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baby 26 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Pregnant at 26 weeks, your baby measures around 35cm from their head to their bottom. Their hand co-ordination is constantly improving and on an ultrasound you may see that they constantly bring their hands up to the face.

He or she is forming sleeping patterns now and will be more active at certain times of the day. The movement of your little one may become more pronounced during your periods of rest. But you should still feel regular activity – if you’re at all worried, give your midwife or doctor a call.


You may notice darkening of the skin line down the centre of your abdomen (the linea nigra). This tends to fade after your baby is born.

Your rapid 26 week pregnant weight gain may cause you to develop stretch marks around your tummy, hips and thighs. After your pregnancy, these often fade and become less apparent. Moisturising can help smooth the skin, but isn’t likely to stop you from getting them as they are often genetic.

If you’re feeling hot, this is because your core temperature rises during pregnancy because of the hormone progesterone. Make sure you drink plenty of water and wear loose, comfortable clothing to reduce your discomfort.

What to think about

You may not have decided what sort of birth you would like. There are several options available to you - such as a home, hospital or water birth. Talk to your midwife and ask for more information to help you make your decision.

If you’re pregnant with twins, be aware that they may arrive early so make sure you’re prepared. Learn more about multiple births.

Antenatal classes are a great place to meet other parents-to-be and exchange stories about your experiences. In these classes you’ll learn more about pregnancy and labour. You will also be taught techniques to help breathing and relaxation. Make sure you get involved.

Breast lumps may form during your pregnancy – they may be tender and they may move around. They can be normal in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, but lumps in your breasts should never be ignored so pay a visit to your doctor.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


What’s happening at 27 weeks pregnant?
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hi all am 27 weeks knw can

hi all am 27 weeks knw can any one tell me why i am still craving for cold ice all stared wen i was 4 months pregnant wen i drink water i need ice alot of ice that taste is so nice cant keep my hands off ice wat shall i do not to crave for ice plz do let me knw if some thing might help me off my craving thank you


Im 26 weeks pregnant and I think I'm experiencing Braxton Hicks. I'm finding it hard to control my breathing, i can't seem to catch my breath and my tummy feels really uncomfortable. These pains don't seem to last long when they do happen but can go on for an hour or more. PLEASE HELP :( XX


hi im 22 weeks and due on the 30th of aug im having a girl

pain when moving

Hi All i'm 26 weeks with my first and suffering with a ver y painful groin when moving - ive just invested in a maternity pillow to help me sleep at night (friends informed me the best money they spent when they were expecting) and am hoping this will be delivered ASAP but in the mean time....any ideas how I can make myself more comfy as the groin pain is fast becomming unbearable - saw midwife yesterday and she was not hugely helpful as suggested its normal during pregnancy and just have to learn to cope with the discomfort??? x

am 26 weeks and 1 day feeling

am 26 weeks and 1 day feeling very active and the baby is very active too moves all the time hard time sleeping or if i am having rest relaxing my self i hope all the ladies enojying the pregnancy for few weeks later will be harder

26 weeks here and just

26 weeks here and just discovering the Bounty forums. Not only is this my first pregnancy but its twins too! I'm terrified/elated all at once, though I suppose that's normal for now. I've now idea what the babes are - we wanted a surprise! - but we do know that the pair will be identical. Lol - and they always seem to know when I'm talking about them as they always give me a right good kicking for my trouble. How are you all, ladies? x

Waters have broke at 26 weeks

Hi my waters have broke and im only 26 wks and 3 days..ive been to hospital and they've put me on antibiotics and given me 2 steriod injections in my legs the last day or 2 ive had a tightening feelin around my stomach, anyone had this happen to them??

Need help!

Hey! I'm currently 26 weeks + 3 days.. due 11th May. We already have a 27 month old called Charlotte. What names for a girl do you think will go nicely with that? Thanks. Hope everyone else's pregnancies are going well x

Im 26 pregnant tomorrow and

Im 26 pregnant tomorrow and my due date is 23 April. It's my first Baby but got loads of them in my family. Me and my. Parter came Up with the name Amelia Marie burns. I very worried about Labour I feel small at the min don't feel like im growing. My midwife said everything healthy. Im in a one bed room flat and wanting to move into a two bedroom with a garden as I have a pup to I love it when my baby girl kicking me cont want until u got her In my arms. I wish you all the mummy the best.

I'm 25wks pregnant 1st baby

I'm 25wks pregnant 1st baby took 5 year to conceive.. all going well.. a love all the new feeling inside me its great the best ever due 26april..:) goodluck all the mummies!!! xx

Hiccups or baby movements?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and for the past 3 weeks I thought that my baby was kicking alot but after a lot of research and Paying attention to these "hiccups" or "movements" I learnt that they were hiccups. Off course I saw my midwife and told her and she said they were hiccups! It's like rhythm thump in your abdomen! I'm loving it! This is my first pregnancy and due in April 15th!! Goodluck to all the mummies!


I'm nearly 26 weeks pregnant and today had to leave work after an hour as i kept feeling dizzy, light headed and hot. I don't feel so bad now but wondered if i should be concerned, i will contact my midwife tomorrow as i couldn't get through to her today. Thanks

braxton hicks

I'm 26 weeks and have been getting really strong braxton hicks practice contractions for weeks now. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? apparently if its your second or third child they are stronger and more regular and it can mean a speedy birth which is good and at the same time a little scary as I dont want to accidentally have a home birth lol!

hey new on here

am 25 wks pregnant n i need help with boys names lol the second name is going to be alexander mccann, but i cant think of a first name any help ppl thanks,

name my baby girl

looking for some good girls names for my baby


my daughter complains of itching all the time, around her tummy, and boobs, and how do i put it, (her bits),haha, can u help, or suggest anything, we are afraid to try an oil, in case she gets worse, she wears loose comfortable clothing. fifigirl


I know this is an odd question but... I had alot of a Jelly like substance the other day and i dont know if its normal. Can anyone tell me if its normal at 26weeks?


mary25lou i was 18 when i had my first child and i didnt find out i was pregnant til i was 27 weeks pregnant and i had no signs at all until i was 28 weeks pregnant so i would say that you are normal and if you have any questions you should speak to your midwife or health professional. good luck with your pregnancy im pregnant with my 3rd baby and due in june i so cant wait til my wee bundle of joy comes xx

im 16 an im 26weeks pregnant

im 16 an im 26weeks pregnant an i havent had morning sickness or cravings an i didnt start showin till yesterday is this normal or strange ??? x

anyone from northampton?

anyone from northampton?


today i thank god, because i cold sleep well at night

baby gas in the womb?

if babies can hiccup, do you think they 'trump' too? :S i swear i hear done! and it wasn't me! :) x