25 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

25 weeks pregnant baby

Your baby

Pregnant at 25 weeks, your baby can still turn somersaults but it won’t be long until there’s not enough room in there! They will be able to hear loud noises which may cause them to jump, and you may notice extra kicks when you’re in the bath or shower too.

While your baby is in the womb, their temperature is maintained by the placenta, but by this week they will begin to develop fat which will help regulate their temperature once they are born.

On a 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you may notice your little one sucking their thumb, yawning or even rubbing their eyes.


You may find it hard to sleep well – try lying on your side with a pillow under your upper leg, to take the weight off your bump.

Are your nails and hair growing quicker than ever before? This is because of the pregnancy hormones circulating around your body. You may find that your skin is more sensitive than usual, so make sure you look after your skin.

Your rapid weight gain may cause you to develop stretch marks around your tummy, hips and thighs. After your pregnancy, these often fade and become less apparent. Moisturising can help smooth the skin, but isn’t likely to stop you from getting them as they are often genetic.

What to think about

If you haven’t already, it’s time to discuss your maternity leave with your employer. Your partner should also discuss paternity leave with his work too.

Have you chosen your birth partner? This doesn’t have to be a partner, it could be your mum, a close friend or you could consider a doula. Find out more about choosing your birth partner.

It’s a really good time to start thinking about what nappies you would like to use? Find out more about nappy options here.

Make sure you begin to plan what newborn essentials you will need. You may not have the energy to go from shop to shop in your third trimester.

Treat yourself to a spa treatment or take time out to relax with a bath accompanied with soothing music and candles. After your baby is born you’ll be concentrating on baby care so use this time wisely and make some time for you!

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


What’s happening at 26 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 Don't forget to give your MATB1 form to your employer

 You can now apply for the Health in Pregnancy Grant

  Looking for a name for your baby?  Find a name here


its been wonderful all

its been wonderful all through till now, though i am 24wk 3days. but have not collected any pack yet. How do i go about it?

bounty packs

dont worry daniakhan, its normal to feel weak, its the hormones... if yr really worried go to the midwife..... im on my 3rd baby, so dont worry

hi am 25 weeks 2day am

hi am 25 weeks 2day am feeling very active some time i foget that i am pregnant wen am feeling active doing some thing am just enjoying these few weeks later i know it will get harder for me

hi evi one em 25 weeks n 4

hi evi one em 25 weeks n 4 days pragnent i jus wana knw dat i feel t0 much weakness s0 tell me wat t0 do . .


Hi tasha, i dont think this is right. I too am on my third baby and have not got round to picking up my bounty pack so iv been reciving reminder emails saying about the benafits etc i will get from it if i do! it mite be an idea to email bounty yourself as im sure they will send you a print out like they have with me that you can go and get your pack with. hope this helps amy

bounty packs

hi im 25 weeks with my 3rd and have no received any of my bounty packs either. I was told that because this is my 3rd baby will not receive any just wondering if this is correct?

Bounty packs

Hi I have not received any bounty pack or vouchers either???

Bounty packs

I've haven't received anything yet either. Didn't get the first pack from the midwife or anything through the post as it says on here...

hi im 25 weeks pregnant and i

hi im 25 weeks pregnant and i havent recieved any of the packs yet am i doing soming wrong or could u send it to me thankyou this is my first baby me and my husband are expekting a little boy got a bit of backproblems but apart from that im lovin this pregnantcy ;)

Bounty Packs

I haven't received any of my Bounty pack vouchers, what do i need to do?

i am 25 weeks and am just

i am 25 weeks and am just loving it all the way

hi i am 24weeks now and ive

hi i am 24weeks now and ive never had a bounty pack, could it be sent to my house? thanks amie


Hello ii am 25 weeks and when ii have been and had my scans. I never had one of them bounty packs. Where can ii get one from or can you send me one out to my house?? I dont kow weather ii want any drugs when ii go in to labour. This is my 1st time and i am so scared i just dont know what to do Get back to me soon please thank you x

spd ouch!!

hi guys first tym writing n e thing n here so i hope u can read this???? I am 34 weeks second child and have had to deal with spd since 10-11 weeks it's awful it takes ur breath away iv been for physio,had a bump support and still i spend most of my time crying. i have fallen down the stairs 3 times and am hoping tht my last cry for help will be heard i am asking for a section as i am a danger to myself haa haa hardly but i can see where they r coming from!! it has been a very tiring 34 weeks by far my poor lil boy has had to deal with mummy being unable to do much even walk to the park he's my boofle lil helper and deserves his trampoline as a big reward!!! If u think you are suffering pls tell sum 1 it's not nice not nice @all the pain is in ur hips back tail bone and even send shooting pains down ur body!!!! ur groin can feel like it's on fire even crutches have not been any relief. i just hope the lack of sleep has prepared me for the sleepless nights to come and tht i will be able to have a bath alone .......yes i need help with tht 2!!!! ok so now i have depressed myself further i will leave u with the thought all the pain is so worth it x


Im not sure if i have or not, but think i had spd - im sure i didnt have it with my first, but seems to be a tender pain on my right hip - its awful when I sneeze, cough and when I sit down for long periods and try and get up. What is this? Be grateful if there ppls out there who are experiencing the same, or who can give me advice. Im 20 week and due in November! Kerry

lower pains

hi all:) im 25 weeks preg and get awful sore stich pains low down is this my womb stretching?? xx


Hi im pregnant with my 3rd child just wanted to know anyone that has or is suffering with spd? love to hear from u im due in july!! xx

Hi i'm getting a bit worried

Hi i'm getting a bit worried that my baby wont like her dad because she never seems to move when he is around and my partner thinks i'm just saying it to wind him up

2nd Bounty pack.

Hi, I never received a voucher for my second bounty pack and Im 29 weeks now. Does anyone know where I can get one from? I havent received anything through the post as it states I would on here. Thanks Adele.

johnsons baby box

Hi, did any one recieve a voucher in their bounty pack for a free johnsons baby box? If so could they contact me and let me know who was doing this offer? I havent recieved my voucher and cant remember! Thanks rachel

Bounty packs

Hi I have received my first pack from my midwife at my 12 week appointment. I have then sent my card to Bounty and thought I would get my second goodies bag delivered. I am at my 25th week and so far nothing has been received. I was wondering whether someone would know who I could contact to obtain my second goodies bag? If I do not have a voucher Boots will surely not give a bag to me. I am stuck. Help!