13 weeks pregnant

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baby 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

Your little one looks just like a baby now, although on a much smaller scale at just 7.5cm long. Even though your baby is now developing fingerprints, he has no fat beneath his skin so his bones will appear prominent.

He will now be able to swallow, yawn and hiccup. This action will help to develop the gut. The sucking action won’t be recognizable until 18-20 weeks. As your baby’s kidneys begin to function, the amniotic fluid which he will have swallowed will be passed as wee.

If your 13 weeks pregnant belly is pressed your baby may squirm as it is developing reflexes. He will be able to curl his fingers and toes if touched.


As you move into the second trimester, your early pregnancy symptoms may fade and you should feel less sick, as the placenta takes over producing the hormones. If you’re still feeling sick and are worried about it, speak to your midwife or doctor.

What to think about

It’s still safe to have sex. You can have sex all the way through pregnancy as long as you have no complications. Find out more about sex during pregnancy.

Make sure you are eating healthily and protect yourself against any colds and bugs.

As you reach your second trimester you are likely to feel more confident and likely to plan ahead. Ask your family and friends to recommend their favourite baby products like buggies and car seats and start to think about your budget.

If you enjoy sports make sure you exercise safely as there are a number of activities that should be avoided during your second trimester e.g. horseriding, mountain cycling and skiing.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.


What’s happening at 14 weeks pregnant?
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Bad moods

Can someone please help I can't cope with my bad moods, they are making my life hell iam 12 weeks now, and just constantly feel angry then just seem to cry everything is getting me down, really down nevervelt like this before, I have three girls 19yr 17y & 9yrs

Same boat

Hay Hun u not alone 12 weeks to and my Mood swings are terrible to constantly angry and my little boy which made me feel so sorryfor him then i cry at stupidest thing on TV And what is even worse I have become such a potty mouth I cannot stop swearing I hate swearing normally

worried mummy1

you are not a loser worriedmummy1!! i feel exactley the same, consantley worried about everything. im 13 weeks and 1 day and had my 1st scan few days ago, babys fine but still cant help worryin, so you are not alone, we just have to be brave and think of the good things!! xx

hiya, been for my 12 week can

hiya, been for my 12 week can but got to go back next week as baby was curled up. Also been told i have a retroverted uterus and quite worried, anyone else have this also? x

I am so excited about

I am so excited about tomorrow!!! It is dating scan day! Am i 13 weeks OR 17 weeks??? Oh what i wouldn't do for a runny egg! They are all i dream of lol xx

why am i soooo paranoid

Hi im 13 nearly 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I get so paranoid about everything and am constantly worried that something bad is going to happen to this baby. I cant relax and just enjoy it. Anyone else like this or am I just a loser!?


hi, just been for my 12 week scan and was also told i m 13 weeks and 3 days, and i also have multiple small fibroids, am a bit worried as i like to have my babies at home and i m hoping this is still possible. have to bring my 16 week appointment forward a week now so i can ask my great midwife a week earlier than i thought so yeah. and missielliot - runny eggs, oh yes please.

Hi nearly 13weeks with twins!

Hi nearly 13weeks with twins! got my scan next wed& i cannot wait :-) not had much sickness just lots of headaches.anyone else expecting twins?

morning sickness go away!!!

suffering badly with morning sickness, im due 18th Oct so am 13 weeks, been sick from day one and hasnt passed tried every trick in the book and nothing has worked so im on anti sickness tablets, well im on my 2nd lot 1st ones didnt seem to work fingers crossed these new ones will help me a bit, need to get back to work havent been in for over 2 weeks! climbing the walls haha x

hi everyone i just had my 12

hi everyone i just had my 12 week scan everything looks ok with baby and me. this is my 3rd baby and i still ask a few questions.as my last baby was a big 10lb 13oz i cant stop thinking that i will have a 14lb baby lol.


hey mummy's to be :) can't believe how different this pregnancy has been to my last 2 :) and to IFY001 dnt worry about the fibroids they are very common in woman and you can still have a healthy pregnancy and birth :) my fibroid is situated on the neck of the womb so i wont be able to give a natural birth so its going to be very different for me this time ohhh does anyone else have cravings for runny eggs lolol


Hi everyone, just went for my dating scan found out I am just over 13 wks pregnant not 12 wks as I thought, so yayyyy. However i was also told i have fibroids and that scares me. They say the baby is fine and that it is common with some women. But I can't help but worry. Any one else have fibroids or had it during pregnancy? This is my first baby.

Hi everyone, I went for my 12

Hi everyone, I went for my 12 week scan today and it was so exciting!!! Everything looks gud.Baby's heart looks strong.Can't help but worry sometimes cause we had a miscarriage in november but it feels so diffrent this time.Can't wait to meet this little one.Roll on 10th October!!!

