’t passed by this stage, don’t worry, every woman is different!

What to think about

You should be looking forward to your dating scan. Seeing your baby in your dating scan may be when your pregnancy becomes a reality for your partner. It’s also near the time when you should start to think about telling your employer as you may have to miss work for this appointment.

Exercise may relieve some stress and help prepare your body for the next few stages. Read more on how to exercise safely during pregnancy.

Having a diagnostic scan may help with any anxiety that you are experiencing. Speak to your midwife or GP about the pros and cons.

What’s happening at 12 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 Don't forget your dating scan


hi, im 11 weeks tomorrow and

hi, im 11 weeks tomorrow and at the moment ive had terrible morning sickness i constantly feel sick throughout the day and find it hard to eat anything.. my back hurts my boobs hurt my feet hurt lol and im constantly nakerd out plus all the mood swings wich i always take out on my partner :P this is my 1st bubah and i am excited but also terrified..... i have my first scan on the 9th of may and i can't wait but im also worried as i hope evrythings okay :) im really scared about the labour and i keep having nightmares :(


hi i am almost 11 weeks now and im feeing alot odd and feeling that in all in my head as i am not showing yet is this normal as this is my first baby and i really dont know what to execpt xx

Bonfire baby

Hi I'm nearly 12 weeks pregnant anyone else due bonfire night ?? Xx

Help I have a cold and don't know what to take for it.

I have a horrible cold and don't know if I can take any medicines at the moment. I'm in the first trimester and I read in a book that while these first three months I should not take any medicines. But I have horrible headaches and congestion.. I'll appreciate if some experienced mom can help me as this is my first pregnancy Thank you!!! :)


im 11 weeks pregnant my partner wanted this child more than anything now im pregnant he doesnt really seem in it, im obviously emotional anyway but the way he acts and speaks to me just feels unbareble. any ideas on picking myself up an not letting things get to me so much

morning sickness

hi there i am 11 weeks preganant and have been really bas with sickness all day everyday so i have been to the doctor and got tablets to help, will i have to take them all the way through or will bad morning sickness stop after the first trimester, as i did not have any sickness with my first child

Coldsore nightmare

I am nearly 12 weeks pregnant & last week I developed 2 coldsores on my lip. They have now nearly cleared. However, yesterday morning I woke up with yet another coldsore (on a different part of my lip) that's quite large. I do suffer with coldsores but never had them so quickly from one to the other. It's normally months apart that I will get them. Is this just hormone related? Please help because I am so fed up that another one has sprouted!!!! :-(


Hi, im around 11wks with my 4th child. Havnt received a scan date yet but having loads of symptoms...leaky boobs nausea, chronic back ache and bleeding gums hope it alleviates soon :) I had terribly painful SPD with my last 2 pregnancies so I hope this one is a little easier! This one is our little surprise ;) Is anyone else having problems quenching thirst???

Hi! I'm 11 weeks with my

Hi! I'm 11 weeks with my second baby and the symptons have well and truly kicked in. Only had evening sickness with my little boy which fitted around work brilliantly. With this one I have constant nausea and even sipping water or lying down can make me rush to the bathroom to be sick, really hoping the sickness stops soon. I've got my scan on 30th March and my 3 yr old is so excited as he is coming with us and thinks is so funny that the lady is going to put jelly on mummy's tummy. Best luck ladies for healthy, happy pregnancies xx

Hi all I'm 10 weeks exactly

Hi all I'm 10 weeks exactly with my 2nd. Had alot of sickness and major headaches, but keep reminding myself its all worth it. Got my first antenatal appt on Monday, and I cant wait for my scan. Good luck to everyone xx

Hi ladies im 11 weeks today

Hi ladies im 11 weeks today with my first baby,, i have my very first scan onthe 21st of march me and my bloke are so excited really can not wait. I havnt had any sickness as yet so fingers crossed i don't at all but have been really really tired. Hope everyones pregnancy goes to plan :-D xx

i am 10 weeks and 6days this

i am 10 weeks and 6days this is my 3rd pregnancy. i have milk already is this normal?

Hi everyone I am 11 weeks and

Hi everyone I am 11 weeks and 5 days this is my second child I have a 23 & half month old daughter. Have had nausea generally all day seems to be worst than last time. Have got my 12 wk scan on 27th march three days before my daughters 2nd birthday so looking for to that week!

First baby

I am 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant today with my first baby. Have my first scan on 22nd March, I cannot wait. Was very sick for the first few weeks but seems to have eased and now only sick in the mornings. Very tired and boobs are very sore. I also have a lot of saliva in my mouth which I think is normal? I am also starting to show which makes me wonder if I am having twins?

