20 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 20 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your baby is around 16.4cm long now. Their hair is starting to grow – as are the nerves in the brain that control smell, hearing, taste and touch.

Abdominal organs such as the stomach, liver and intestines are now fully encased in the abdominal cavity.

Your little one’s tooth buds for their milk teeth are now in place. By now, on your ultrasound, their spine will also appear quite straight.


Congratulations, as a 20 week pregnant mum-to-be, you’re halfway through your pregnancy! You may feel aches in your abdomen as your uterus continues to grow – and could start to notice some backache or occasional leg cramps.

You may have noticed a number of changes in your body that affect the way you move and exercise. 20 weeks pregnant weight gain and the change in your centre of gravity are likely to affect your posture. Regular gentle exercise will help this and alleviate stress.

From this week a lot of women start to feel the first kick. It may feel like butterflies in your tummy. Most of your baby’s movements will be reflexes but they will be exploring their surroundings freely with their hands and feet.

If you’re finding sex is becoming difficult try some new positions. Find out more about sex during pregnancy.

What to think about

During this week’s scan, you may have asked to know your baby’s sex. Remember this isn’t 100 per cent accurate unless you have an amniocentesis test. If you’re not sure you want to find out the sex of your baby, weigh up the pros and cons.

Your Maternity Certificate should be available from your midwife or doctor around now. You should give that to your employer you certificate so that your statutory payments can be organised.

Take care when cleaning, some products make contain harmful chemicals so make sure you read the labels before use.

If you haven’t already, get signed up to your antenatal classes. They usually begin in the seventh or eighth month but they fill up pretty quickly. Find out more about the benefits of antenatal classes.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.

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Hi I'm due my first baby on

Hi I'm due my first baby on the 15th September. I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and have my scan next week. I'm excited but nervous about it for some reason too!? Anyone else feel like this? I'm feeling well most of the time though

Hi Steffi, I am also due 11th

Hi Steffi, I am also due 11th September, this is my first baby to. I have dizzy spells to, I have fell over a couple of times. I am getting cramps to, I am told also that it is all normal. My scan is 24th April. I will be 20 weeks that day, I am not finding out I want a surprise. Good luck with yours xx


Hi im due on the 11th September. This is my first baby and am very excited about being a mum. Im 19 weeks pregnant now nearly 20 weeks. i fainted three times when i was 18 weeks pregnant, its very common to faint apparently when pregnant. My next scan is on the 30th april to find out if its a boy or a girl. At the moment, im feeling lightheaded and head hurts at the back of my head. been getting loads of cramps also and pain in my lower stomache. i dont know much bout these things because its my first pregnancy. i had everything checked and they say its normal. if you had any of these symptoms nothing to worry about. good luck to new mums out there xx

hi im due 23rd august this is

hi im due 23rd august this is my 3rd baby luckily i havnt had any aches and pains yet i had my 20 weeks scan on thursday but couldnt find out the sex of the baby cause the legs were in the way i already hav a girl and a boy but still would have liked to know what i was havin so i cud do some shoppin.gna hav scan at 28weeks lets hope i find out then

Hi AutumnGlow! I'm due on

Hi AutumnGlow! I'm due on 18th August and had my 20wk scan yesterday. I get occasional cramps and things which I put down to the uterus stretching. Scan was all good and we are having a little girl, I caved in and decided to find out lol. I must say I feel really sore this morning from the scan, I had a REALLY full bladder (as they were running 40mins late!) and it was fairly uncomfortable. Hope you scan went well too :)

I'm 20 years old and 20 weeks

I'm 20 years old and 20 weeks tomorrow, this page has really put my mind at rest as I've been getting random aches particularly in the right side of my belly now and again and I was starting to worry I'd overdone it a bit! I've got my anomoly scan on Tuesday and my due date is the 17th of August... anyone due on the same day/close by? xxx

Ihad our 20wk scan ytday n we

Ihad our 20wk scan ytday n we found out its a boy...now the shopping process can begin however we are due in aug so will have to buy a mixture of clothing.

its hard keeping up with the

its hard keeping up with the kids and the pregnancy and am goning to start my shopping soon i dont know what to get when i have my baby in august it will be summer time hope so its hard to decide what to do first with other my kids i started my shopping when i was three months pregnant

am 20 weeks pregnant i had my

am 20 weeks pregnant i had my 20 weeks scan yesterday dont really matters what am having boy or girl i already have 3 girls its just a suprise am finding very difficulty at night keep waking up and the baby stated to kick around dont know how these 4 months will pass away am lucky my husband gives all the help i need with the house work

20 weeks pregnant now & my

20 weeks pregnant now & my first pregnancy sooooooo exciting but had the MOST AWFUL WEEKEND FROM HELL i can feel the stress affected my baby :( but thankgod the lil munchkin is now moving like mad i love it!!! does kind of keep me awake at night tho and my flutters feel nothing "like butterflies" cant wait to feel proper kicks!!!! only downer cant sleep on my front anymre very uncomfortable and its the only position i fall asleep so night time is a "nightmare" :p

had my 20 week scan on

had my 20 week scan on friday, found out im having a boy, were really excited. not felt any movements yet, which im finding quite dissapointing. cant wait for july now.