Hiya everyone, I went for my

Hiya everyone, I went for my first scan on Tuesday 20th and found out I was 12 weeks 6 days so am now 13 weeks :) Im super excited and cannot wait to have baby number 2 :) The only worry I have is that I have to self inject fragmin everyday from now until the baby is 6 weeks old and also have to take vitamin D to reduce clotting as I suffered from a DVT last year. Is there anyone having to do the same thing? Apart from that all is good and baby looks very healthy :) xx

hai ladies, im jus over 13

hai ladies, im jus over 13 weeks, n had my scan n my lil one is fine inside me... n dis is my first pregnancy n i am 19... very ecxited...;)

due 22nd september

all over the place

12 Week pregnant

hi people. Im there just over 12 weeks pregnant had my scan yesterday absolutly amazing strong heartbeat it was curled up, saw it kick and wriggle about to see it move like that unreal. Got a wriggler in the family lol. I can stop worrying and feeling anxious now thankgod. I was worried has my last pregnancy ended up in miscarriage. Wish i could sleep at night staring to get very uncomfortable. Enjoy being pregnant people. Oh yeah im due on the 21st september eeekkkk.

Im 12 wks + 5 days got my

Im 12 wks + 5 days got my scan on tuesday and i'm so nervous! my second baby and my lil one is 3yrs old. I sailed though my first pregnancy but with this one i've had such bad sickness n feeling tired but glad to say its starting to easy off now. also can't get enough of chip shop pickled onions yum yum lol

Hi All, Due on 16th September

Hi All, Due on 16th September had my scan last monday and it was amazing to see the littleone bouncing around and stretching etc! enjoy everyone and good luck :D xx

I'm 12 wks + 5. just had a

I'm 12 wks + 5. just had a stitch put in due to 2 miscarriages - literally waiting to be discharged from the hospital today. Anyone else pregnant and had the stitch put in? Pls share ur success stories cos I'm a little worried ......thanks in advance :)

proud to say had no sickness

proud to say had no sickness and due on the 27th of september cant wait ...... get loads of sleep girls they,ll be here soon :)

week 13

Had a sonogram scan thought I was 15 weeks but now 13 instead baby measured 13.6cm started getting little bump 2 weeks ago. Morning sickness has finally gone yay! very excited

itchy legs!

Hi, might sound daft but had 3 other children and im now pregnant with our 4th! eeck but i have really itchy legs, never had it with the others. Im 12 weeks + 5 n got my scan on monday but the itchiness is driving me mad had it for a few weeks now. Any ideas on what it could be? cheers :)

the nuchal scan

week 13 pregnancy

Hi everyone, never ever

Hi everyone, never ever thought i'd be communicating like this as a mum to be!!!!! started trying 14 years ago, had tests in 2000 and told unexplained infertility, kept hoping it could happen naturally. Carried on with a lovely life and 2 irish setters, not really trying all this time. When hubby was away in afghanistan became emotional at the thought of reaching a birthday milestone and not having tried everything to conceive. Went for IVF fully expecting it not to work and for us to move on, buy a new car treat ourselves etc etc. AND IT WORKED!!!!!!! went for my scan and am 12wk 4days, i still can't quite believe we have been this lucky!

Due dates

Hi every1, To GemzMarie & tinukeno1, i was the same, my last period was 14th Oct & i done 3 pregnancy tests b4 i had missed a period & they came back positive at the beginning of Nov so when i went for my 1st scan 2wks ago i though id have been about 15+wks & was only 11wks & 5days, im now 13wks & 4days, i was a bit confused, they told me they go bythe size of your baby when they do your scan & that my date could change & everytime i work my dates out i should b due the last week in July but theve given me 11th Aug as my due date, was great to see my baby as i had been worried & him/her were kicking like mad there hands & legs were everywhere & my baby looked quite big i thought & my partner said the same, il find out for sure at my next scan :) Hope all u mums-to-be are keeping well :)x

Hi, I'm 13+2 and when i went

Hi, I'm 13+2 and when i went for my scan it was amazing to see little one moving around and it's heart beating. We have not had chance to tell family yet as we live about an hour away from them and I'm getting really frustrated as I want people to know, but the weather has been terrible and have not had chance to go and see people to tell. I want to phone people but husband wants the more personal touch of being face to face when we tell family! I can't wait to be able to feel little one moving, it will make it more real for me. I thought the scan would do that which in some ways it has but feeling baby move will be amazing!

hi all mummies to be.. i'm 13

hi all mummies to be.. i'm 13 weeks went 4 a scan last week .. my baby is active, it was wonderful to see, my daughter came with us she is so excited :))

going for scan tomorrow

Hi mum to be am due for my 12 week scan tomorrow and am so excited can't wait to know the progress of my baby

Hi every one, i went for my

Hi every one, i went for my dating scan on thursday 2nd February, i meant to be 12weeks 2days, but found out that am 9 weeks 1 day, they said my baby looked small, am a bit concern about it. i hope am not the only one expriencing this.


