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Your baby

23 weeks pregnant movement will mean you can probably feel your babies wriggles and kicks. The eyes are now fully formed and tiny little teeth are starting to appear. Your baby looks like a newborn, but thinner, as baby fat hasn’t yet developed.

This week is really important for your baby’s senses. As the inner ear organs develop, balance and hearing will improve. You may find your baby responds to sounds now, so don’t feel silly talking to your bump.

You will find that your baby will be quite active but you may notice that their movement has become predictable as they explore their surrounding then rest.


During the second trimester your weight gain will become steadier and the size of your bump will also increase. If you’re not finding anything that fits – check out our top tips for maternity wear.

You could experience more vaginal discharge than usual. This is a normal symptom of mid-pregnancy if it becomes thicker or yellowish, tell your midwife or GP as you may have thrush.

If you’re still on an emotional rollercoaster, where you’re crying at the smallest thing, don’t worry – it’s a normal feeling. If you’re feeling particularly down or anxious, talking to your partner or a friend may help.

Make the most of your energy by getting some exercise, meeting up with friends (you might not feel up to socialising once the baby is born!) or begin to organise your baby equipment. You may find during the third trimester the fatigue creeps back.

What to think about

Having a think about nappies might be a good idea as there are various options to consider. Do you want to use disposable or reusable? Find out more about nappies and what’s best for you.

Some private ultrasound scans offer parents the choice to see their baby in 3D or 4D, they show a great amount of detail. But, they are expensive! You also have to keep in mind that if the baby’s not in the right position, you might not get the result that you wanted.

You should start to think about maternity leave and pay entitlement this week. If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to discuss this with your employer. Is your partner taking paternity leave? He should discuss this with his employer too.

 Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need for your precious new arrival.


What’s happening at 24 weeks pregnant?
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Im getting pains at the tops

Im getting pains at the tops of my legs now, feel her move in the evenings when I'm relaxing shes a real wriggler!! x

23weeks 3days

tbh to say im 23week and 3days i dont think im that big in the bump but people say im getting there lol. found out its a boy.. :) really happy about that.. he was kicking loads wen i was 20weeks gone .. but he dosnt seem to kick much now .. still does but only seems to kick wen im eating or somthing lol. any1 had the same? and i been getting bit of pain at top of both legs x

hi im almost 23 weeks i get

hi im almost 23 weeks i get alot of pain too . its just scare tissue i was told i had emcs 2 yrs ago im not allowed to go over due this time or it'll be a section :( realli want a VBA(EM)C and i was told at 20 week scan it looks like another boy this will be my 2nd baby (4th pregnancy)

hi am 23 weeks having tough

hi am 23 weeks having tough time having pains in the night will sleeping like stabbing pains i want the time to go fast its hard couping by time coming by am getting scared

hi im lianne i have no

hi im lianne i have no children this is my first im bein induced at 38 weeks as mine is an ivf baby i had 2 etopics and 4 misscarriages before i got to this stage i hope bein induced does not hurt as im a wimp with pain im having a little girl calling her willow rose and im loving sll the kicks she is giving me to reasure me she is still there

hi, i m sobia. i have one

hi, i m sobia. i have one girl named eshal. last year i had a still birth of a baby girl due to b step infection i got , i m 24 weeks pragnent now.. drs told me that they ll induce me this time at 39 weeks ,but i m still worried about inducion coz i dont know what will happen at that time . some one told me that artificial pains are more worse than natural pains and they are continues pains, i dont know what to do.. does someone want to tell me about that??


i have two boys and going to be having another boy in july. i feel huge and getting braxton hicks, i also suffer with lower back pain and pain from the top of my tummy, walking is a nightmare and cramps in my legs at night time are awful so even after a battle of getting comfy each night i get cramps when i am asleep. on the up baby is so active, very active like he has a party going on in there. i feel i have no energy at all and walk around tired all the time.... i have another scan at 34 weeks as my placenta very low im scared of this as have had 4 miscarriages prior to this bump, but all way before 9 weeks but still get very scared... i think sometimes unless you have pregnant friends your very much alone and theres things you cant talk to your partner about without boring them to death... x

sharp pains in upper tummy

my tummy is hard and keep getting sharp pains (like a stitch) at the top of my stomach im 23 weeks does any one know what this could be ?

hi everyone ,my name is

hi everyone ,my name is joanne, am 23 weeks and 4days. am looking for a pregnancy buddy someone to share things with. ive got a daughter called elouise who will be 10 in few weeks , had a really bad time with pregnancy last few years lost 4 babys so am bit worried but excited too. ive been having sharp pain in leg when going up down stairs has anyone else been though this too? my due date is 28th may but am having a c-section so it will be when am 38 weeks..

