14 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

Your baby is now around 8-9cm – that’s half the size of a banana. The fingerprints have now developed, giving your baby its own unique identity. At this stage, your baby’s hair on its scalp and eyebrows will begin to appear.

Your little one will also be able to pass urine as its bladder will fill and empty around every half an hour. The wee will be quite diluted as your baby’s kidneys will only have limited ability to reabsorb water.

The placenta is your baby’s source for nourishment and he will be totally dependent on it. To assist with his growth, the placenta will take amino acids from your system. Amino acids make up the bulk of protein which helps organs and muscles develop.


You may be getting a little forgetful, feeling what some women call the ‘fog’ of pregnancy.

As your baby grows, so will your 14 weeks pregnant belly, although your bump isn’t likely to be very noticeable at this point. If you’re feeling uncomfortable make a point of wearing loose-fitting clothes. Check out our guide to credit crunch maternity wardrobes.

You might find that because of increased swelling in your nasal passage that you have begun snoring. During pregnancy you have an increased volume of bloody pumping around your body, which is causing the nasal congestion. Nosebleeds can also occur because the blood vessels in your nose are quite fragile. If you’re experience heavy nosebleeds regularly, speak to your doctor.

What to think about

You may need to increase your protein intake while you are pregnant. You can do this by eating foods like meat, cheese, milk, seeds and nuts. Find out more about eating healthily during pregnancy.

If you’re not superstitious you may want to think about shopping for your baby as your energy levels will peak during this trimester. A tip is to leave the tags on just in case your baby is too big for the new clothes.

You may have told work that you are pregnant; you need to make sure that your working environment is safe for you and your baby. Find out more about health and safety at work.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.


What’s happening at 15 weeks pregnant?
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whoo 14 weeks pregnant today

whoo 14 weeks pregnant today have my dating scan on Friday woundering if they will be polite and tell me the sex of baby so hoping for a girl as have 3 boys already and defentily making this one my last...any one found out sex at there dating scan?? xx

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my second child, but im suffering with severe headaches and I've suffered with really bad morning sickness this time round. i've had my scan and i've seen my tiny little baby bouncing around, i cant wait for the 20 week scan, just to rerassure me that baby's growing well. When you're a mum-to-be you still cant help but worry


hi abigale..... you're not the only 1 having those feelings. i'm in same boat as u even though i am 9 weeks pregnant! :)

im 13 weeks pregnant with my

im 13 weeks pregnant with my 1st, and im very excited but cant help but be scared and think something might go wrong for me, as it always does. Anyone else out there have worries? i feel like im the only one :s xx


I m 15 weeks pregnant..... But now I receive first letter from Nhs. But in letter did explain any think.... Which only explan you book ur appointment nd they give me ref no.... I d,nt which type of appointment..... Can any boby help me....

im 14 weeks pregnant and this

im 14 weeks pregnant and this is my second baby ,ive put on 2 stone already :-( i was a lovley size 10 and now im like a blubber whale lol. my first pregnancy was a breeze ,this time round ive dun nothing but puke,have back pains,stomach cramps and really bad skin !!! im back at the gym next week and swimming so hopfully i shud loose a bit :-) enjoy ur pregnancy and good foods and think of ur healthy baby !!!

Ketones in urine

Hi I have been throwing up for two months solid now :( Always morning and often evening too. Docs say I have ketones in my urine which means my body is starting to feed on its own fat! So while my bump is growing, I am losing weight. Quite scary really but they assure me that my baby is getting nutrition. At least I seem to keep down my lunch. Have stayed off work today - going to try to eat little and often pretty much all day. Doc wants to put me on tablets but I'm reluctant. :S

i am 14 weeks pregnant

i am 14 weeks pregnant tomorow with my first baby, i am putting the weight on mega. all family and friends or gob smacked with how big i am for how far i am :) was anybody else the same with there first baby ?

