15 weeks pregnant

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Your baby

Your baby is growing soft, downy hair to cover the body – this usually disappears before the birth. Your little one can also grasp things now, although there’s not much around to grab hold of! He or she can also suck and swallow.

The ears have developed, and they can now hear your voice which they will be able to recognize once they arrive.


Pregnant at 15 weeks, you may be thinking about tests+and+scans and feeling better as the placenta has taken over the job of nourishing your baby.

Some women worry that the symptoms from early pregnancy have now disappeared, but you will be experiencing some weight gain. Enjoy this period as some of the fatigue is likely to return in the third trimester.

Have you got a line down the middle of your belly? Around 90 per cent of pregnant women find they get this, it’s called the linea nigra, and it’s due to the change in skin pigmentation. This line will fade once your baby is born.

What to think about

The second trimester could be a good time to go on holiday. Find out more about travelling safely during your pregnancy.

Healthy eating during pregnancy is a must. Try to incorporate Omega-3 into your diet as it is thought to enhance your baby’s development, even its IQ. This can be found in fish, walnuts and omega-3 enhanced eggs.

As you reach your second trimester you are likely to feel more confident and begin to plan ahead. Ask your family and friends to recommend their favourite baby products like buggies and car seats and start to think about your budget.

If you enjoy sports make sure you exercise safely as there are a number of activities that should be avoided during your second trimester e.g. horseriding, mountain cycling and skiing.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.


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Hey i am 15 + 2 days and very

Hey i am 15 + 2 days and very happy to be pregnant - i have to admit i didnt think i would get this far in the pregnacy as i have - i have to boys one of 12 years and one of 2 going on 3 and have been felling the baby for atleast a week and a half sometime i dont feel pregnant at all and then others i really just want to curl up and go to bed due to sickness and tiredness - i have pains in lower tummy and lower back so will need to speak to the midwife about it when i see her - i am more worried about this pregancy then i was about the others and i am not sure as to why - i am showing quite a bit but cant walk very far or stand for very long due to the pains - i hope that everyones pregnancy goes well and good luck for the future xx


Hi. In reply to 'Kelseyjo1', i went to the doctors about similar pains today, and they told me its just where the stomach is starting to stretch slightly or it could be a urine infection. If you're still worried, see your local doctor. Hope this helped, Amber. :)

Hi. I'm 15 weeks pregnant,

Hi. I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and I am often getting really bad pulling pains, that last for around 24 hours every week or so. They can occur over anything really i.e. Turning over in bed, sitting up, standing up and even coughing or sneezing. Last night I turned over in bed and it was the worst pain ever, and i still feel tender! I'm just a bit worried if everythings okay? Thank you :)

hi i am now 15 weeks and 3

hi i am now 15 weeks and 3 days and sooo excited, i haven't had any symptoms whatsoever, but during my first trimester i wished i had a sign other than the pregnancy test as i worried so much whether i was pregnant or not! now i have had my first scan, i am soo pleased and looking forward to my second scan, i dont want to know the sex but my partner does! its a tricky one! xxx

Due Date: 29th September

Hi, I am 15 weeks with my second baby. Feeling ill all the time and it doesn't seem to be going away, wind is becoming an issue. I am so happy to have a 'bun in the oven' we have been trying for 2 years, my daughter is so excited she has already made me a list of instructions and things to buy. Many Thanks

Hi I am 15weeks pregnant

Hi I am 15weeks pregnant now,but am still having the morning sickness and I cnt eat much and I haven't gain any weight,plz tell me is that normal.thanks

haya i am 15 weeks +1 day

haya i am 15 weeks +1 day with my first and due on the 7th september , i havent had any sickness since finding out i was pregnant i am very excited but nervous as well . just hoping the other half gets his bum into gear but other than that its bin amazing im looking 4wrd too the second scan and hopefull find out if im having a girl or a boy x well hope every1 is ok n happy xxx


I am 15 weeks today with my first. Everything is so new to me but seem to be taking it into my stride. I didn't suffer with any sickness but I am suffering really bad with hormones and all the effects of it. The worse is a outbreak of acne and everyone tells me that it will get better but for me it seems to be getting worse. Still with all the healthy eating, drinking loads of water, and vitmain D my skin is still reacting really bad. Anyone had the same as me and what did they do to get rid of it? However, saying that I consider myself lucky and I am feeling fine but just not looking it. I have put on a stone already but I hope that comes with territory and its more water than fat. Nice to hear someone who can relate? :-)

weight gain

i am 15 weeks pregnant with baby no5! i have always put on lots of weight around 4st with the past pregnancies. I am so scared of that with this one, my last baby who is 2 now was 11lb 9oz. I am predicting a 12lb plus baby this time and my midwife is also thinking the same. I am trying to watch what i eat and how much. But i am starving all the time and bump and me are just getting bigger and bigger! any suggestions for a healthier more filling diet?