20 weeks

20 weeks and three days today, found out we was having a baby girl, sooo excited to buy all the cute pink clothes, feels like its a life time away till shes here, hurry up july!!!!

*I feel like stuck up turkey

*I feel like stuck up turkey on sunday roast :D slight moves, which are pretty weird, but I think my little one like music - alot, usually moves around, when I drive and play music. I m 20 weeks, and way too excited to see my little bandito, next week on scan.. My man, wants to know if he has a girl or boy, i dont really mind, as long its healthy. xxxx

20 weeks can't feel flutters any more

Hi, have felt a few flutters over the last few weeks but have'nt felt anything for this last few days?

Had my 20wk on Monday and

Had my 20wk on Monday and Found out i'm having a little boy :) i'm a 1st time mum and a teen mum ( i'm 17 ) please dont judge me as this is all new to me, but love to make friends on here, also due on the 16th July :) would be nice to talk to aswell..x

Am 20 weeks and I will be

Am 20 weeks and I will be having my scan next week, i don't worried about the sex of my baby have a girl & boy so my baby is welcome!!!!

had my 20 week scan on Monday

had my 20 week scan on Monday and we found out we are having a lil boy i already have one lil girl so over joyed but was scared as my daughter had her kidney removed because it didn't grow properly and i have pushed for another scan in 4 weeks to check he is all fine xx

I already have 4 boys, so was

I already have 4 boys, so was shocked to find out I was expecting again. Had my anomaly scan last week and was told it was a girl. I suppose everything happens for a reason.

20wks scan

I had my 20wks scan on the 15/2/12, evry thing was ok found out i am hving a little man, was quite worrying as being 40 was scared incase something was wrong, only thing is hve to go bk on 21/02/12 for profile scan as my wee acrobat wldnt stay still for his profile pic lol so need to go bk nd get it done so i can get a pic

feeling always tired

i am worrided about going for my 20weeks scan on monday 13/0/12 but i believe is going to go well as this is my third baby.

20 week scan

I'm going for my 20 week scan on wednesday. I'm a bit concerned as this is my second baby and being older, ripe old age of 40, I'm scared of the outcome:-( I pray this is a healthy wee person I'm carrying. Has anyone else felt or feeling like this?

Ref fainting & dizzy spells

Im halfway thru cooking buba no2 & had dizziness & fainting problems in both pregnancies. I have found that instead of taking just folic acid, taking a b vitamin complex has really helped. Also, another biggy has been iron. Take it with vitamin c, as it helps with the absorption of iron. Dont take iron with dairy products or grape juice tho as it tampers with the absorption. Eat little & often too- when my blood sugar drops thats usually when it happens. Hope this helps!!

My little man

Found out in having a little man so made up already have a little girl who is 2 day before baby is due going to be fun lol... But constantly going dizzy and fainting i take frolic acid but doesn't seem to make a difference anyone no any better stuff thanks

20wks with abdominal pain

This is baby no 6 for me and I don't remeber abdominal pain like I am getting. I have had 3 sections so hope that is why it's painful. Has anyone else experienced this??


yamiblaa1, Im 20 weeks now and mine started a few weeks ago but it is my second pregnancy. I thought it was early but apparently its just different for everyone and sometimes its early or sometimes it might start later. mine is clear at the mo and only comes out at certain times, not all the time and thats only if i apply pressure to them. xx

Hi does anyone know at what

Hi does anyone know at what stage in pregnancy does milk from your breast start to come out

my 1st baby

This is my 1st baby so cant wait til my 20 week scan. I cant wait to find out if it a girl or boy. I got a very strong feeling that it is a boy so my husband will be very chuffed.

my 20 week scan for my 1st

my 20 week scan for my 1st baby is next week ekkkkk and i dont want to know the sex as its going to be the best day of my life it will be a million times better as a surprise!!!! roll on JUNE! xxxx

my 20 week scan for my 1st

my 20 week scan for my 1st baby is next week ekkkkk and i dont want to know the sex as its going to be the best day of my life it will be a million times better as a surprise!!!! roll on JUNE! xxxx

this is my 20 weeks ,im going

this is my 20 weeks ,im going for 20 week scan on thursday bit nervous even though this is my 4th child , but i never been offered a 20 week scan till this time round.have been very sick for first few weeks but it has finally gone so feeling a lot more healthy lol

first pregnancy

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and found out I'm having a little girl :D and I can feel her kicking about already. Do I have to wait till my next midwife appointment before I get my MATB1 ? Because I'm not sure as this is my first pregnancy

Got 2 girls already and gender Predictions have always been righ

I got 2 beautiful baby grls already and my gender prediction generated a boy so I've got my fingers crossed as that will be wonderful however I'm nOt really sure whether to find out in the scan On Tuesday the 10th as I would love a surprise but I'm tempted however it's going to be my last baby as it's my 3rd in 3 years and it's going to be so difficult oh bless but couldnt love them any more if I tried

