24 weeks pregnant

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24 weeks pregnant baby

Your baby

Your baby is around 30cm long now, with fully-developed lungs preparing to breathe air instead of fluid.

Although it’s unlikely to happen, it’s reassuring to know that if your baby was born now, he or she would have a good chance of making it, with lots of special care in the early stages.

You will find that your baby will be quite active but you may notice that movement has become predictable as they explores their surroundings and then rest.


You may start to feel a bit clumsy as your centre of gravity continues to shift.

If your gums are giving you problems, visit your dentist - make the most of dental care while it’s free!

Piles are an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy and can be sore and itchy. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and eat high-fibre foods. Find out more about mid-pregnancy discomforts.

your 24 week pregnant body can feel more hot and sweaty than normal; this is because more blood is pumping around your body. Try wearing layers so you can remove as and when you need and remember to drink plenty of water.

Your 24 week pregnant weight gain may cause your posture to change. This is because your pregnancy hormones have caused your joints to soften. Exercise can help counteract the stress you’re putting on your back but also just being aware of the way you are standing may also help.

What to think about

Don’t be shy when it comes to talking to your baby. They will begin to recognise high and low pitched sounds as well as your voice. So it’s a great time to start bonding. Encourage your partner to have a chat too.

Even though your baby is already well developed by this stage, it is still vital that you eat well and look after yourself with moderate exercise. Keep up those pelvic floor exercises, and you’ll thank us later!

Make the most of your energy peak as during your third trimester you might not feel up to browsing. Have a think about what baby necessities that you need. Why not ask your family and friends to recommend their favourite baby products like buggies and car seats and start to think about your budget?

With your due date getting closer and closer, get prepared and watch our video below for some tips about what to pack in your hospital bag.

See our video below for some top tips from the experts on what to pack in your hospital bag

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.



What’s happening at 25 weeks pregnant?
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hi every one this week am 24

hi every one this week am 24 weeks pregnant getting some light pains underneath my stomach and my back is killing me dont know what will happend when i go to labour

hi, im 24 weeks pregnant and

hi, im 24 weeks pregnant and i still haven't recieved my voucher code for my free mum to be pack, when will i recieve it? is there something i need to do to get it?

Tiny stretch marks

Hi, I', 24 weeks pregnant and have just noticed really tiny stretch marks all over my tummy. This is my second pregnancy and I did get stretch marks with my first, but they were larger, fewer and appeared much later. I feel really upset as there are so many that my tummy will look awful afterwards. has anyone else had these tiny marks? Do they get worse?

InchoatusFlea - woolworths

InchoatusFlea - woolworths website has really good sets with 10 pieces for about £15, Primark is really good for sets of vests etc...I have also signed up for all the websites like mamas and papas/mothercare and I routinely check out their sale items and deals. Alot of websites (like kiddicare/mothercare) also do price match if you can find items elsewhere cheaper. Ebay is also good and I have joined some Facebook groups locally for people who are selling items they no longer have use for. I hope this helps :)


Does anyone else know where (shop-wise) the best value for money newborn essentials can be found? Unfortunately I'm struggling on a budget as tight as a Nun's chuff!

jj18ee - Iam 24 weeks

jj18ee - Iam 24 weeks pregnant with non identical twin girls and me and my partner feel the same....theres just not enough advice/help regarding twins!! yh ok i get scanned every 4 weeks and iam under a consultant but all we seem to get is basically wait until late pregnancey. i am suffering with spd and pgp i did with my 1st son but alot worse this time round, very painfull to walk, stand, move in bed its horrible!!! i have attended physio where i have recieved a belt but thats no help either! basically just get told PAINKILLERS which i refuse to take no matter how bad i get.

my lil lady

i am pregnant with my forth child my first little girl wich im very exited about:-)!!! the only thing is i keep having lots of pain real low down is this normal because im starting to worry as its evryday i get these pains??? x

pelvic pain! :(

I am 24 weeks pregnant today and since yesterday i have been getting a lot of pain in my pubic bone and pelvis, so much that it now cripples me to walk, my midwife has told me i could have movement in my pelvis and need physio but i can't go because it's 8 jorneys there and back to the hospital a week and can't afford it, does anybody know anything that could help at all?