for pregnancy information folder

hi, i m 15 weeks pregnant now still didnot get my pregnancy information folder. how to get it and from where. thanks. shuchi1880.

im 15wks 1day preg today n im

im 15wks 1day preg today n im always tired lol just it a beautiful feeling x

im alone

my patner isnt being supportive infact he isnt even talking to me

16 weeks, newbie, 25 when will i be excited about my arrival?

im not gonna lie my pregnancy was a surprise, i decided to keep my baby, iv always been a traveler and therefore the people iv met are like minded im wondering if im unable to be really excited about my baby due to the fact that most people i told first reaction was not ones of happiness for me, even my own grandmother, my partners friends were over joyed and i have to admit im jealous i didnt get the same reaction, although the people i care about the most are happy now i just want someone to be really excited with who is pregnant too.

Well,pregnancy no.3 complete

Well,pregnancy no.3 complete suprise as I was planning a steralisation!!! However so happy and even though the pregnancy has been an emotional rollercoaster so far can't wait for our private scan a few days after xmas. Congratulations to all who are expecting. I think this one is a boy due 26th May 2012 so we'll see soon. P.s will be hoping for a home birth this time so fingers crossed.

To babymatos...

Dear Babymatos, sorry to hear you had that experience a couple of weeks ago. I too had a massive bleed last week and was really scared when it happened. Yet the scan showed my baby happily snuggled up waving its arms and legs around, oblivious to mummy's panic. The bleeding lasted a few days and I was advised to rest up and take things easy. All seems well again but I must say it really knocked my confidence and has taken away some of the innocence of being pregnant. Since that happened a lot of women have told me they experienced bleeding during their pregnancy and went on to have lovely healthy babies. I wish you well.

Congrats to you all! Hope you

Congrats to you all! Hope you are all feeling well x We are 15 wks and expecting our 2nd baby on 23 May! Can't wait :) Our son is 3 and v.excited about becoming a big brother. Enjoy! Xx

i only have been told about

i only have been told about this site is there anyone thats a member thats going to be or is a single parent i am 15 weeks pregnant my first baby i cant wait until i find out wot i am havin the bounty clud prediction says its a boy hope not i wanted a girl

15 weeks

I am 15 weeks 7 days pregnant with my first baby. I am getting excited now but also nervous with all the stuff/items I still need to get....decisions on prams and nappies are so daunting but so exciting at the same time. Waiting for any movement at the mo but still not sure what it will feel like despite being advised it like bubbles or butterflies. I experienced some sickness and appear to be over that (fingers crossed) just so tired at the mo

I'm 15 wks + 5 and started

I'm 15 wks + 5 and started showing recently. I guess it depends on the size of the person. I'm tall and curvy and its noticeable now, my friend is small and slim and she only started showing after about 20wks. The depends on persons size.

Najla1989 - I am due the 5th

Najla1989 - I am due the 5th may so il be 16weeks Saturday i'm not showing atall either and have also had no movement :/ I have midwife weds to hear heartbeat scary and exiting :)

Pregnancy- discharge

Hi, I'm 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I have been expericing quiet a bit of bleeding and last night a thick white see through thing came out. I went to hospital and got scan done and everything was ok and babys heart was beating. Although I still have slight ongoing bleeding, but no pains or anything else and doctor told me that it can be normal to bleed during pregnancy. Has anyone ever experienced thick mucus discharge??

Hi I am due on may 7th, but I

Hi I am due on may 7th, but I haven't felt any movements yet.. I have two children already, but am not showing at all. Is anyone else 15weeks and not showing at all?

My 9th pregnancy...

Hi I'm pregnant for the 9th time, I have 1 son who is almost 7 but lost 7 after having him. I always lost at around 7-9 weeks but am now in week 15 of this pregnancy. I have felt movement for the last few days and I love it, it makes me well up inside. Are there any other mums who have had bad experiences? I feel like I'm the only one...I'm due May 5th 2012 and cannot wait!!!