I am 13/14 weeks with my

I am 13/14 weeks with my second baby, I have put on sooo much weight this time!! None of my normal trousers fit and I have had to buy dresses to carry me through untill I can fit into maternity clothes. I am a size 10 normally is it normal to put weight on so fast with your second?? :)

Hi, I am 14 weeks pregnant

Hi, I am 14 weeks pregnant dis is my 1st baby, im so exited, cudnt believe i was pregnant until i had my 1st scan, was so happy to see my baby.

14 weeks and hope to start feeling better soon

Hi, This will be my first baby and very excited and nervous and 38 and felt rough the last 12 weeks... now 14 weeks I don't have much of an appetite either... but doing my best to eat and drink plenty as suffering with Constipation :O( very tired too... I have been finding that sugary things make me feel sick. Good luck to you all :) x

im 14 weeks and 3 days

im 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first baby and i dont have an appitite is this normal x

i had my first scan on the

i had my first scan on the 10th feb and it was amazing. i found out i was 13 weeks exactly. my baby is due on the 17th august. this is my first child so im really excited x

yeyy im pregnant with my

yeyy im pregnant with my second, i'm 21 and ive already started showing , least i dont just look fat now x


went for my first scan last friday was lovely seeing baby for first time makes it real now plus i was 6 days more than i thought ! i am 41 years old with my 4th but am really pleased my eldest who will be 21 in may is so excited bless her !

Im 14+5 with 3rd and dont

Im 14+5 with 3rd and dont think im showing, my work colleagues reckon you can tell but im not convinced.I just want to hurry up and get a 'proper' bump, instead of just looking like ive eaten too much over xmas!!

Its re-assuring for me to see

Its re-assuring for me to see there is a coulple of people in their early stages who are showing. I'm 15 weeks and i am really showing. Doesn't help i am abit over weight to begin with! Hope everyone's pregnancy is going well, with not too many problems! xx

I'm 10weeks around n I look

I'm 10weeks around n I look like I'm about 4months but I showed big with my first everyone thought I was having twins but she was 8lb 11 looking more like 10lbs lol I to keep waking up with numb arms n fingers with my first I used to wake up with the worst cramp in my legs hope I don't get that again think its all just normal joys of being pregnant girlies lol x

Wish i felt better!

well im 14 weeks now, according to my first scan at 7 weeks. i have had stomach cramps that wouldnt go away with painkillers and spent 3 days with a hot wheat bag on my tummy. went to doctors yesterday and it turns out i have a bladder infection. im on antibiotics now so hopefully i should get better soon but im still sore, had no wee related problems though (burning etc.) so though the worst at the doctors. ive just started getting alot of heartburn too which is uncomfortable, i will be armed with a box of rennies over christmas! i also have 4 assignments to be handed in on the 6th jan and i havnt been able to concentrate at all!! ahh!! hope everyone else is doing well xxx

and omg Mummy2be1x i was

and omg Mummy2be1x i was terrified that there wasnt going to be a little one in there .. was so relieved when i saw them .. it wasd magical x

i also went to my first scan

i also went to my first scan on friday and im 14 weeks today :) it really didnt seem real until then. i wasnt expecting the baby to be moving as much as they were!! wasnt playing when it came to getting a good picture lol and im definately finding out what sex the baby is in january ... cant wait

i went to my first scan

i went to my first scan yesterday it was amazing im 14 weeks now and already showing i feel like a balloon about to pop, it didn't seem real till we saw our baby moving like mad takes after its big sister lol, we can't wait to find out what were going to have in January were so happy xx


when should you leave it to shop because i was going to leave it till my 20 week scan but people say y not start now

i went for my first scan

i went for my first scan yesterday, 28th nov, n found out i am a week further than they thought i was.It also looks like ive got one very lazy baby as it didnt want move about for us,i am 14 weeks and 5days today hehe, just booked to have a 4d sexing scan done on the 22nd of dec and will tell all our families on christmas day. Were both very excited and cant wait now. It was amazing seeing our baby on the screen, it all seems so real now that ive seen our lil creation:). Hope everyone has a happy pregnancy xx

how many weeks

I went for my first scan i was 11+1 weeks it was 14nov how many weeks i am now and i havent seen my belly please tell me how many week i am.

