12 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

In this final week of your first trimester your baby’s heart will be beating at a pace of about 160 beats per minute, which is twice as fast as your own. This is because it can’t increase the amount of blood it pumps round, like we can, so it has to increase the number of times it beats.

Your baby’s arms and legs will have fully formed and lengthened and no doubt it will be trying out loads of different positions.

Your little one is now measures around 6cm, with wrists and elbows that bend. The baby’s sex is decided at the moment of conception but the genitals will be just starting to develop. You won’t be able to see whether your baby is a boy or girl at this stage though.


If you’re permanently tired but finding it hard to sleep, don’t despair, most women start perking up in the second trimester – not long to go!

You may notice that your skin is changing from the 12 weeks pregnant symptoms. Some women may find they have acne, or develop spots; others have said they find they have dry skin. This is likely to happen because of the levels of the progesterone hormone. The dry skin may be worse over your belly as your skin is stretched, so keep well moisturised.

What to think about

Most women have their first ultrasound scan around now.  After this initial ultrasound you may want to begin telling your family and friends, but you may feel anxious about telling your boss that you’re pregnant. Find out more about when to tell your employer.

Dating scans are only an estimate, only around 5 per cent of women give birth on their due date. Keep the date in mind but be prepared for an early or late arrival.

Screening tests are available in your first trimester to assess the risk of abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome. Speak to your doctor or midwife for further advice.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.


What’s happening at 13 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 Don't forget your dating scan

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Can't wait till scan on 2nd

Can't wait till scan on 2nd may I'm 12 weeks 2dAy an am always worryed is anyone else best of Luck every one x

Coming up to 12 weeks preg

Coming up to 12 weeks preg feeling soooo tired & sick. I have had a scam but keep getting twinges does anyone else!

I am happy

I am happy

Hi got second scan on 4th

Hi got second scan on 4th may, already had an early one as pregnancy through ivf. very nervous about scan as have been in hospital with hypersemesis and had quite a lot of medication pumped in , fingers crossed baby all ok. Good luck to everyone xx

hi i am 12 weeks pregnant and

hi i am 12 weeks pregnant and this is my second my first is only 17 weeks and i am feeling really down and i am due in october and i am not with the father of both babys so i am on my own and finding it hard to cope with all the stress of being pregnant and haveing one all ready

hey im 12 weeks this week

hey im 12 weeks this week it's my second. got my dating scan in 2 weeks can't wait so excited. just tired not sicky had my sickness early on but nothing more yet. im due 29 october :-)

hi ladies i will be 12 weeks

hi ladies i will be 12 weeks gone on wednesday and this is my fourth baby.i have my dating scan on monday morning im getting very excited my husband andy wants me to fetch a couple of scan photos home.all of my morning sickness has gone i was just felt sick for a couple of days,im due on the 25th october this year kathxxxxxx

Hi I'm 12 weeks tomorrow with

Hi I'm 12 weeks tomorrow with my first, I have my scan on Tuesday so excited, it still doesn't feel real, I can't wait :)

im 12 weeks pregnant with my

im 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd got my scan on 10th of april cant wait havent really had any sickness just pain tiredness and i can actually feel and see my body changing its a really good feeling , i wish all a happy pregnancy xx

Hi everyone, I am 12 weeks 4

Hi everyone, I am 12 weeks 4 days today with my first and had my scan this morning. was so excited, i could see the baby stretching and there's a big difference with the 8weeks scan. the baby is bigger now, I'm very happy even though I still having morning sickness..wish all a happy pregnancy!..xx

Hi ladies, just like to wish

Hi ladies, just like to wish u all a happy and healthy pregnancy. For those who have worries dont hesitate to call your midwife. Im due for my scan tomorrow and am sooo exited. Things stil dont feel real though I have morning sickness, am not sleeping much, my boobs are super sore and my bump is huge, though im only 12 week. Just want to see the heartbeat then ill be a happy mummy. Good luck everyone x

Baby bumps!

Hello I'm not sure how much help I'll receive from this, I suffered a M/C last year, and this is my 1st pregnancy after it, I'm scared pooless for the lack of a better expression! Although I'm seriously worried and not sure what to do, I don't want to contact mw in the case of wasting their time! I'm 12+3 and I have sevear bowel issues! I've had a bad weekend of it, to say the least and I was worried about pip because of what I had to do and go through.. My belly has been the same size and getting bigger these last few weeks/months. I know it wasn't bloating because I made measures before this weekend to make sure, but having checked out my "bump " it's completely gone!! :'( and it's soft .. I don't know what to think or do! Is this normal or should I call up mw ?? Can someone please help!!! I'm really worried and I can't go through a mc again I really really really can't :'( !!!! I measured it on and off for the last few weeks, and I was 30 inches plus! Now I barley hit 28! :-/ ....

was at my 12 week scan on

was at my 12 week scan on wednesday , was amazing , the size difference compared with my 8 week was unbelieveable (had misscarridge last year so got early scan ) , was bouncing about like mad in there :D , going to see prams tommorow , im soo excitedd :) happy pregenancies every1 !!!!