Rash on legs and arm

Hi this is my first baby :-) am 15 weeks 3 days pregnant. The nausea has finally passed but have developed a rash in past few weeks which started on shins and bottom of back. No just on legs and couple of patches on arm. really itchy looks like little sore spots now. Is this some weird pregnancy symptom?


Hello, I have been getting urticaria and angiodema...last had this in 2008. Seems to be aggrevated by pregnancy. had it inside my throat going down to my stomach and I have felt awful with it, can only take paracetamol and trying to drink lots of water which seems to help rather than hinder...still this last attack lasted 2 days where as it is usually either on my hands or feet...I just hope it goes away after baby is here.

post nasal drip

Hi Ladies, i am 15 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from post nasal drip for weeks now. has anyone had this experience? did it stop and also how did you deal with it. I am so frustrated with this i dont know what else to do. i went to see a Gp and she said it was normal but it doesnt feel normal for me as i cant even sleep at night. any help will be very much appreciated.

this is my first baby and im

this is my first baby and im 15 weeks at the start my morning sickness was really bad then it calmed down and stopped but for the last week or so my sickness has came back but apart from that its goin really well and looking forward to my 20 week scan on the 15 september so i know wat gender my baby is

this is my third baby and i'm

this is my third baby and i'm still finding the morning/all day sickness hurrendous, i have had several little flutter's which is amazing, no backache yet and the most unusual thing is that my boob's have already started leaking, anyone else had this?


Hi everyone I'm new to bounty I'm 15weeks 3days. I have been feeling movement for the last couple of weeks But I'm not feeling much now if any I saw midwife Monday who Checked heartbeat and all was well. I'm sure everything is fine just Wondering if anyone else has had the same. I'm due on 23rd jan and Can't wait :) xx

Well im 15 weeks today, still

Well im 15 weeks today, still feeling nausea,one day my tummy looks large and another it looks ike it hasn't grown. This is my second baby and im not carrying this one anything like the first. Anyone feeling the same as me? Still haven't felt movement as of yet!!

Well this is all very

Well this is all very strange! This is my first pregnancy and im 36. My boobs are like mountains and i find any type of bra at all v uncomfertable on my ribs. They are really tender. As for the weight gain, i too noticed the difference right from the start. My tummy seems huge but im very self consious of it feeling or looking just fat. I hate when ppl go to touch it and jump a mile if my partner catches me unawares. I have also lost all ability to suck it in! Lovely, but odd! Looking forward to feeling it move now!! Am 15 weeks too!!!

I'm 15 weeks today and

I'm 15 weeks today and feeling nauseous pretty much all day! :( still waiting to feel baby move for the first time, but getting an obvious bump now which is exciting! :) xxx

15 weeks!

hey, I'm 15 weeks 2days and I just felt my first 'flutter' made my day!! had to post and tell everybody :D hope everybody is keeping well xx

nausea and indigestion

iam into my 2nd trimester at 15 weeks 3rd child having a girl whos 15 and a son whos 5 easy pregnantys but this one is awfall i have had this since i was 7 weeks bad indigestion and nausea no sickness it comes on around 2-3pm and all through the evening till i go to bed and it finally settles down iam at my witts end all the tabs i have are not helping iam not sure how much more i can take!!!

Hi ladies, I am 15weeks

Hi ladies, I am 15weeks pregnant. I am 40 and my last child was 19 years ago so I kind of feel new to all this :-) I keep reading that by my 15th week i should start to gain weight however i seemed to have shown from about 8 weeks, am i the only one? Lorna x .


Camila, I finally got hold of my midwife and turns out I possibly have something called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, where the ligaments are softening and causing the pain. I had it very slightly late into my last pregnancy but I just put it down to him being a big baby. I have to attend physio for exercises and self help techniques. Apparently its pretty common and you do have to be careful. I found a great deal of information online, Babycentre have some really good info. Very likely this is what you have too. Good luck, its a pain - literally!x

Hey Karen...I'm having the

Hey Karen...I'm having the same muscle pain in the lower tummy, and I'm also 15 weeks. I didnot have this on last pregnancy...It hurts when I sneeze and cough too, and also when I walk too much. XX Camila


Hey Ladies...my first time posting on here, hope your all doing well! I am 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I am having really painful muscle pains inmy lower tummy, anyone else getting this? Its not cramps, it just as if I have no muscle strength at all down there! They hurt when I cough or sneeze! I am 36 and this is my 3rd pregnancy, and I never felt this before! Karen.x

