21 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 21 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your baby is growing fast, developing eyelashes and eyebrows, and is covered in white stuff called ‘vernix caseosa,’ to protect the skin from its long soak in your amniotic fluid.

The vernix will also stop your baby from scratching himself as his fingernails are beginning to grow.

Your baby’s eyelids will still be closed, this is to help protect against wandering hands and toes. He’ll still be able to tell between light and dark though.


As a 21 week pregnant mum-to-be, it probably feels like you’ve been pregnant forever, and you could be kept awake at night by an active baby due to 21 weeks pregnant movement. You may find that your baby develops a routine to his movement, with periods of activity and then rest.

You might feel a little down about your weight gain but you don’t have to feel frumpy, lots of shops do great maternity ranges so find one that suits you!

If you’ve noticed a clear or white vaginal discharge, don’t worry – this is normal during pregnancy. But, if it becomes thick or yellow, seek medical advice as it may be a sign of infection.

What to think about

Now may be a good time to book some antenatal classes if you haven’t already.

The antenatal appointments will now come thick and fast depending on whether this is your first pregnancy or if you’re expecting more than one.

To boost circulation, give maternity stockings a try. If you suffer from swollen ankles or aching feet, this might alleviate some stress.

Try to find ways to unwind. Why not try an antenatal massage? Always check with your doctor or midwife before booking the appointment and make sure your masseuse is experienced.

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.


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Hi Everyone :)) Im 21 Weeks

Hi Everyone :)) Im 21 Weeks Pregnant And Having A Boy, I'm Over The Moon!! I Haven't Felt Baby Kick Yet, When Did You All Start To Feel Kicks?? xxx


Hey, I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first child. Went to the 5 month scan and am keepin the sex as a suprise. Very excited!x

Found out last wk I'm having

Found out last wk I'm having a boy :) iv already got a boy so I'm made up.. Have my c-section the 23rd august so happy about that to..:). But I'm stuck on boys names HELP.!!xx

due date

hi everyone hope you are all doing well with your pregnancies, i am 21 weeks with my 3rd baby i have a boy and a gil and this new bundle of joy is a girl :-) very excited and impatient as is my 7 year old daughter who wants to know the in and out of everything :-) although my 12 year old son is more laid back on it all lol i must say tho the other 2 pregnancies seemed easy but with this one i ache a lot have lots of acid and have muscles i never knew i had, my midwife politely siad its because im older now lol however loving every minute of it and am being beaten from the inside which is very reassuring as feel more nervous this time round, only another 19 weeks to go and counting, good luck to you all and keep well :-)

I'm 30 and this is our first

I'm 30 and this is our first baby :-) we are very happy because this is going to be the first boy in my family :-)

im 21 weeks with our second

im 21 weeks with our second we didnt find out the sex at the scan and i just cant wait till baby comes now altho i would like it to be a week early as im due 2 days before my birthday !

im 30 im 20 weeks pregnant

im 30 im 20 weeks pregnant avin a tough time this is my 3rd pregnancy ad a 3d scan were avin a boy just stuck on a name i like kian n my partner likes kaine x


i'm due 24th July,i found out i was having a baby am so happy well dis is my first baby and i don't no what to buy can someone help me,please.thanks

Little girl

Just been for the 20 week scan and found our we are having a girl. We are both thrilled as this is our first child.

baby names

i have 3 girls and i have just found out i am having a boy! i have dreamed about this day and it has arrived an i cant for the life of me find any baby boy names i like

Not much information on Triplets?

I have 17 month old triplets all girls. When i found out i was having triplets i was scared, happy, surprised and numb. I didn't have IVF and everyone at the hospital keeped asking if i did. My husband was shocked and we both needed to find out as much as we could about having triplets. But wherever we looked it just keep coming up with information for one or twins. I had the girls at 32 weeks and apparently thats good but i was scared it was not long enough for them. Chloe was 2lb 6oz, Rachel was 3lb 4oz and Abigail was 3lb 2oz. They had to stay in hospital for 6 weeks and it was very upsetting and a scary time for us. But know they are doing so much celebratating their first birthday and now watching them walk, eating solid foods, talking and being so layed back and easy to look after. I love my girls so much.

Heart Burn!!!

My heart burn is really bad, this is my 4th baby and had it on all previous pregnancies but with this pregnancy is unbearable,to the point I am sick and it is prevented me from sleeping, i watch what i eat, tried all of the over the counter remedies, which work for about ten minutes then its back! Can anyone suggest something!!!!

