2 weeks pregnant

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Although you might not feel pregnant, you've been carrying your baby for around two weeks now. Your little one is growing faster than at any other time of pregnancy - and its sex has already been decided.


You have been carrying your baby for two weeks by the time your period is due. But because pregnancy is calculated from the date of your last period, you are already one month pregnant!

At 2 weeks pregnant, your body will begin to change but it’s likely that this will only be noticeable by you. For more on 2 weeks pregnant symptoms and 2 weeks pregnant signs, read more about the early signs of pregnancy.

What to think about

If you’re not taking supplements, you should begin taking folic acid daily as this helps protect your baby from spinal cord defects. Why should you take folic acid supplements?

You may feel anxious about telling people at work that you are pregnant. Read more about the best time to tell your employer that you are expecting.

What’s happening at 3 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 Don’t forget to take folic acid supplements for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

 Looking for a name for your baby?  Find a name here.



Hi, im 14 years old I need some advice about this, i had unprotected sex on the 1st of January and its know the 12th, and well i just want to ask do you think i should keep the baby or not..? please reply someone. xx


I had intercourse 17 days ago I,ve done 3 tests all positive first 2 test very faint but obvious line the 3rd definate line, my question is i dont know how far gone i'll be classed, i cant remember my last period date :-(( any body any ideas ??? xxx

miscarriage or not

hi,im really confused now, my lmp was 19 jan done hpt on 4march it said 3-4 wks pg,had heavy bleed 20 march then 21st march had a scan at eapu they said its a cyst on 23 march its now eptopic 25 march there something in my womb i also had beta hcg level of 360 then 2 days later it dropped to 325 ,ive since had another scan one wk after all that and blood dropped to 169 but dr said ther is something starting to form in the sac i have to go back in 10 days time .i done another hpt today and it said pregnant 1-2 wks i think i will asume im miscarrying ? any one been thru similar would like to hear.

what are the chances ?

im nearly 3 months late for my period. i did 2 pregnancy tests and both came back negative. ive known people that have been pregnant done tests and been negative right up until 8 weeks. my mum says that there could be too little hormone and might not actually conceived untill 2 weeks ago. could it be possible that i am pregnant even though 2 tests were negative


i did a test yesturday which came up positive we have been trying for over a year and im really worried the test is wrong can you get a false positive pregnancy test???