I am 20 weeks pregnant with

I am 20 weeks pregnant with baby number 2... so excited as today is my scan, I am finding out the sex too, I didnt find out first time round and this time i really neeed to know!!! one thing thats different this time round is the size of my belly, I dont even look pregnant!! I still fit into my size 8 clothes!!! Its horrible!!! I want a belly!!! I was definately bigger first time round, but I had no morning sickness then and this time ive had it bad, I lost a stone through it, so maybe thats why i am so small!!! also, I get weird dreams whilst pregnant, really horrible ones too, babies crawling out of me like aliens, dreams of drowning or falling whilst holding my daughter, bugs popping out of my skin, and the worst was last night where my baby died. Anyone else get this? Good luck to those who are 20 weeks!!! x

20 weeks tomorrow! xx

had my anomaly scan all well and progressing well, baby was laid on its belly so was hard to get all the measurements but we got there in the end . xx was lovely to see the baby again cant wait for the big day now x

baby's sex

Hi everyone, I had my 20 weeks scan on Friday, last week and I wanted to find out the sex of our baby (it's our first!). They were anable to tell us the sex because of the baby's position, although they kept me on that bed for around half an hour and turned me around several times...still nothing. I just want to know if anyone experienced something similar and it's normal....

Hi everyone im 20 wks and 4

Hi everyone im 20 wks and 4 days today. Had our scan on Monday and im pleased to say all is well and we are having a little boy. I was so convinced it was another girl i cried when they said boy (from shock and excitement i think) but saying that i should have guessed boy from all the strong kicking and movements! lol. Good luck to everyone. And try not to worry about your size or if you havent felt baby yet. With my 1st i wasnt showing or feeling anything at this stage. xx

Hi i am 20 weeks and 4 days

Hi i am 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant today.this is my first baby. but still i am not feel my baby is moving or kicking. is this normal? and where can i get my 3rd bounty pack?

tummy size.

hi i am 19 weeks pregnant on thursday and my bump is still very small. People keep saying i am very little am i sure im as far on as i am! And it is beginning to worry me. HELP what is normal??

Temp Work Contract

Hello Everyone, I started with my empolyer back in April on a one month contract it was then extended to a 6 months contact in that time I became pregnant and my contract is up for renewal on the 11th. I have been off work for the past two months as I have had a bad pregnancy and now I am worried my work are allowed to get rid of me. Where do I stand and do I have any rights? If anyone knows please help.

just found out i am 5 weeks

just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant, i have already told my manager due to the work i am in and she want a confirmation letter. Is this normal??

heyyy im 20 weeks but im not

heyyy im 20 weeks but im not showing yet!! this is my 5th baby!!! belly is squidgy but nothing more... is this ok? and im going for my anomally scan next week, i cant wait 2 know the sex im so excited

Final Bounty Pack

Loveu2bits... You get it after you've had your baby in the hospital so there is no need to go to collect it. A midwife will give it to you.

ladies to get your bounty

ladies to get your bounty pack 3 look under bounty favourites and click on free sample packs and it will show you all the packs you can get just click on the one you want and it will tell you how to get your voucher and you take the voucher to boots or where ever the packs are held hope this helps ladies xx

'loveu2bits' you get it in

'loveu2bits' you get it in hospital apparently with your last one xx

Third Bounty Pack

Hello Does anyone know where I get the Third Bounty Pack, I have no voucher & looked in my little Bounty welcome book & it says to get it from Labour ward but I'm currently 38wks pregnant & have no reason to go back to Hospital & was never given one whilst I was there on my numerous previous visits, any idea's ladies?

Bounty packs

Hi im probably being really dumb here but i can't see anywhere on this website to email bounty??? I've tried to get my packs (as im 20 weeks now) My midwife has no packs so asked in hospital and they also had none!!! They had loads in Boots but they wouldn't let me have any as i didn't have a voucher!! What do i have to do to get them?????

Pregnant but dont know how my employers will accept the fact.

Hi guys, I am 20 weeks pregnant but I havent told my boss yet. Its kind of obvious as my belly is quite big, I am the only woman in my office surrounded by men. I dont know how my manager will take that as he already has problems with me taking half day off for my antenatal appointments and scans at the hospital....Please Help.

hannahmroman thank u 4 ur

hannahmroman thank u 4 ur kind comment, im prob just worrying over nothing. im also overweight + i think thats been playing on my mind, there seems 2 b so much in the news at the mo about complications with overweight women during pregnancy!! hope ur scan goes well on fri, keep us posted.

20 week scan

mummycarebear i feel th same, i'm due 20th July and have my scan Friday and i think i'm nervous because i know they are looking for problems. the only complication that i have is that i am really overweight. i hope your san goes well! good luck!

hi im also due 18th july with

hi im also due 18th july with my 3rd child, i have my scan this wk but feel a lot more nervous this time round! no reason why, pregnancy gone well so far, maybe its just down 2 tiredness from running round after my other 2 kids! any other mums feel like this?