Hi Abbey, I'm just a day

Hi Abbey, I'm just a day ahead of you, due on 23rd and just wanted to say don't worry about things too much because it's not good for you or your bump! I'm sorry your parents don't agree with your pregnancy, but they love you and they will be there for you when the time feels right to them, sometimes it just takes a bit of time to adjust. I have headaches all the time too but have terrible hayfever so think that's related. I read that nosebleeds can be common because your membranes in your nose thicken with extra blood, which makes them more delicate. I hope that's helped you a little bit and remember, as long as you're happy with your decision that's what matters, the people that love you will be there for you in the end. Sarah xx

Hello Ladies. Im 15wks+2 and

Hello Ladies. Im 15wks+2 and due on christmas eve with my first! So scared but excited at the same time. Don't have a lot of support as my partners in the forces which means he's never here (he didn't make it to the 12 week scan and might not make the 20 week) and my parents dont agree with the pregnancy as I'm only 19. So I feel all alone with not a clue about what I'm meant to be doing and would love a chat with someone in a similar position if there is anyone?! Hope all of your pregnancies are going well! Mines ok but i have constant headaches and nose bleeds. Anyone know if thats normal?? Abbey xxx

Hi angelhrt084. I also have 5

Hi angelhrt084. I also have 5 kids and i,m 15 weeks pregnant. How old are your others? I'm new to this too!

Hiya angelhrt084, I have no

Hiya angelhrt084, I have no idea either!! My pregnancy is going ok, althought my body feels like its falling apart!! How come you have to take asprin every day? xx

hiya im 15weeks pregnant and

hiya im 15weeks pregnant and very new to this , im commenting to aoates28 i had the same thing happen to me it was scarey the doc sent me for an early scan and all was clear around baby but i didnt get any answer for why it happened but thank god all is good with baby .

6th baby!

hi tashaleet,i have 5 kids and i'm 14weeks pregnant,i have no idea how to navigate this,so please get in touch xx

hi tashaleet,i'm almost

hi tashaleet,i'm almost 15weeks pregnant with my 6th,my eldest is 9,id love to chat so when figure out how to navigate my way through this i'll hopefully get to chat,i'm not looking forward to the birth or infact second trimester,i need to take aspirin everyday which i'm quite worried about,how's your pregnancy going?x

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my surprise 6th baby! I have 2 teenagers an 8yr old, 4yrs old and 2yr old. I am just getting used to the idea of another little person to join our family! Work is being really good and very understanding, and my family and in-laws although shocked are being supportive too. I was just wondering if there's anyone else out there in a similar situation!!

so excited!!!

Hi i'm new to this site, i'm currently 15 weeks pregnant with my second child, and also have a step-daughter. I've literally just this minute felt the first definite strong kick from my baby! I almost laughed out aloud! so exciting, it has been rolling around and felt some butterfly sensations etc but this was the first real prod/kick! this is my 5th pregnancy , as i've lost 3 babies. maybe thats why i'm feeling movement a bit early- then again my daughter moved early too. anyway i'm so excited and am finally starting to enjoy my pregnancy rather than worrying about everything! <3 xxx


I am 15weeks pregnant and last week and over the weekend i experienced some bleeding a scan revealed that the baby and placenta are fine.The bleed is between the sac and my uterus has stopped for now but no one at hospital seemed to know what it was,said baby not bothered by it and to keep an eye on it. Has anyone else experienced this ? just wonder what it is.

Working mums

Is anyone else finding it difficult to see midwife. I am 15 weeks with my first child, work full time and do not drive. Due to the location of my office I cannot get on site any later than 0915hrs this is causing problems as my midwife only runs clinics in the mornings and whilst my employer has to give me reasonable time off work to attend appointments it is not reasonable to request a whole day off to attend a session with my midwife. Also I have been told that my husband may not want to come to the sessions as he will feel uncomfortable. Is this all new to me so just want to know if these things are the norm as it is really stressing me out and I am in a position where I feel I need to resign in order to have the antenatal care that is best for my baby. Thanks

Fathers Accepting Fatherhood

I'm new to this. I'm currently 15weeks pregnant and I'm going to be 16 in July. My family are very supportive but the father of my child is having some difficulty accepting fatherhood. He is a bit older than me and quite frankly I expected more. I'm not entirely sure what to do. He hasn't changed in personality of such but the stress of it all seems to tearing him rapidly apart. What can I say or do to make him feel better?