I went for my first scan on

I went for my first scan on 19th November, on my birthday :) which was very exciting but like you (Mummy2Be1x) i was scared too about having my scan as the second time i fell pregnant i found out whilst having my dating scan that i had miscarried :( i have had another baby since then but i was still scared. Everything went fine and i found out that im going to be having identical twins :) :) and at 14 weeks i am showing!! :) x

Went for my 1st scan on the

Went for my 1st scan on the 16th nov and found out i was a week further than i thought! Now 14 weeks + 2days with my first! So excited :D I was so paranoid did anyone else suffer from thinking they wasnt going to see a baby in there at the scan? Headaches are killing me at the mo too! seem to get them every night :( Just want to start showing now, a little bump to rub will make it seem so much more real :D x Goodluck and wish everyone a happy, healthy pregnancy :) xx

14 weeks today. This is my

14 weeks today. This is my first baby. I had my 12 week scan last Thursday, which was amazing, i'm due on 17th May. I've been feeling great up to now but as of yesterday, i've started with really bad headaches which I can't get rid of and are making me feel very unwell. Looking forward to my 20 week scan on 29th Dec to see the little one again. x

well 14 wks very tired all

well 14 wks very tired all time an really bad headake carnt wait till 29/12/11 for my 20wk scan :D ive 2 boys so really hope for a little girl this time x

im 14wks nearly by 1

im 14wks nearly by 1 day...have sickness through the night still and sometimes keeps me awake...get very tired most times as i have 4 other boys to run after..haha..and stil doin night feeds to my 15month boy...loves his milk..but wish he'd go without and let me sleep...oh well..its hard but just used to it..

Im 14+1wks and days today!

Pregnancy is swiftly moving along now. Went for a 13+1wk scan last week and were both doing well. Baby was 7.4mm and had hiccups. Its my 1st child and my partners 2nd. seen its little knuckles and arms and legs moving around. Im starting to get a small bump this week which a few people are commenting on. A few friends and family have said im starting to look a little pale... is any one else been told this? feeling tired alot and still getting the odd headaches. Im getting very tempted to buy baby essentials but am going to hold out until im 21 weeks. next scan is due the week of xmas 2012 very excited. xx

im nearly 15 weeks and am

im nearly 15 weeks and am feeling much better in myself but have started to have skin problems which i dont normally suffer from!! but the ups and downs of pregnancy is well worth it.


I'm 14+3 and fed up with feeling so rubbish all the time. Is anyone else suffering with headaches? I get them every day. I end up having to go to bed. I'm not having much of a life, my husband's not happy with me feeling ill all the time and my little 2 year old son isn't get much mummy time.

Hi, I am also 14 weeks and so

Hi, I am also 14 weeks and so tired my eyes burn. I was just wondring, when will my belly show. Cant wait...


Hi, I´m also 14 weeks and luckily haven´t had morning sickness..... queasiness yes. However the last few days tiredness has hit me hard..... I thought the 2nd trimester was when u felt full of energy and glowed???? U are not alone

14 weeks

hi everyone im 14 weeks pregnant still dont feel 100 percent very tired anyone else the same

hi i'm 14 weeks pregnant with

hi i'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby and i have found myself having nightmares about the birth i can't imagine what it could be like is this normal to be thinking about this at such an early stage? x p.s. congratulations to everyone here xx

I am going towards the end of

I am going towards the end of my 14 weeks pregnant, i have a feeling that may have twins but am not sure and I don't want to go for scanning . This is my second child and everything is so different from the fist one. I don't even know if its too early to start shopping for the baby. I am an excited woman though am in love the fact that we always fight with my husband over names. we check on names together but we both dot like the name each one of us gets

I am 14 weeks pregnant today.