Hi Lady's im 11 weeks 4 days,

Hi Lady's im 11 weeks 4 days, i already have 2 girls 7 & 2 year old. Have had morning or should i say allday sickness very bad not able to keep food down, fingers crossed it gets better. good luck to you all.xx

Hiya Lady's, I am 11 weeks

Hiya Lady's, I am 11 weeks now and already had 9 week scan through kidney infection. All fine now :). Myself and my Husband already have a two year old Daughter, were hoping for a boy but hey a healhy baby will do me fine. Were very excited. Our Daughter told me i had a baby in my tummy before i knew. Hope all your pregnancys go to plan :) xxx

Hi girlies, I am 11 weeks +

Hi girlies, I am 11 weeks + and have my 12 week scan on Wednesday next week. I have already had two scans one at 8 weeks + and another at 10 weeks + due to bleeding and having had two miscarraiges in the past but all was ok both times and there was no evidence of y i was bleeding. This is my third i already have 2 boys aged 5 and 3 in May! It was a surprise but myself the Husband and the boys are very excited to say the least! Just trying to figure out how were gonna find room for us all :/ think we need a bigger house! XxX

double trouble for meee

hi guys. im am 11weeks n 2 days. i had my scan on mon, and found out im avin twins. myself n th bf were a little on the shocked side, buh it has finally sunk in. i have a 5 year old daughter who finks her mummy is soo clever for having two babies in her tummy x x

miracles do happen x

hi, this is my fourth pregnancy and was a complete shock as my youngest is 11 and oldest 21 and i am 40 in a few weeks lol and diabetic, a few days ago i had been for a walk and when i arrived home and started having pains i stood up and felt a gush i shot the loo thinking the worst and i was right lots of bright red blood followed by clots, i bleed all day and was already mourning the loss of our baby, the next afternoon i went to the E.P.A.U for a scan. to our absolute shock there was our little bean kicking and moving about 10 +5 weeks and no sign where blood came from. i could not stop crying with happiness .i hope this gives some hope to any mums out there going through the same x

Had my dating scan today(10

Had my dating scan today(10 weeks 5 days) although i already knew when conception took place. I was very worried as i had two miscarriages at this stage before and have had virtually no symptoms of pregnancy so it was a huge relief to find everything was as planned. this is my fourth baby ,the others are 18, 15 and 6 and I have a 15 month old grandson! Since having my last child I have developed diabetes so everthing is a bit harder this time round and unforunately I won't be able to give birth where I live as we only have a cottage hospital. that means I will be flown off the island to the mainland when the time comes. lots to think about, but I am trying to just relax and enjoy the next wee while.

1st baby

Hi ladies ! Im almost 11wks ans 2 days , got my scan on the 5th march , soooo looking forward to it , just want to see that baby on the screen , havent had many pregnancy syptems ova than feelin a little tired and back ache and tender boobies so i kinda feel like its not true , nervous but very excited ... Whats happening with you ladies so far ? Xx

1st baby

Hi ladies ! Im almost 11wks ans 2 days , got my scan on the 5th march , soooo looking forward to it , just want to see that baby on the screen , havent had many pregnancy syptems ova than feelin a little tired and back ache and tender boobies so i kinda feel like its not true , nervous but very excited ... Whats happening with you ladies so far ? Xx

finding out

finding out i was pregnant was a little scarey as we already have two boys aged 5 and 3 but we are over the moon i am 11 weeks this week and can not stop being sick and feeling tired joys of pregnancie i surpose :] its going to be hard work but we are looking forward to it i carnt wait to see our little baby on the scan im 12 weeks next week and i am so excited to see our baby carnt wait :]

TO spehaaani

Hi Please dont worry i had a scan at 6 weeks no heart beat and was told it was missed miss carriage ,went back week 7 all fine ,im now 11weeks and getting tiny bump, they should have told you to come back ,7 weeks too early for scan ,thats why they do it at 12 weeks as they cant be sure or haer much ,go back next week ,all will be fine hun x



ive had a scan at 7 weeks and

ive had a scan at 7 weeks and been told theres no heart beat as she could not hear it,is this too early,shouldnt they really give it a few more weeks and check again?

Hiya =) im 11 weeks on

Hiya =) im 11 weeks on thursday , and im getting real excited but nervous about our scan next thursday 9th .... this is baby number 1 , and i am wondering when the sickness starts to disappear? as it is becoming to be more n more difficult hiding it from collegues !!! xx

Hiya, I'm 11 weeks today,

Hiya, I'm 11 weeks today, nervous and excited about the 12 week scan on the 6th. This is my first and am looking forwad to the sick feeling going and not feeling so sleepy!

