28 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

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Your baby

Pregnant at 28 weeks, your little one measures around 37cm and is filling out fast. He or she probably weighs around 2 ½ lbs now – that’s 1.1 kg.

A lot of babies tend to move into a head-down position in preparation for birth, but they will keep turning for a few more weeks.


You may have antenatal visits once a fortnight from now on, and will be offered your first dose of anti-D if your blood is rhesus-negative.

Some mums-to be experience pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction which may cause pain while walking up stairs, or even turning over in bed - visit your midwife or GP who should be able to treat 28 weeks pregnant pain effectively.

If you’re a 28 week pregnant single parent, don’t let yourself feel lonely. Surround yourself with family and friends when you can, and don’t feel too proud to ask for help as often they’ll be glad to be of some help. Find out more about support networks available to you.

You may find you get breathless during this period as your diaphragm is compressed by your growing uterus.

If you’re particularly aware of increased vaginal discharge, this is normal - but if it’s yellow or smells offensive seek a doctor for medical advice.

What to think about

If you’re exercising regularly, make sure you keep your calorie intake topped up. This is so that your body has enough energy for your growing baby. Aim for around an extra 350 calories a day if you’re exercising.

It might be useful to have a think about pain relief during labour. You may be offered several options and knowing beforehand might help you to feel more prepared.

Breast lumps may form during your pregnancy – they may be tender and they may move around. They can be normal in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, but lumps in your breasts should never be ignored so pay a visit to your doctor.

Are you still thinking about what sort of birth you would like? There are several options available to you - such as a home, hospital or water birth. Talk to your midwife and ask for more information to help you make your decision.

It’s a really good time to start thinking about what nappies you would like to use? Find out more about nappy options.


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What’s happening at 29 weeks pregnant?
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Due 13th July

this is my 2nd got a little boy that's 3 this one is a girl that's what they said still can't get it in my head as so used to a boy can't wait to hold her :-)


i am 23 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregancy. I have noticed that boths my breasts are leaking what dose this mean,

Im 28 weeks to today, and so

Im 28 weeks to today, and so excietd about meeting our little baby boy. I am starting to get together my birth plan and considering a water birth however I have been advised that our local hospital do have this available however it is not a big pool and depends on the number of staff working on the day I go into labour. This is our first baby and would have really liked to have had a water birth but think i will just be giving it a miss, I dont want to look forward to it and get excited then turning up on the day and be told I cant have one, I am only going to use gas and air also which will probably make it more fun anyway. Has everyone chosen their little ones name? We had ours already sorted before we found out we was pregnant and to my horror another family member gave birth yesterday and has chosen the same name as our little boy even though both sides of the family knew what we had chosen, obviously im gutted and annoyed the worst thing is they both will have the same last name but no way am I changing my little boys name, ive had my heart set on it since the first day we talked about trying and I always talk to him and call his name. Has anyone had this problem? XX


i have all my birth plan worked out if it all goes right, im 28 weeks today. ive choosed water birth and gas and air for my blue bump this is my first and also a bit worried on how it is going to go!!

I am starting to freak out as

I am starting to freak out as i looked back on my 20 week ultra sound and the estimated weight was 15oz which suggests that he is about 3 weeks to big. I have also had to have a gestational diabetes test and at the moment my baby is 1cm too big and on monday i will find out if any bigger. is anyone else too big for 28 weeks?

Looking for some friends!!

