27 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 27 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your baby is going through fast and furious phase of brain development. There’s a lot going on in that little head!

He or she might open their eyes around now and may like to suck on a thumb or finger. Your little one may even respond to loud noises with blinks, like adults do!

If you’re having a boy, his testes come down into the scrotum while if you’re having a girl, her ovaries will have all their follicles.


Pregnant at 27 weeks, you could find yourself wanting to eat more – but make sure you eat well – good nutrition is still very important.

As the room in your uterus gets smaller, you may find as your baby moves around that you are on the receiving end of a few sharp kicks or jabs.

You’re usually advised to put on just over a 1lb a week in the second half of your pregnancy. 27 weeks pregnant weight gain can cause stretch marks around your tummy, hips and thighs. After your pregnancy, these often fade and become less apparent. Moisturising can help smooth the skin, but isn’t likely to stop you from getting them as they are often genetic.

If you’re experiencing pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction which may cause pain while walking up stairs, or even turning over in bed – visit your midwife or GP who should be able to treat the pain effectively.

What to think about

Are you still thinking about what sort of birth you would like? There are several options available to you - such as a home, hospital or water birth. Talk to your midwife and ask for advice so you know what to expect.

Pregnant women often complain of back pain during the third trimester as the joints are softened by hormones and the body tries to cope with the weight gain. Exercising may help your body’s ability to deal with the strain, as well as stretching and support belts.

Make sure that you’re prepared for your baby’s basic needs. Have a look at our newborn essentials list for more information.

It might be useful to have a think about pain relief during labour. You may be offered several options and knowing beforehand might help you to feel more prepared.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


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hello, im 27weeks pregnant and i was just wundering if its safe to have sex whilst pregnant. Would anal sex be bee?

restless legs

hello, im 27wks and due on20th July, got the same problem with legs, i tried deep freeze cold gel, it's safe for pregnant women and can give u some relief:) it helps me.

helloo, im 27 weeks due on

helloo, im 27 weeks due on 4th July. every evening i get restless legs under the knees and cant keep still, it's annoying me now as the only thing that cures it for me is sleeping and i dont want to go to sleep at 7pm!

im 27 weks pregnant 2moz i

im 27 weks pregnant 2moz i suffer with cramp in both my legs at night when im a sleep im always awake early and cant get comfy at night im always turn on my left side then my right side i do this every night to try get comfy but it doesnt work this is my first pregnancy

Hi, i'm 27 weeks with baby

Hi, i'm 27 weeks with baby number three. both previous pregnancies i had my bag packed from 30 weeks, just in case but only carried it in the car with me from 35 weeks with my notes so if we were out and anything happened there is not such a rush and it also doesn't matter where you are! Admittedly this will be a c-section so i haven't got to panic too much. the last two were both emergency c-sections but i have been booked in this time. i am and have been suffering from restless legs i find a nice bath helps to before bed, i usually suffer more when i am over tired. Hope this helps someone. lol

hospital bags

i was talking to another mum to be today and her midwife has told her to get her hospital bag ready she is 26 weeks pregnant but i have been looking here and it says 32 weeks does anyone know whats best? i am on my second pregnancy but cant remember when i had to do it last time round it was a few years ago lol

spd.. :(

hi, im 27 weeks on my 2nd pregnancy. Had spd badly with my son. now got it really bad with this one. started really early, at 10 weeks this time.really struggling. got crutches and belt. doc has given me codiene but not taken any yet coz really dont want to take anything coz of baby.unfortunatley its just one of those things that once you get it, thats it until baby is born.been signed off work since 24 weeks now im house bound...not nice at all with a 2 and half year old too.


Grrr im27 weeks pregant and am up till erlie hours in the mrning cant sleep too hot uncomfy restless its really getting to me :(

restless legs and cant drift off to sleep!!

hi, my names Danielle and im 26weeks pregnant, im experiecing restless legs esp at night and finding it difficult to drift off to sleep! its quite annoying as im quite tired throughout the day! trying to stay active doing swimming and walking tho.x

Pain in the bum!

I am expecting my 2nd baby, which is due in April. I am suffering from really bad leg and bum pain, when i stand and sit for a while, its so frustrating cause i just cant win! someone mentioned asking about physiotherapy to my midwife anyone else suffering from the same thing?


hiya my name is charlene i am 27 weeks pregnant and jus found out i am diabetic i wud jus like a bit ov advise off any1 plz xxx

restless legs

Hi! I have just joined so coming in a bit late on this but have suffered restless legs in both my pregnancies. I find that some walking late in the evening and then stretching my legs when they bother me really helps. To stretch the muscles, stand up and hold onto the wall, slowly go right up onto your tiptoes and then slowly lower back down. Do this about 20 times. Hope it helps!

i am 27 weeks and my belly

i am 27 weeks and my belly keep tightening am i having braxton hicks. also i am sufferin with alot of heartburn i am taking gaviscon but it dont seem to be working what else can i take

white discharging

while i walk little bit far or walking on upstairs i feel that someting discharging it's white in colour Is it a normal condition or what i just nwant to know i'm 27 weeks now

i am nearly 28 weeks carrying

i am nearly 28 weeks carrying twins i suffered spd when carring my first and now i have it again but i have had it since i was 20weeks, i have been given a support belt by my physio, and she has suggested some pelvic exersise on a gym ball and rest, but i have so much pain cant get comfortable in bed my hips are so pain full and my legs, i struggle to walk and i have a way to go yet .

Im just 27 weeks and for the

Im just 27 weeks and for the past few weeks i have had really bad hip pain and stiffness, i do struggle up the stairs when it gets to bed time. I work in a shop so im stud up for 4 hours a day with out a break so i know this isnt helping... tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs but nothing helps... does it get better or is it something i have to cope with.

i ve pain tht,s called spd?my

i ve pain tht,s called spd?my phsion recommend crueshes and belt but still i ve looot of pain .what shuold i do?

Hi this is my first time and

Hi this is my first time and i am so excited. We are due 10th June with the sex being a surprise. Baby so physical, kicking all the time. What a lovely feeling!!!!

i also got more tired as well

i also got more tired as well and if i walk for to long it hurts could it be to much pressure

hi there, am 27 weeks gone

hi there, am 27 weeks gone and am feel some pains down my lower abdomen and most times l feel very tired. l have to discuss it with my Midwife on my next appointment.


wow so im 27 weeks pregnant and up till now iv been feel fine i have suffered now twice with a kidney infection . the frist time was painfull but the second i was not ready for very very painfully i had to call the abulance out and i was in ane over night on gas and air . so that worryed me about my baby at frist i thought i was going in labour but i thought no not pain in my back but then how do i no what labour pain feels like this is my frist baby sooo now i am really scared about the pain i am letting my self in for . but so excited to meet my babyboy riley x

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Hi all, I'm 27 weeks pregnant and for the last two weeks have been suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction; up until now the whole pregnancy has been plain sailing (very lucky, I know). I just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same thing right now and if you have any hints or tips to help me through? I have physio next week.