I am 14 weeks pregnant today. And i thought i might have been having twins as everything seemed like it was growing really fast. But only one perfect little bubba. But i look alot more in proportion now. And feel asif iv maybe shrunk a little :S.. Unless im just used to it. This is my first baby, and im soo excited and keep reading loads of websites about how the little one is growing :D xxx

is not sure ov my dates, im

is not sure ov my dates, im regular as clockwork, every 26days. i had a peiriod on the 7th june, nuthin then till 28th july when i came back from hols n had a light peiriod. i am either 7 weeks or 14 weeks. my belly is huge atm, u can deffo tell im pregnant, im sure i cn feel sumin aswell n its my 2nd pregnancy so i know wot it feels like so im sure im 14. unless im avin twins, which r in my family. iv gta midwife app on thurs so ill tell them n i shud have a scan asap


I Have Recently Come Back Home After Staying With Family For A Few Months Since Staying With Them I Found Out I Was Pregnant,, And Was Booked In For A Scan But Now As I Am Home Will My Doctor Send Me Yo Have My Dating Scan

Heeyy, I am now 14 weeks

Heeyy, I am now 14 weeks pregnant and I am feeling a big bubbly feeling in my stomach.I am also showing allot we thought we was having twins but there is only one little person in there people are starting to notice my bump allot and i am. it is my first baby and I am scaredddd lol. cant wait though really excited but scared. xxxx


Im 14 wks with my first child;-)I have quite a big bump already!!and im going way over the top buying baby stuff !......Everyone has said my morning sickness should be gone by now but it hasnt,also wheres this 'GLOW' that supposed to happen?does it exist?See-ing my baby at the scan though made it all worth while...:-D

Hi all I'm 13+5 with first

Hi all I'm 13+5 with first baby had scan last week all great baby was asleep which concerned me as I expected to see it wriggling around !?? I keep stressing something is going to happen and won't buy anything and even get scared to talk about it too much anyone else feel like this?? Xxx

13 weeks and 3 days today!

Im 13 weeks and 3 days with my first baby :) I've not yet got a bump but i can feel my tummy getting harder, and bending down is already starting to get difficut! I had a dating scan at 10weeks as i only found out i was preggy at 9 weeks. It was quite amazing seeing our little 'grape' swim around the screen like a tadpole, with its little legs wriggling around like crazy, also made it feel more real! I have another scan on wed, and i cant wait to see how much 'grape' has grown :)

im 14 weeks + 5days pregnant

im 14 weeks + 5days pregnant now and im absolutley huge! my mum was sure i was having twins but i had my scan 2 weeks ago and there is only one, i am however worried that i saw my midwide a 7 weeks and wont be seeing her again now till 20 weeks , is that normal ? p.s congratulations too all of you :) xx

Hi everyone! Iam 13 weeks and

Hi everyone! Iam 13 weeks and 1day and found out a couple of weeks ago that im expecting identical twins......crazy but very exciting. This is our first pregnancy and my due date is 15th Feb. Congratulations to all of you xxx

hi lady's im 14 weeks and 1

hi lady's im 14 weeks and 1 day my bump feels big one day a little the next my baby is due 9 feb and i have a 6 yer old boy he cant wait for this baby to come out and is making sure i feed it everyday lol i really cant wait till its here xxxxxx

Hi everyone! im 14 + 2 and

Hi everyone! im 14 + 2 and had my scan 2 weeks ago, it was amazing, baby was so active n i think it had hiccups! i had the downs scan at the same time and everything if fine, so dont worry ladies! this is my 2nd pregnancy, i have a 5 yr old Son, and hes getting excited about the new baby. Due 7th feb! i am so excited!! x

hello msella, do not worry i

hello msella, do not worry i am big as well and am 14 weeks nearly 15. i am going to ask my midwife on tues as i am not sure about it. i had to go out at the weekend and buy 3 pairs of maternity trousers, so you are not alone.