18 weeks pregnant

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Your baby

By now, your baby is around 14cm long and can suck his or her thumb. Your little one’s bones are getting stronger so they can kick, roll and flex their little arms and legs.

The sex of your baby was determined from the moment your egg was fertilized, but by now it should be apparent on an 18 week pregnant ultrasound picture as its sex organs are already developing. Baby girls will already be developing eggs in their ovaries.


Pregnant at 18 weeks, you may be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat when the midwife examines you.

Your tummy may now be quite round as your uterus has increased in size. The target weight gain for the second trimester is no more than 5.5kg – 9kg (12-19lb), if you’ve had trouble with morning sickness and didn’t gain much weight then you may need to increase your calorie intake – see your doctor if you’re not sure. Learn more about eating healthily during pregnancy.

If you’re experiencing heartburn try a couple of simple tips to increase your comfort, like eating smaller meals or having a peppermint or camomile tea. Read more about heartburn during pregnancy.

What to think about

You will now be able to have the foetal anomaly scan, which is usually available between 18 – 21 weeks. It won’t be able to show every problem, but it’s a good indicator if there’s anything wrong with your baby’s brain, kidneys, digestive tract or heart. Check with your midwife to see what is available to you.

In your scan it’s likely that you’ll be able to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Even though it’s not 100 per cent accurate, some hospitals or clinics will tell you. Ask your doctor or midwife what their policy is and before you find out it might be an idea to check with your partner if they want to leave the sex a surprise.

It’s time to book yourself into some antenatal classes. These won’t start until the last few months of pregnancy, but they fill up quickly. If you’re single, don’t avoid the classes; get a friend or family member to go with you. If you’re not comfortable with that – why not try to find a class for single expectant mums? This might be useful to meet mums-to-be in similar positions. Find out more about antenatal classes.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure. If it’s slightly high because of rushing around or anxiety, try to take things easy and find the time to relax.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.

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18 weeks pregnant

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thank you very much for some

thank you very much for some tips;

RAUIRISMUM, that will more

RAUIRISMUM, that will more then likely be your baby moving :) I've been feeling little flutters for weeks now, they tickle more then anything :) But this week I've been feeling full blown kicks and punches! They are that strong other people can feel them as well! It's a lovely sensation :)


i'm just over 18 weeks and i am feeling like this sounds daft, bubbles bursting in my belly more so when i'm lying down. is this the baby moving about?

18weeks+4 getting excited

18weeks+4 getting excited now, im getting bigger and bigger by the day carnt wait to find owt if baby is a boy or girl it will make all the more real for us !! haveing a bit of trouble with my back and hips but i do have a very strenous job and there not being very helpful !!!!! so carnt wait for MAT !!! hope all are well mummys and bumps xxxx

yet to go for fist scan 8-12 weeks

hi (a dad) my third and my wife (the most beautiful pregnant lady in the world) is looking very happy and her skin and hair are great think its a boy with regards to maternity clothes and bras etc there are many great shops and companies that you can buy from put the time in (on line ) and you will find what you need. you dont have to look dowdy and dont have to spend to much just put the work in and search best of luck

18 weeks!

18+2 today :) getting a proper belly now ha! properly enjoying my pregnancy and really looking forward to our scan on the 7th. maternity clothes should be arriving soon, been wearing sports bras to keep me going and i'm not gonna lie they've been a life saver! hope everyones keeping well and bumps are behaving ;)

Hello, I'm just over 18 weeks

Hello, I'm just over 18 weeks pregnant and definately starting to show with my first child. I am holding off as long as i can to buy maternity bras and they are not the most attractive! :) I have had a really good pregnancy so far with no morning sickness although have suffered with sore heads! Gaviscon has also been a life saver at times!

hiya, im 18 weeks pregnant

hiya, im 18 weeks pregnant and im not showing at all, all my family think ive lost weight and im really worried, i havent felt any movement from my baby yet. i weighed myself and i havent put on any weight yet im still the same as i was before i was pregmant,is this normal

Anomaly scan

hello there! am 18 weeks pregnant and i cannot wait to see my baby in 4 days when i go for my anomaly scan. nothing much has changed with my bump and am still not showing maybe its because its my first baby. i had alot of had time eating especially drinking water up to week 14-16 but got better after having a drip to flush my system. hope that i can begin to enjoy my pregnancy now especially because i can feel my baby brushing me up every now and then. its really exciting.xx

hi everyone! I am 18 weeks

hi everyone! I am 18 weeks pregnant in 3 days and i am so excited because my 20 weeks scan is in 14 days! i cannot wait! i started showing from the start, i feel huge! i felt all butterflies in my tummy last week which i read is the baby moving! This is my first baby so it still feels unreal to think theres a baby inside me! i hope everyone enjoys their pregnancy as much as i am at the moment! :):):) xx


Hi Dieddy! Congratulations! I am due on the 30th and I have a huge bump too! I was a size 10 before I fell pregnant, this is my 3rd. Good luck with your pregnancy, and enjoy all the excitement!xx


Hi Ladies i'm due 27th december and i cant wait....... i'v got a very excited step-daughter and hubby, this is my first. i have a huge bump, even though i was only a size 8 before becoming pregnant lol Di

Hi I'm Laura, I am also due

Hi I'm Laura, I am also due December on the 15th. I am 18 weeks pregnant and still not showing and wondering is this normal? A friend of mine started showing straight away and another around about now but i still don't look pregnant. But although I am normal size all over I have always had a large stomach that's where i hold all my weight so i am thinking maybe it has something to do with that!? Has anyone else got a bump at around 18 weeks? Should i be worried i'm not showing. At my 12 week scan the baby was 10.7cm so this is normal isn't it :) xx

