17 weeks pregnant

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17 weeks pregnant baby

Your baby

Your baby is growing fast and putting more weight on all the time. 17 weeks pregnant movement will mean that they can wriggle around and kick, although to you, it might just feels like your tummy is rumbling.

Your little one will be practising breathing movements as he pushes fluid out of the lungs. Weeks 16-26 are crucial for lung development.

The tiny taste buds have developed, although they won’t be able to taste anything just yet.


You may have a blocked nose and could notice the veins in your arms, legs and breasts becoming more visible.

If you’re experiencing constipation, don’t worry as this is a normal symptom of pregnancy. The hormone progesterone slows down your bowel movements. Check out our top tips to combat constipation.

What to think about

After having a baby some women find that their pelvic floor muscles aren’t what they used to be. This is because the same muscles that hold your womb in place also hold your bowel and bladder. It’s time to start those pelvic floor exercises!

Make sure you keep hydrated during your pregnancy. Here are some tips to keep your fluid levels up.

Your pregnancy symptoms may have faded but you might be experiencing stress as a result of working full-time or running a home. Best ways to relieve stress can be gentle exercise, talking through your problems and finding the time to relax!

 Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.

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17 weeks pregnant

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im 17 weeks today.. was in

im 17 weeks today.. was in hosp beginning of dec with threatened miscarriage. they cant find cause of bleeding but scan showed baby ok. have been bleeding from day one..

still feeling awful

Hi all, I have just turned 17 weeks and am still feeling dreadful. Morning sickness, constantly feeling ill, no energy and very tearful. Was wondering if anyone else is feeling miserable. With my 1st baby I felt full of energy in the 2nd trimester.

hi im due 24th may second

hi im due 24th may second child this pregnancy totally diffrent i had alot of morning sickness and very very tired 17 weeks now and feel fine ma wee girl keeps me on ma toes.

hi Lauraf, am due 10th may.

hi Lauraf, am due 10th may. my first, dont think so, just look forward to hv my sunshine anydate. dnt worry abt date, just enjoy. how do u feel at ds stage, i've got no symptoms none at all except sleep o,i even eat normal now, at d begining i ate huge. yesterday i ate expired sandwich toast and hv bn hvg running stool ds morning, bit worried hope my baby stay healthy n fine, God helps. what do u think? hi Jrobinson1234, am due 10/5, almost close, hope u n baby doing grt...

expired/stale food

am 16+ preg, i ate sandwich toaste yesterday nite dt i later found out has expired, am worried, ds morning i've bn running to d toilet wt running stool and feel sick, will my baby be ok, very concerned

hi all

im 23 and due my second baby on the 8th of may , i think they might have my dates wrong but! anyone else think this about there dates?? x


Is any one else due 29th april? I would love to talk to people who are at the same stage as me.