Due on 10th June :)

Due on 10th June :)

Due on 10th June :)

Due on 10th June :)

im due on the 7th june and im

im due on the 7th june and im having twins cant wait until they are hear

Hi i am due on my Birthday

Hi i am due on my Birthday the 31st May. its a Girl we are over the moon x

Hi i am due on my Birthday

Hi i am due on my Birthday the 31st May. its a Girl we are over the moon x

Im due on my birthday the

Im due on my birthday the 31st May, and its a Girl we are over the moon. x

i'm due 31st may and having a

i'm due 31st may and having a surprise and now its killing me!! cant believe i've got another 19 weeks left to find out if i'm having a son or daughter!

i'm due 31st may and having a

i'm due 31st may and having a surprise and now its killing me!! cant believe i've got another 19 weeks left to find out if i'm having a so or daughter!

i'm due 24 may with first

i'm due 24 may with first child and its a baby girl

21st May!!

21st May!!

bump buddies

Anyone due 31st may??

potable007 - i am in the same

potable007 - i am in the same boat as you, but as soon as i found out i was having a little boy, i went and bought him tshirts and a wee blue hat. my partner says not to buy too much as everyone will buy you stuff and it will hardly get used.

am so confused on what to get for my baby.

am 26,dis is my first baby.i dnt knw what to buy for the baby needs.pls i need an essential list for buying stuff for baby.thanks

dont know when to start buying things for my baby.

am 21 weeks old,can i start shopping for my baby things now cos i cant stop giong through catalogue and window shopping,but my huby says its to early to start getting stuff.

Im 21 weeks on Wednesday with

Im 21 weeks on Wednesday with a Blue bump!! :) So happy as I already have a beautiful little 2 yr old girl! :) x x

Breast Tenderness

I am 21 weeks today but my left breast is very tender and painful than the right one. What can be the cause?


hi slimsan they only do sure start maternity grants for the first child now.

hi all am 20weeks 1day due on

hi all am 20weeks 1day due on the 9march had my scan on monday am haveing a boy this is my second bit scared my self my baby is kicking lots but some times my chest gets really tight and struggle to breath and when i lie in bed i can feel my heart beating fast is this normal. am a slim girl waz just a size 8 gone to a size 10 my friends and family say that am small but my boyfriend sez that am big i waz only small with my first so i know everythink is going to be ok and looking forward to my baby boy. dose anyone know if the sure start grants are still going to help me get a good start to bringing up are baby boy plz text back thank you and good luck to you all xx

Hi nikki29, just noticed your

Hi nikki29, just noticed your comment. I'm due on the 24th February & you can barely tell that I'm pregnant. My mates joke around saying how I'm lucky to look so small, but I know it is annoying because you want a baby bump this far into pregnancy. I was a size 10 before & I still fit into most of my clothes & even gone down to a size 8 in maternity! I can feel my little boo flicker & kick me though & it makes my day feeling reassured :) I never found out the sex of the baby but can't stop shopping for neutral item! Oops it's like a new found level of retail therapy hehe :) ...

hi im due on the 7 of march 2012

this is my second baby we kept all our big things because we wanted another 1 i go for my 20 week scan on friday and cant wait to see if we can find out what where having i have bought a few bits like bottles and stuff but mainly because they was a bargain we just have clothes to buy and stuff i need x

by Tink2611

Im also due on feb 23rd! Bought most things now i know what sex the baby is!! Its my first and i am so giddy!

hi fruity92 - i'm due on the

hi fruity92 - i'm due on the 23rd of feb - i haven't bought anything yet - i thought that we might get a few bits and bobs for christmas...? and also we've not got loads of space so don't want to be tripping over a moses basket for the next 4 months...! also my sisters are both pregnant and due this month so i'll probably get bits and bobs from them...

Hey im due on the 14th feb

Hey im due on the 14th feb 2012 (valentines day) i have already bought a few baby clothes, bottles, sterilisers, bottles and moses basket.. still got tons more to buy but my family think i should wait until i get further along instead of buying so many things now because its still too early, Have you guys bought anything for your baby yet?

hey nikky29 im due on 17th

hey nikky29 im due on 17th feb too and my stomach is popped out but i was a size 6-8 and wieghed about 7 nd half stones so i reckon mayb thats why my stomach is so poppy il find out the sex of the baby on my 22nd week scan wich is on 14th of october. and im going to start shopping in november think thats a good time

20 weeks and 4 days pregs, due on 17th feb 2012, any bump buddy?