Hi, i'm 11 weeks today, this

Hi, i'm 11 weeks today, this is my first baby. I am only 17, i'm ever so worried, but i'm having support off everyone. Just studying plumbing whilst pregnant is so exhausting!

hi all, this is my first

hi all, this is my first child i am 11 weeks on sunday. struggling to sleep and always feeling sick :( my 1st scan on friday 3rd so excited. gud luck everyone :) xx

Hi, I'm 11weeks pregnant with

Hi, I'm 11weeks pregnant with my second, my daughter is 20months .. I'm 21 .. I'm so excited, got my firmer scan next Monday! Woo hoo!!

when i lie down in the

when i lie down in the morning before i have a wee i can feel where the baby is :) can any one else


Only found out last week we was expecting again!! due on the 31/7/12 my Daughter is only just 7months and im nearly 3 months pregnant!! lucky i love my husband!! thought with Christmas and new year i had just eat lot of junk over the festive time and only just started getting morning sickness!! (i bet we have a another boy!) we are both kinda shocked!! gonna tell the grandparents soon!

starting again

im 40 next week 11 weeks pregnant i have a lad aged 23 xx

hi this my 3rd child im 36

hi this my 3rd child im 36 and im having my first scan next wednesday , and im nervous lol sounds really daft as i got 2 daughters already , this is my partners first child so he really excited to see bump im just taking it all in my stride , good luck to all the other mummys xx

pregnant with my 2nd child

hi im 11wks prgnant with my 2nd baby it was a complete surprise so lots of emotions flew about. one thing i have learned is this time round i feel completely different have that horrid constant sicky feelin and terrible tiredness oh but the mood swings are very much the same though. as always its the worry of how we are goin to sort money and work.baby is due 23rd july 4 days before my bday so roll on to the best present ever!!!!

Hi, i am 11 weeks pregnant

Hi, i am 11 weeks pregnant and my husband and i couldnt be happier as it took us a while to get here. We had our 12 week scan today and baby is a lively one lol !! Good luck to all you yummy mummys to be out there !!!!

m 11 weeks pregnant.me an my

m 11 weeks pregnant.me an my hudy r vry mch xcitd abt r baby.v r anixously waitng for him or her.i had an appointmnt at my hospital on 18th of JAN 2012.hpe found da gud result.need ur support an wishes.gud luck evry mum an dad.lveu all.

I am 11 weeks pregnant with

I am 11 weeks pregnant with my first baby, me and my husband are extremely happy :) but I am scared that when I go for the scan there will be nothing there !!! I have not had a scan date yet so am pretty concerned why they have not sent me one ??? I also have had quite mild morning sickness right up until now so according to the book after 11 or 12 weeks that should stop. Hope so :( Our baby boy or girl is due on 4th July. Good luck to all you new mums out there xx

hi am 16 and am 11weeks

hi am 16 and am 11weeks pregnant i haven't told my doctor am kinda afraid of what she will say to me. i am kinda excited but also scared about having a baby.I have had a miscarriage before at only 4weeks. I am also scared about having scan and then nothings there.

Hi all yummy mummys I am 11

Hi all yummy mummys I am 11 weeks pregant and have bee suffereing with mornign sickness. Im so scared about the scan i keep have awful dreams that when the come to look at baby there will be nothing there!!!! starting to freak me out. Has any one else had these???? This is our first baby and we couldnt be any more happy. Hope everythings goes ok and i cant wait to meet the little one. xxx

Baby G

Hi all new mum's to be, i am 11 weeks today, already had 1 scan at 8 weeks, have my 12 week scan to look forward to next week can't wait. This is my first baby so looking forward to meeting him or her. good luck to all you new mums out there.

hi i am 11 weeks and looking

hi i am 11 weeks and looking for a bump buddy. i am 37 next week,ek and this is my 3rd,but dont think for one minuete that makes me less paranoid,or that i know what im talking about.anyone due about the same time end of may looking for a bump buddy??????????? thank you mummys.xxxxx

hi every1 i'm 10weeks gone i

hi every1 i'm 10weeks gone i just had my dating scan i was nerves at first cause i had a miscarriage this time last year but when i saw my baby on the screen it was amazing. I'm suffering really bad morning sickness.


Hiya im 19 and im about 10 weeks now really excided about my scan :) keep feeling sick but nothing coming out, it is my first baby... i get really scared with every feeling i have,

Hi moms! I'm 11 weeks now

Hi moms! I'm 11 weeks now with my 1st baba! Having the worst week... non stop tears, throwing up and even passed out twice :( but I have my scan next week so SUPER excited regardless :)!!!

Crying at everything!

Hey lovely mummys out there! I'm just coming up to the end of my tenth week! This is my first baby and I'm so excited! The only thing is....I'm crying at everything at the moment. It's like PMT x 50! Is anyone else the same? Or can anyone suggest anything or advise when there will be light at the end of this crazy tunnel??? Thank you in advance!

Hi lovely mummy's I will be

Hi lovely mummy's I will be 11 weeks on Sunday 9th oct. cant wait for the scan on the 19th! so exciting but always get a little nervous. This is my 2nd baby its going to be so nice for my son to have a little brother or sister.

good informations

good informations thanks! i'm 11 weeks inshaallah 10th october my first scan..

wow! saw Bean yesterday found

wow! saw Bean yesterday found out i was out of date by a week! so instead of being 12+1 im 11+2! Super amazed by all the movement as this is our first child and didnt know what to expect! Looking forward to seeing bean again to find out if boy or girl just have to wait another 2 months! congrats to all x x x