baby number 3

Hey every1, I'm 23 weeks and 4 days and this is my 3rd baby, having another boy. Just a quick question has any1 had like a stitch feeling whilst walking? I've had it on both sides and is really painful 2 walk. Xx

bump buddy

hey looking for a bump buddy, im due 7th may,baby number 6,23 weeks 2moro x

Hello everyone im currently

Hello everyone im currently 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant but suffer from really bad pains in my back and often enough i can loose my balance everyone tells me its the baby laid back to back with me,,has anyone ever heard of this,, im just worried as this is my first n im only 20 years old x

hey guys&dolls, i am

hey guys&dolls, i am currently 23weeks and 3days.. this is my secind baby, i lost my first last year.. stillborn baby girl due to spina bifida and other complications.. but so far this time my beaut boy is all healthy!! Hasn't been an easy pregnancy, but it's all worth it! if anyone uses Tumblr.com i have a blog i just started for mumma's&daddas etc :) www.bouncingbumpsandbabies.tumblr.com :) <3

Hello everyone, i'm 23 weeks

Hello everyone, i'm 23 weeks at the mo and very excited as it's my first although doesn't the time seem to be going quicker now? My bumps huge already so i'm expecting to be looking like a space hopper by the end!! As regards to the bounty packs, you can pick them up at your local hospital, ante natal clinics or if you are really stuck, a bounty lady usually does the rounds each day on the post natal wards. Hope this helps, Laura X

Prune Juice!!!

Prune Juice!!!

Finally, the news ive always wanted xx

Im 33, and have been trying for a baby for the last 7 years!! lost my last one at 26 weeks so as you can imagine im very nervous and trying to take things easy!!! ive not been able to carry...but im at 23 weeks now and feel fabulous and content with knowing i will be a brilliant mum when my little one arrives!!! Everyone has told me i look soo glowing and radiant...... cant wait xxxx

im 23weeks pregnant and have

im 23weeks pregnant and have not recieved any bounty pack at all!!


hi everyone i need some help i am 35 weeks pregnant and i havent recieved my 2nd bounty pack and nor i have the voucher what do i do??.

Hello, Dried apricots are

Hello, Dried apricots are amazing for keeping your bowels moving in the right direction, I also take little boxes of raisins and sultanas to work and just nibble throughout the day, no more problems so far x

Re becca2010 . . . constipated!!

Hi becca2010 Ive been constipated since the word go! its got to the point of being ridiculous on occasion. Ive been taking lactulose since about 11 weeks as it was so bad and causing vaginal bleeding. Its worked great and ive had to take more about 20mls twice a day to get comfy which is more than they recommend but Midwife says if it works and its helping then its ok, everyone will require different amounts, maybe just try 5mls extra each time to see if it loosens anymore, it helped me out by taking more so maybe give it a try. I wouldnt be without it, its helped loads and i can see me having to take it for the duration but if it works it works!! Good Luck :o) mel.


i seem to be getting constipation a lot and its so uncompfortable, i get cramps and when i do eventually go to the loo, i tear and bleed. the Dr has given me some lacto syrup to take wich is helping but it still uncompfortable. i am now 24 weeks and everything is getting akward. anyone else in the same boat?

bounty pack

not had my 2nd pack yet there wasnt a voucher for it in my 1st pack so how do i get it ???


hay mummies.this is baby num 5.im 22weeks now and for the first few month of my pregnancey i had very bad constipation but the lst few weeks it has all changed i go every day now but get in a lot of pain befor i go and after i go it really bad stabbing pain then cramp pain,is this normal dont see the midwife till next month so just wonder if any1 has had anything like this feeling s bit worried.it feels like my body is haveing a big clear out ???? help.

aches and pain

this is my second pregnancy i suffer with my back aching and my legs, i have a warm bath get my partner to rub an massage my aching areas, then i get into bed with a pillow between my legs on my side, i sleep really well. x

bounty vouchers

22 weeks pregnant and not one voucher for bounty packs, not even a pregnancy guilde book off midwife, how can i get my vouchers, nothing sent to me off bounty to

i am finding it impossible to

i am finding it impossible to sleep or sit because my lower back realy hurts & i find i can sleep better on my back but have read i shouldnt anyone have any tips?

*FlyingGinger. Don't panic!

*FlyingGinger. Don't panic! Just remember that this is one of the most amazing moments in your life. Telling my parents was the most nerve wracking thing i had to do as well and im 23! lol. Sure your young but its happend and you just have to make the most of it. Your parents are bound to be shocked as im sure you were by the sounds of it but they will learn to accept the situation and deal with it and most importantly support you. Babies are never easy and even when they are planned, its still always going to be a shock to the system for any new parent. The most important thing is to be honest and discuss all your options in regards to the next steps and then obviously when the baby arrives. There is loads of support out there for you and your baby to make sure you get the best start in your news lives together so no worries :-) I wish you all the luck in the world, i'm sure you are going to be a fabulous Mummy x

OMG, recently found out I'm

OMG, recently found out I'm 23 weeks preggers with twins. I'm 16 and have been staying with my cousin for the past few months as it's been difficult for my parents to look after me as the house is being done out. My cousin is the only one who knows as she lives further away from my family and friends, and we have been too busy to meet up. I'm really obviously showing, I look like I'm about to drop, but its time for me to go home after Easter. What should I do??



Mum to be packs

hiya everyone... I didnt recieve my voucher to redeem 4 my free pack...how do i go about gettin another one...xxx