24 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

I am 24 weeks pregnant with non identical boy twins - I haven't had much in terms of specialist support from a consultant except for extra scans one every four weeks which is brilliant. I think I am also suffering from SPD but I haven't had this confirmed the consultant that I did see for 10mins said it was just something I had to put up with! : S

pelvic pain

i had really bad pain where it stopped me walking too far. i went to the doctors in the end for her to tell me i had SPD.. (symphsis pubis dysfuction).. i was then referred to a specialist that gave me a girdel/brace for the lower back and also gave me some gentle exercises which helped me enormously, oh yes and some pain killers stronger than paracetemol was prescribed. so ladies/girls out there if ur suffering get to your doctors.. and i hope it helps u as it did me.. lou.

Pelvic floor exercises

Hi there, i've just joined the site and i'm 24 weeks today. I keep hearing and reading about Pelvic floor exercises but i'm not entirely sure what i should be doing with this. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to what exercises i should be doing for this? Also, any unusual baby name idea's would be very much appreciated :) X

u should of had your first

u should of had your first bounty pack by now i got my first on e at 5weeks

Bounty Packs

Hi Everyone I'm delighted at being almost 24 weeks pregnant with my first so this is all new to me. I can't seem to figure out how I get my free Bounty packs, I haven't received any from my midwife so far but maybe that is normal. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a million.

So, 24 weeks pregnant and not

So, 24 weeks pregnant and not had too many problems in my pregnancy, as this is my first child I was unsure about the aches and pains that are 'normal' during pregnancy. I've had some pelvic pain and spoke to my midwife a few days ago about it, she said it's normal to get these pains due to your pelvis having to get wider. There has been a few times when i've had to stop walking because the pain is too much, my midwife didn't say anything about this, she doesn't really seem that helpful, I did read that these pains are normal and if they do get bad you should see a specialist. I hope this helps any of you who are worried about these pains to know they're normal, though I know it doesn't give much help in what you can do about it

pelvic pains

i am aware that it is normal to have aches and pains during pregnancy as my body is changing, but is it normal to have pains in my pelvic area that stop me from walking, especially at night when im going up and down the stairs or when i am trying to change position in bed.


hi ladies,is there by any chance for me to get any fanicial help from the government since am unemployed and need some help for my self and the baby. many thanks

24 weeks :)

so, 24 weeks today the time is flying! just started really suffering with spd can't even potter around the house without hurting tres annoying! but i know it'll be worth it in the end so not letting it get to me counting down the days till i get to meet my lo, hope all is well with the rest of you ladies xx

24 weeks today :) i've been

24 weeks today :) i've been quite lucky, not really had any problems or even much backache! was quite uncomfortable when my lil girl stuck her bum out at 5 o'clock this morning though haha

lower abdo / pelvis pain and back pain relief

I found a maternity support at mothercare from brand nexcare products 3M which has helped LOTS with lower abdo pain and back ache. It wasnt cheap but worth every penny!

24 weeks pregnant after premature baby.

Hi all, Im 24 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby, after having my first little boy at just 24 weeks. Has any one else been through any thing similar to this? Doctors all keep saying different things and it would give me some re-assurance to speak to some one that has actually been in this situation. Thanks for reading, any feedback would be very much appreciated :-)

pins and needles

Hi, im 24 wks with my 4th baby. Past few nights been waking up with tingling in my arms and legs. Started getting it in day time now aswell and the tingling feels more like a burning pain. Never had it with any of my last 3 pg. Does anyone else suffer also and is it normal??

hi girls, im 24 wks and

hi girls, im 24 wks and having alot of back pain and pelvic pain. my main problem is that i cnt slp at night or any time and i get panic attack, can any 1 help mt to whwt i can do to get some slp pls?

24 weeks pregnant new to this site :)

Hi girls.. im 24 weeks pregnant and also have a daughter who is 2 and a half.. im new to this site so would be great to chat x



Back Pain

Im 24 weeks at the moment my back is causing me a lot of pain is there any natural pain relief methods I could use to relieve it? Thanks

Im due on the 23rd of july

Im due on the 23rd of july and i've not had cravings or mood swings yet:) but instead I seem to have constapation alot :(

Im due in JUly 13 New in the

Im due in JUly 13 New in the U.K Im from the U.S

bump buddy

im due 30th june and would like a bump buddy as none of my friends are pregnant :)

no sorry

no sorry

double buggy???

My first child will be 22 months by the time baby no 2 comes along, is it worth splashing out on a double buggy??? She has been walking from 10 months but will probably need one for going out and about as don't want her deciding to run off but also don't want to waste too much money.