Hi Rebecca2201, Yes i am

Hi Rebecca2201, Yes i am starting to feel movement like butterflies and sometimes slight pains, also my memory is awful, my nan bless her is in hospital and i couldn't remember what ward she was on a few hours after i had visited! I am a lot older than you, sometimes i feel too old to be having my first child, i cannot work anymore and i had quite a fast paced, responsible job, so i put my memory down to not being mentally active at work, but at my 14 week scan they told me it was very normal for us girls to be air heads now lol. I am 2 weeks behind you, my due date is Christmas day!! Can you believe it, I have also got spotty for first time in my life and my hands and knees ache, already i can't get comfortable to sleep, and my taste in food varies from week to week lol. good luck :) xxx

hiya im 20yrs old and

hiya im 20yrs old and expecting my first baby. I'm 18 weeks and i am due on the 10/12/11, i have my 20 wk scan on the 25th of july and have recently started to feel some movement. I would love to hear back from people at the stage and from those with past experience. Also is anyone experiencing memory loss? x

chrisymum2b i feel exactly

chrisymum2b i feel exactly the same i dont feel pregnant yet! im still waiting 2 feel my baba move too im very impatient and just want to feel it! im also due 10/12/11 and have my 20 week scan 25th July i cant wait! xx

Hey i turned 18 weeks

Hey i turned 18 weeks pregnant yesterday, even though ive had my 12 week scan and seen my buba move on the screen i still do not feel pregnant! My stomach is constantly bloated is the first stages of showing? Im waiting patiently to feel my buba move, sometimes i do feel things that i think might be them but im not 100% sure. Im really looking foward to my 20 week scan at the end of the month! who else is due in december? my due date is the 10/12/11 To those of you where the father doesnt care i kno how it feels, im 22 and the dad is saying im forcing him to have a baby, its a whole load of madness one minutwe he wants them the next he doesnt. Men r just too immature... we r in this alone ladys!! Please msg me bak id like to speak to those who r at the same stage as me!!xx

Ive just read a few comments

Ive just read a few comments about pregnant females whos partners and or fathers of their unborn child is not interested, ive got twins aged nearly 13 and their dad is a waste of space he hasnt bothered about them since the day they were born.Since then ive met another man and got on with life since then ive had another son and a daughter aswell as being 18wks pregnant now aswell we just get on with it as everyday is different i couldnt ask for anymore in a man than wot he does for us ALL hes such a gentleman.Ladies keep ur chins up and be strong if not for u then do it for ur child they need u for the rest of their lives xxx

my babys dad dont want

my babys dad dont want anything to do with my baby he is refusing he is the father but what i say is us wimen are stronger than men and we can do it on our own so if

I am 18 weeks pregnant with

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I am so excited. I am having trouble with the baby's father though, he jumps in and out of wanting to be involved and doesnt seem to care what I am going through. Any advice?

hay im 19 and have 1 son

hay im 19 and have 1 son 7months and im now carring another at 18 weeks hoping for a grl :) pls ... and to the LADY WHOS IN THE EMOTIONAL WRECK wipe your tears away and stand up for your self disapline your mans wizdon=m he needs to support you if not find support and comfort in close friends . much love to you grl try relax back and let nature take its peace.


im new to this site, have 2 girls aged 15 and 5 (well in a few weeks they will be). Im an emotinal wreck, i dont ever remember feeling like this before, we went for a family meal yesterday and i ended up crying infront of everyone, i felt so small. i miscarried 3 years ago at 18 weeks and i guess that explains alot, i feel quite alone in these thoughts and find it hard to talk to my partner about it as i feel he will think im being silly. Has anyone else experienced the same? if so how did you feel?

How far gone were u when u felt baby move?

This is my first pregnancy and i think i am a paranoid mum to be! i have felt the occasional movement on and off since i was 16 weeks but nothing i can determine as being a kick or definite baby movement. when did you first feel baby move and what does it feel like excactly? also should i be worried i am not feeling baby much at week 18? xxx


hey im new to this site. im 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby. im due 6th october

Due Dates :)

Hiyyaa My Name is Dina, im Looking For a Bump Buddie, im Due On The 21st September 2011. Message Me Back :)

hi orla2011 i am 18 weeks

hi orla2011 i am 18 weeks and i was having same problems sick all time nothing would stay down i went to see my doctor n he gave me some tablets that dissolves under the lip and wont harm baby n they work a treat been on them for around 3 weeks and since taking them ive ate like a pig plus feel better in myself

I have the same problem until

I have the same problem until last friday my migranes had completely gone. My hubby thought I was dying cause all I could do was sleep for the following todays. I think it has something to do with the fact that I don't eat enough when I get up. In fact thanks to my morning sickness I have seemed to developed a fobia towards food. Hubby makes some amazing stuff but when it is put infront of me I begin to panic and worry the whole way through eatting it that I will be really sick. Its made it impossible for us to go out anywhere or call with relitives for tea. For the past 3months my meals have consisted of toast and nutella. Nothing else seems to stay down anyone any tips for over coming it? I'm only 18weeks pregnant and have dropped a stone already. I'm rrally scared could this be harming my baby??

Go and see your doc crazy022

Hi Crazy022, It sounds as if you're really suffering and there might be something that the doctor can do to help. Make sure you tell them that it's been a long term problem, and not attributed to the pregnancy and don't forget to say about the smell of burning, it could be important. Hope you feel better soon. x

burning smells

i am 18wk and before pregnancy i used to suffer with realy bad migrain these stop up until last thursday when they came back with a bang since then everywhere i go all i can smell is burning is this normal or am i weird.....