Hi, I am 29 yrs old, live in welwyn garden city and due on 17th feb, 2012..I had a scan on frid and everything looked normal..do not knw when i will see my tummy going big..right now; it looks big but i think it is just acidity and gas thats all..or am i the only one who is not getting the baby bump :(.. It is a baby girl and i want to shop so much but my husband is asking me to wait till dec but i am not convinced..i think by dec , i will be too big to shop etc..what are you guys planning? do you have a list you can share?? thanks a lot and good luck to everyone..

Bounty Packs

Hi seniorita30 I am 21 weeks and I have received two of my bounty packs. I did, however have to ask my midwife for the first bounty pack as they will not always give it to you if you don't ask. You have a form to fill in (or voucher) in your first pack to pick up your second pack anytime from Sainsbury's or Boots. Pack 3 is given to you on the labour ward, pack 4 is given to you on the maternity ward (when baby has arrived) and pack 5 is picked up from Sainsbury's or Boots after baby is born. Hope this helps

not received no bounty packs

hi ladies am 21 weeks pregnant i jus had ma 20 week scan last week n told am havin a baby boy, wanted to ask has anyone else not received there bounty packs because i aint received anything not from the hospital or when i've been to my appointments at my local GP.....


i be 22 wks monday wiv triplets i am so scared it my first no family close by and midwife doesnt have time to see me i joined a sure start thing on fri its good but if any can help put my mind at rest whats normal plz xx

hi every1,am 21wks 5days.went

hi every1,am 21wks 5days.went for my scan on tues past it was amazing,so much clearer on the scan than my first scan.everything went great,they said all was good with the baby,checked brain,spin,feet,hands,etc and my favorite the heart beat,i still cry everytime i hear it.we also got loads of photos.i still get nervous everytime i go for a check up.just so glad alls good and we will have a healthy baby.


Hi I am 21 weeks today! I am truely excited I already have a son and a daughter so it didn't matter what sex the baby is. Its A boy! I have started to prepare now. I just don't like surprises or being unprepared. So I have started buying things because things are expensive so I need to budget everything. I also looked at the timing of the birth, January is a cold month with storms I don't want to be waddling arround looking for a change table with snow and ice..... Every individual is different and you need to trust yourself and your instincts my poor partner keeps saying wait a few more months he's concerned that it will be extremley hard if something goes wrong. I keep receipts but at 7 months everything will be done... so all i have to do is just relax and rest.... as for all the tests just think of it as a precautionary measure. I have been for so many tests I can't even think of them all and everything came back normal. It's nice to know you have a good team looking out for you..... Just relax take a deep breath and don't panick... It could just be the position of the baby, the amount of water you have in your bladder during the ultrascan or the ability of the technician.... Take care!

fetal echo

hi i'm 21 weeks today and have had two scans in the last 2 weeks! She couldn'tmeasure the heart properly due to position, she has referred me for a fetal echo scan now with a specialist! she told me not to worry as everything looked normal but cant help freaking out! has this happened to anyone else? x x

hi I am 20 and im 21wks

hi I am 20 and im 21wks pregnant due on the 25th of dec this is my second baby however my son is only 8 months old and his 1st bday is 4 days after this baby is due and im so worried that im gunna be in hospital for both xmas nd his 1st bday so fingers crossed this one will b early or will take me in for C sec few wks b4 as my son was also C sec and their both so close 2getha!! xx

Hi, Im 24 and 21 weeks

Hi, Im 24 and 21 weeks pregnant due in dec, This is my 1st baby and just found out that i am having a baby girl so i am really excited now to start buying stuff but i just feel really dumb to it all as i dont even know everything that i need as there is so much but i am getting more excited to meet my little baby girl xx


Hi am 21 weeks pregnant now and in the last week ive noticed that my heart keeps beating really fast . Its making me feel sick and am not sure if this is normal

Hiya I'm 23 and 21 weeks

Hiya I'm 23 and 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby, we found the other week she is a girl and I'm due 30th Nov...Feeling like its AGES away and keep worrying over everything!

Hey, i'm 21 w1d and went for

Hey, i'm 21 w1d and went for my anomaly scan yesterday. I was told my LO is likely to be a boy but needs be to double checked. Due on 30th November and can't wait!

21 wks with sixth baby just found out im having a second girl.

hi im 21wks with my sixth baby and ive just found out im having another girl, i cant wait for her to arrive and nither can her big sister whos 9.

hiya, Im 18 and 22 weeks with

hiya, Im 18 and 22 weeks with my first child, and i found out last week i am having a little girl, im really excited and shopping all the time for things! getting a bit inpatient now and cant wait for nov to be her :) x