Pregnant with my first child,

Pregnant with my first child, I'm 20 been with my partner 4 years, went for the 12 week scan yesterday and it was amazing! i hadnt had any symptoms of being pregnant apart from going to the toilet a lot. Seeing its little heartbeat was incredible! It now feels so real. Good luck everyone and happy pregnancies :) x

Hey! Got my scan in 2 days!

Hey! Got my scan in 2 days! Can't wait! A bit nervous as it doesn't all feel real as no symptoms except tender breasts and trips to the loo during the night! Good luck everyone :D xx

aww :)

my 4th now and 4th c section :/ last one now tho...fingers crossed i get a boy :) ..hope u all have a good pregnancy xx

should i worry

does anyone know why you have to go and see a obstetric/gynae, coz just received an appointment to go and see one in may,so am a lil concerned coz dont knw what its 4. please help.

Had my 12 wk scan yesterday I

Had my 12 wk scan yesterday I am expecting my 5th child !!! Kids r 14 12 7 &6 they r excited I'm glad not to b feeling as sick as I was !! Still don't fancy many foods good luck every one

i have my scan in 2 days now

i have my scan in 2 days now looking forward to it, i know i am having another baby but doesnt all feel real yet so having the scan will make things seem for real x

I have my frist scan

I have my frist scan tomorrow, really can't wait it will make it fill so real. Well atleast i feel better now the morning sickness is getting better. Can,t wait to see our baby for the first time we have waited two and a half years for this.

Had my 12 week scan this

Had my 12 week scan this morning and found out that I am 12+6 days! Was sooo good to see baby as I have felt like I was going mad because I can't feel anything yet! Even though I have had morning sickness, the scan has definitely help it seem very real. Still feel sickness but not as bad, boobs still sore too, I have some apetite back but there is still only certain foods I can eat.

All will be well fellow

Hi! i feel tired and moody, losing my appetite but looking forward for my first ultrasound scan next week. I have got my hospital appointment. Hope i take it from there. Nice day fellow.


Hi guys! I only found out I am pregnant a couple weeks ago (im probably around 10 weeks) and I called my doctor yesterday to confirm and he said he will refer me to antenatal. Does anyone know roughly how long it will take for my first appointment with a midwife? Thanks!

Hi! I'm 11 weeks and 2 days

Hi! I'm 11 weeks and 2 days into my first pregnancy. I have spent the last 2 months being sick, feeling sick and off food, every day and all day. I'm feeling pretty down and nothing seems to make me feel excited. I'm finding it really hard to function at work and as nobody at work has been pregnant, I'm finding it hard to explain how this sickness thing feels. I'm not feeling excited about the baby as I'm feeling so rubbish. When i see other peoples children running around, I just feel sick. This is all feeling very alien to me. Do these feelings sound normal?


Hii im 11 weeks and 4 days ! still hasnt sunk in yet as first baby, so scary when you hear so many stories of miscarraige im struggling to get excited, getting terrible heartburn already anyone else having this? cant sleep and recently caught a bug ! i never get unwell so just shows how low your immune system goes! soo scaryyy !!! x



to the lady who has had 4 sections

hi there my sister just had her four section this week her 3rd child is only ten months so she was worried. But everything went well their both fine.

hi im 11 weeks 6 days and

hi im 11 weeks 6 days and just started to relax, but due loosing 2 previous i worry at every ache and pain, but some days I have no symptoms at all apparently pains are normal and my scan yesterday was perfect. i hope the insomnia lifts soon, i need sleep x good luck everyone

hi everyone i am 11 weeks and

hi everyone i am 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant am so excited i had a scan 7 weeks 6 days due to bleeding but thankfully everything fine. Looking forward to my scan next week cant wait wish it was yesterday, well good luck everyone..... xx

12 weeks

Hi everyone! Im 12 weeks 3 days today with baby no 1 and we have our scan on Thursday. I've had no sickness, the aches and pains have gone and I dont feel pregnant at all. I am really starting to worry that something is wrong because im having no symptoms. I had a bit of spotting early on so have had a few scans and last one was at 8weeks 4 days and everything was fine. No spotting since then. Can anyone relate to the no symptoms and everything being ok? I sometimes wish I was sick because I would no that something was happening - thanks in advance x x