I am 28th week pregnant and trust me its freaking me out with the thought how m gonna deliver the baby and how my labour gonna go..this is my first child and want to share the experience with someone who is going in the same stage!! Queen

27+5 xx hooray!!! xx

im 27+5 today and feeling great. im really enjoying my pregnancy and everything for the baby is really coming together. im getting a lovely bump and yesterday had a midwife app and she said the baby feels like it is 'head down' and it was transverse when i had my 19week anamoly scan. she measured my uterus which was 27cms and is ok, urine and bp all ok and everything seems to be great.... i had 2blood tests done for anemia and dibetes and awaiting the results in the post which should be here by next week. all so exciting looking forward to labour and having our lil baby in my arms!! roll on may14th x

scared about the birth

i am currently 28weeks pregnant with my third child,and i am so scared about the birth!! my last birth was horredous, i was 5 weeks in slow labour and when my boy was born (15 days late) he weighed 10lb 5oz and i hemorraged and he got stuck and the only pain relief i had was gas and air because i was in the birthing pool. i am definitly being induced this time because of my last one's size,but i need to know if it hurts more than a usual labour being induced? can anyone help please?

Can't sleep helP

I can't sleep at nights I am 29 weeks pregnant it's my first child and this is making me real tired in the days I. Also get out of breath easily. Any suggestions???

feeling poorly at 28 weeks

its my 5th child and with this baby i keep feeling ill all the time and wanting too be sick iv aint had morning sickness is it happening now x

hi this could just b because

hi this could just b because ur body aint use to being pregnant also it could b gettin u ready for givin birth but if i was u i would just sleep as and when u can it wont hurt just to sleep a short while im talkin from experiance as i have 6 children hope this helps any1

i m 28 weeks pregnant n its

i m 28 weeks pregnant n its my first baby.Sometimes i feel very tired n restless.

i am 28 weeks pregnant with

i am 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have been having quite alot of disharge :/ is this normal?? i dont really know because i have never been pregnant before.

Hi im sam, im nearly 29 weeks

Hi im sam, im nearly 29 weeks with my 2nd!! I have totally developed baby brain early, sometimes i dont know my head from my tail, and im very exhausted most of the time. But apart from that im feeling ok. Worried about the birth mind you, as my first was 11lb, and another biggun on the way!! Cant decide on any names any suggestions would be appreciated lol xx

Milk into hospital

You can buy the ready made milk in bottles (exactly the same as they have in hospital) from shops (you may need to do a search to find out exactly where from), but unless you have a prem baby then the hospital won't provide milk.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Any tips on easing the pain and discomfort of Pelvic Girdle Pain would be greatly appreciated xxx

baby milk

hi mysontaz1 Ive not heard that you have to take your own as they usually have milk powder at the hospitals but they will try to get you to breastfeed at first ! If your positive your not going to breastfeed then take your own powder and bottles.They normally have sterilizers but you can always ring and ask to make sure or ask your midwife when you next see her! I hope that helps !!!


hi is it true that you have to rake your own baby milk and sterilizer into hospital now? not know what to take and what not to take.

pre eclampsia

i'm 27+6 and may have pre eclampsia i really dont understand what this is and how it will affect me and baby... i've had no symptons except +1 of protein in urine so not sure how babd this is or can get and if i will have to be induced so a little scared now

anyone due 9th may

hi, am due my first baby 9th may wee boy, stressin about names tho cant decide on any. have been sick all way thru too has that happeded to any of you, i have tried everythin to stop it but still no joy. started doing room now its so exciting to think wee man will be here soon but i am so scared at the same time, cry sometimes wondering if i will be a good mummy and hope my wee man will have a fab life does anyone else get emotional still???

yes on next page for week 29

yes on next page for week 29 it says "Are your breasts leaking milk? Don’t panic – some pregnant women may find this happens when they are sexually stimulated, their breasts are massaged, and sometimes for no known reason!" good luck

reply to foocola below

Hi yes thats normal if you read next weeks page week 29 it says: "Are your breasts leaking milk? Don’t panic – some pregnant women may find this happens when they are sexually stimulated, their breasts are massaged, and sometimes for no known reason!" hope everything else its okay!! best wishes

leaking :-/

I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. During the 1st and 2nd I never had leaking breasts but this time around my nipples are extremely sensitive and I've noticed that they seem to be leaking. Is this normal? I'm worried all the good stuff will come and go before baby is even here! I was able to produce milk after the 2nd child all the way up to 5 years after (he's nearly 7) could this be anything to do with it?? xxxx