20 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 20 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your baby is around 16.4cm long now. Their hair is starting to grow – as are the nerves in the brain that control smell, hearing, taste and touch.

Abdominal organs such as the stomach, liver and intestines are now fully encased in the abdominal cavity.

Your little one’s tooth buds for their milk teeth are now in place. By now, on your ultrasound, their spine will also appear quite straight.


Congratulations, as a 20 week pregnant mum-to-be, you’re halfway through your pregnancy! You may feel aches in your abdomen as your uterus continues to grow – and could start to notice some backache or occasional leg cramps.

You may have noticed a number of changes in your body that affect the way you move and exercise. 20 weeks pregnant weight gain and the change in your centre of gravity are likely to affect your posture. Regular gentle exercise will help this and alleviate stress.

From this week a lot of women start to feel the first kick. It may feel like butterflies in your tummy. Most of your baby’s movements will be reflexes but they will be exploring their surroundings freely with their hands and feet.

If you’re finding sex is becoming difficult try some new positions. Find out more about sex during pregnancy.

What to think about

During this week’s scan, you may have asked to know your baby’s sex. Remember this isn’t 100 per cent accurate unless you have an amniocentesis test. If you’re not sure you want to find out the sex of your baby, weigh up the pros and cons.

Your Maternity Certificate should be available from your midwife or doctor around now. You should give that to your employer you certificate so that your statutory payments can be organised.

Take care when cleaning, some products make contain harmful chemicals so make sure you read the labels before use.

If you haven’t already, get signed up to your antenatal classes. They usually begin in the seventh or eighth month but they fill up pretty quickly. Find out more about the benefits of antenatal classes.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.

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20 weeks pregnant

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hi, im due on 18th july but

hi, im due on 18th july but my scan is not scheduled for another two weeks, spot on me being 22 weeks week gone. im a little worried about them having left the scan so late but they have no cancellations. we both would love to know the sex of the baby and have already chosen a name for each sex.

Hi, I am due on the 12th

Hi, I am due on the 12th July, I have just had my 20 week scan. he/she was facing downwards and didnt want to say hello :-( it was amazing seeing baby on the screen while the sonographer poked him/her to move... but a little leg appeared and kicked her hand away!! it was so lovely. have to go back for another scan to check face and brain all ok. so excited to see baby again. no sickness and predictors say a boy!!! help no boy names.... xxx

hi, iam due 13th july with my

hi, iam due 13th july with my first.ive got my 20 week scan on thursday, im very excited to see baby again, we dont want to know the sex but predictors tell us were having a girl?? ive had a very good pregnancy with no sickness. xxx

Hi i am due on the 11th july

Hi i am due on the 11th july and i have got my 20 week scan in 5 days im hoping for another little girl fingers crossed x

I am due 25th June, got 20wk

I am due 25th June, got 20wk scan on Monday, sooo excited, love this site, good luck to all you ladies. I'm feeling incredibly stretched right now, like a balloon pumped to the max, anyone else have this?? lol x

I am due on the 11th June,

I am due on the 11th June, had my scan last week & all is good. Can't wait to see my baby girl.

Hi MummyAshley - I'm due on

Hi MummyAshley - I'm due on the 9th of June so just a few days difference - hope the scan went well - I've mine next week :0)

I am due on the 5th of june!

I am due on the 5th of june! cant wait! got my 20 week scan next week? is anyone else due on the 5th of june? xxx

i am due on the 22nd of may

i am due on the 22nd of may and cant wait

Hi, Yes I'm due on the 25th

Hi, Yes I'm due on the 25th May so just a few days after you! This is our first, we're so excited!! Mel - yes I'm getting alot of abdominal pains too and bad leg cramps down my left leg everytime I get up! I've mentioned them to the midwife and they said its all normal and not to worry :-) x

Due 20th May, anyone else due around this date?

I'm due May 20th, is anyone else due around this date? :)

i have mell but same no joy

i have mell but same no joy as to what it is , the only thing they think it could be is my womb growing

is any1 having any problems with unexplained pains

Im 20wks (second pregnancy) and getting alot of lower abomin pains and ive seen 3 consultants and no one can tell me what it is has anyone had anything simlier to this.