Hi claire =] im 12 weeks tomorrow and having the downs scan tomorrow :) can wait to see baby!! xxxxxx im not finding out what im having :) will be hard!! x i have no sickness as of yet!!! xxx

hi im lianne im 12 weeks on

hi im lianne im 12 weeks on wenesday im sorry but im lucky not had no sickness just tired and moody ive had scans every week as my baby is ivf but im looking forward to tuesday ive got my hospital appointment and scan hope you feel better x x

hi all the mums to be. am 12

hi all the mums to be. am 12 weeks pregent. am allways sick in the mornings and in the night. its so upseting to feel so ill. i just want to sleep till the baby is born. i have my 2nd scan on friday cant wait to see my baby. and am waiting till i give birth to find out what am having to . is there any one else on here 12 weeks like me.

hi all. im 12 weeks

hi all. im 12 weeks tomorrow,have my first scan on thursday. am so nervous but excited. i had no morning sickness until i hit 11 weeks and have been sick none stop,also last night i fainted. so am pretty worried. fingers crossed everything is ok on thursday. good luck to all you mummys to be xxx

hi all, i'm 12 weeks today

hi all, i'm 12 weeks today feeling a little tired. looking forward to my scan on thursday but a little nervous at the same time as this is my first .

4th C Section worries!!

Hi all, I am new to Bounty and am 11 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby who, although not exactly planned, we are extremely excited about!! My only concern is that I will be having my 4th c section with this baby and had a lot of scar tissue and adhesions with my last baby. I am really worried but the doctor seems to think everything will be fine. Has anyone else had 4 sections without problems??

Hi all, I'm 12 weeks today

Hi all, I'm 12 weeks today and not been feeling too bad at all to be honest. Had a little heart burn, tiredness and period pain style aches but otherwise it's been good. This is my first but my husband's 4th. As I'm diabetic the midwife has put me on insulin which is quite hard to get used to but bearable. Hopefully our baby isn't going to end up huge.

Hi, this is my first

Hi, this is my first pregnancy, im now 9 weeks, and have already had 2 scans, 1 at 6 weeks and 1 at 8 weeks 3 days, due to bleeding. During my 1st scan they found that im hemoraging from underneith the baby, so have decided to scan me every few weeks to keep an eye on things. Good luck to all other mummy's to be :} xxx


heya i have recently had 2 misscariges and now on my 3rd pregnancy i am 12weeks today ;) and on 40ml of clexine injections daily. im taking 1 day at a time as im really scared as what could happen :( i have had no medical information so i have done allmy research my sellf :) midwife is stupid good luck to all mums to be :) xxx


i have very upset stomach and i do not like the most of food and very ill most of the time my pregnancy 11 weeks what can i do ? can you advice me or tell me some thing help me. thank you alot

For Franki23

Hi there, I also have to inject Fragmin daily, but got the option of injecting into stomach or upper thighs, so I went for the thighs. The bruising can be non existant one jab and huge the next, no pattern at all!


hi im 12 weeks and 3 days an iv got my 12 week scan 2mz an my blood tests im feeling a bit low 2day but other than that i feel great

I had my scan yesterday me

I had my scan yesterday me and my hubby was so emotional to see our little baba. It was such a magical moment for both of us.Hope everyone will feel the same '' happy scanning'' :) good luck :) :)

feeling so poorly

I am 11 weeks and feel so sick all of the time, its really getting me down now.... I have a three year old and feel so bad as have no energy for her at all, poor little thing has been so good and let me sleep in and plays so well along. I just am worried that when baby comes I still wont have energy for her... I hope my hubby can have first two weeks off after baby so he can help with her and baby. I feel guilty already.... Doctor has given me some sickness tablets but I feel bad to take them everyday, if I dont I am like a wet blanket...

Scan :-)

thought i was further gone then i was so was booked in for a scan and went and i was 9weeks and 5days. It was an amazing experience but have been asked to go back again at 12 weeks to have another scan to check measurements again. My lil baby was sat in an awkward position ,( sat on its bum) legs apart and one arm in the arm near their face. It was amazing how much detail we saw. Cant wait for the 12 week scan . wish everyone the best with their scans x

i had my scan yesturday it

i had my scan yesturday it was amazing :) x

12 week scan

got my scan 2moro and i'm excited and nervous at the same time! just wanna know how many are in there! (i'm massive) and that everything is ok x

hi, this is my third time

hi, this is my third time pregnent last time 13 year ago, to a little boy who died. i didnt plan this pregnants and am very scared i have my scan a week on monday .I'm still trying to get my head around being pregnent and as i'm a older mum seem to be worried all the time.

due in april

i have my 12 week scan tomorrow, but nervous as lost a baby at 22 weeks in april this year , excited and scared . got everything crossed.im due on 20th april had a early scan already.

12 weeks and taking fragmin nd thyroxine

hi everyone i am currently 12 weeks pregnant (have had 4 previous miscarriages) there was no explanation for them so after blood tests they found that my hormone drriving my thyroid was to high so i was put on thyroxine they also put me onto fragmin which i inject into mu tummy everyday just wondered if anyone else injects fragmin nd how they find it as the bruising can sometimes be a shock xxx