Had my 12 week scan today. I'm 12 weeks and 5 days with Identical Twins :D <3<3


had my scan on wednesday oh i was really happy when she said i was12 and 5 days baby was fine carnt wait to meet him/her xx

12 wk scan

Had my 12 week scan today, I am 12 weeks 6 days and have had 4 bleeds now, today they found out where the bleed is originating from I have a bruise / blood clot at the top of my womb but baby is fine and the sonographer said shes never seen such a lively baby it was having a party I think, just so glad baby is well, all the panicing and worrying about the bleeding and I have a healthy energetic baby, I'm so relived right now.

Hi Mums -to-be :-) I went

Hi Mums -to-be :-) I went for my 12 week scan on tuesday 24th of january, i am 13 weeks today :-) and i was over joyed seeing my little one on the screen made me cry hehe..... what an amazing feeling it is right? baby was fine and in the right place which was great news to hear :-) glad to be reaching the second trimester too. hopefully i will start to feel better, i am so excited that i am going to be a mummy i cant wait for my 20 week scan.....big smiles xxxx


Hi i went for my 12week scan yesterday and glad to say everything is fine now, although ive had a horrible time. First (much wanted baby) we tried for over a year to be told i had two large fibroids hence why i wasn't getting pregnant. A refferel to fertility was done only for me to find out i was pregnant :-). Great hey (no) started to bleed at 6weeks and in intermittent pain since, but baby is fine (best news ever) but its more likley that i will need a section, feel a bit gutted but as long as we are both fine then its all good. Just wondered if anyone else had a baby when having fibroids and how did everything go??????

About me

Hi i am 33 and this is baby no 4 for me baby no 3 was etopic bk in july.I had my scan on the 24th jan and i am 3 months and 3 day it was really nice to no that everything was going well.I cant wait to be a mum again.x

hi i just had my dating scan

hi i just had my dating scan today im meant to be 13weeks and 2days but wen i went to the hospital they sed i was only 9weeks and 6days as the baby looked small which has confused because i already found out i was pregnant a week before they are saying i caught has this happened to anyone else ??

Hi I'm 22years old my second

Hi I'm 22years old my second child and I'm 12 weeks and 1 day and enjoying every minute still full of emotions but getting over the sickness period so that's a plus I guess :)

hi iam 13 +3 this is baby

hi iam 13 +3 this is baby number 4 pg number 5 had an etopic bk in july had my datein scan last monday was lovely too see everythin was ok xx

Hi everyone, i'm 13weeks 1day

Hi everyone, i'm 13weeks 1day pregnant this is my 1st pregnancy, i'm a only 17 goin 18, i've just had my dating scan and seeing it moving and seeing its little heart beating made me feel excited. Can't wait to be a mummy. :) x

Hey everyone I'm 13weeks

Hey everyone I'm 13weeks 5days this is my 2nd pregnancy got a little boy who's 3 8th feb. this time I have really bad headaches and are much bigger than I was 1st time. All I'm eatting is veg and fruit Before I never really had it because I don't like it with my 1st I didn't want it so both really diff x

Hey girls, I'm 13 weeks

Hey girls, I'm 13 weeks pregnant and have my dating scan tomorrow I'm so excited! :D I'm only 17 and the babies daddy left me.. but he's going to be there for our child which is the main thing :) I just hope tomorrow goes Ok and the babies fine! x


My last pregnancy ended at 10 weeks which really put me down felt so angry and depressed but now, i am now 13 weeks pregnant and so excited, i have my scan on the 29th of December so this is my perfect xmas present :)

Hey ladies, I am 13 weeks and

Hey ladies, I am 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant, my first child and I am super excited! However since hitting my 12th week I now can't seem to keep soup or yoghurts down yet for the last 12 weeks it has been fine, does anyone else know anyone or have the same thing? Kx

hey guys, im 13wks and 4 days

hey guys, im 13wks and 4 days to my 3rd child. so excited and have a gender scan booked in jan. i already have 2 boys so am hoping for a girl but will be happy eitherway as long as baby if fit and well. my sickness is calming down now but cant eat well still the smell of meat is making me gag. x

im 13 weeks and 3 days... ive

im 13 weeks and 3 days... ive had a scan and now know for sure that i am pregnant.. but i dont feel a thing?? is that normal?

Morning sickness

I'm 13 weeks and 4 days with my 2nd child I'm still being sick I was never sick with my son but with this baby I'm constantly bein sick and I'm still tired I can't wait till he or she arrives it will give my son some one to play with but good luck everyone hope everything goes well

im 13 weeks and one day i had

im 13 weeks and one day i had my scan today my baby must b big there saying its 6 cm mines is meausuring in at tencm lol

I am 13 weeks and 3 days,

I am 13 weeks and 3 days, it's our first baby. Had twice scans, glad to see everything is fine and healthy. I am quite nervous but also very happy and exciting. I am keeping hiccups myself a lot, I thought it wasnt normal but the midwife said, its normal and good sign of my baby's happy/healthy. :)

12 weeks and still sick

Hi there. I'm nearly 13 weeks and can't wait for the morning sickness to end. I've had hyperemesis which means I was being sick unto 30x a day and just spent the last week in hospital on a drip. Roll on 14 weeks when it's meant to stop! Got the nuchal scan on Thurs and can't wait!