29 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

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Your baby

Some days you’ll feel more movement than others – just like you, your baby will feel more energetic at some times than others.

Just because you may feel lots of kicks it doesn’t mean your baby is awake though – a lot of the action will take place when they are asleep! If you think your baby is moving much less than usual, or you’re worried, call your midwife.

At this stage your baby’s lungs have matured so their survival rate outside the womb is significantly higher.

pregnant at 29 weeks, your baby’s body will be covered in fine lanugo hairs, these will probably disappear before they are born but some may still be visible.


Make sure you wear a good, supportive bra as your breasts continue to change. You may need to stop wearing contact lenses as the moisture in your eyes alters.

Stretching will help reduce stress on your body as it will help to reduce pain from muscle spasms. Yoga is a good form of exercise that you might want to try, but make sure you speak to your midwife before starting an exercise regime. Find out more about how to avoid back pain.

Your rapid weight gain may cause you to develop stretch marks around your tummy, hips and thighs. After your pregnancy, these often fade and become less apparent. Moisturising can help smooth the skin, but isn’t likely to stop you from getting them as they are often genetic.

If you need to keep moving your legs, you may be experiencing restless leg syndrome – the cause is unknown but is likely to be caused by a brain chemical called dopamine. Make yourself more comfortable by making sure you have enough iron in your diet and avoiding stimulants and exercise before bed.

Are your breasts leaking milk? Don’t panic – some pregnant women may find this happens when they are sexually stimulated, their breasts are massaged, and sometimes for no known reason!

What to think about

Even though your baby is already well developed by this stage, it is still vital that you eat well and look after yourself with moderate exercise. Keep up those pelvic floor exercises, and you’ll thank us later!

It may be a good time to have a think about your finances. Find out more about budgeting for a family.

Still thinking about what sort of birth you would like? There are several options available to you - such as a home, hospital or water birth. Talk to your midwife and ask for advice so you know what to expect.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


What’s happening at 30 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 You can start your maternity leave any time from now. Be prepared with our maternity leave checklist.


i cnt seem to find my bounty pack voucher for my second pack hel

i cnt seem to find my bounty pack voucher for my second pack help i need another one so i cn get my second pack

29+3 And time just flying

29+3 And time just flying bye. Love my little girl to bits and when she kicks it just makes my heart melt.

29+3 And time just flying

29+3 And time just flying bye. Love my little girl to bits and when she kicks it just makes my heart melt.


aoa all of u girls who r prgnnt nd wants 2 b prgnnt mst know dat dy bcm cmpltly change regarding 2 der partners coz v all bcom more sensitive///////////////////////


i have varicus vains and they just keep getting worse ive been wearing my support tights everyday but they dont seem to be doing anything what can i do to take these horrible looking vains away

Hi I will be 29 weeks

Hi I will be 29 weeks pregnant in 2 days time. I'm all ways feeling worn out feel like haven't got any energy left In me. I'm also starting to lose weight is this normal.

hey there, Im 29 weeks on

hey there, Im 29 weeks on monday and feeling really ill all the time like i have always got the flu or something.. I never feel 100% and feel light headed and my heart rate goes up. The baby seems fine and active but i was wondering if what i am feeling is normal? Good luck all mums and mums-to-be :)

im 29 weeks i feel so tired

im 29 weeks i feel so tired but i can;t wait to see time flight im due on 18 of may!!

hi i will be 29 weeks

hi i will be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow.iv been suffering with bum spasms and found out frm midwife thursday that its siatica.also back on iron tablets cuz iv no iron in my body.been getting alot of braxton hicks last few days.think will have to check it out

im now 29 weeks and starting

im now 29 weeks and starting to look more pregnant, been feeling so tired but had my blood taken last week and I have to take iron tablets and experiancing bad back pain, this is my first baby so im very scared but getting excited to meet him or her :-)


hi my name lauren im 29 and2 dayd iv been ill with a bad chest now on tablets .my blood very low so got take iron tablets 3 times a day i dont like taking tablets find it hard . i live at home with my mum has my age i found out im having a little girl my mum going help wene born has i want go back to school ect

i am 29weeks pregnant with my

i am 29weeks pregnant with my second child and i carnt walk any were with out getin a bad sharp pain in me side i didnt have nothing like this over my 1st child is this normal

I'm 29 + 2 and so tiny :(

I'm 29 + 2 and so tiny :( they say with your second baby you get bigger but I'm actually smaller. Measuring 24ish but scan shows baby is big lol. He/she is real low down and doesn't stretch out, hence my small bump. I do miss the rib kicks lol :)


My loins are killing me! The pelvis is getting wider and wider and the pain is unbelievable!!! Can't sleep and walk. The weight I'm gaining isn't a nice thing either, but apart from those two things it is cool to be pregnant :). Waiting , waiting and waiting ... good test of my patience

hi i am 29weeks today went to

hi i am 29weeks today went to see midwife last week baby is doing well and is so active and dont stop moving all the time i have been fine in my health and cant wait till the end now as we dont know what we are having got a big bump and going i cant stop eating sweets lolx

plus size mums

Hi I'm 29+2 and have just been told by my midwife I should have only put on 6kg throughout my whole pregnancy due to my high BMI (30) and i've put on 12 so far, my blood pressure is fine and it's less weight than i put on last time. I think 6kg is a really unrealistic amount. My eating habits haven't changed that much but it seams that everything i eat goes straight to my bump!!

This is my second pregnancy

This is my second pregnancy and at 29+2 weeks..... im having alot of sciatica and ligament pains!! I can't even walk sometimes!........Although it never gets easier im not so worried this time round so i guess im just trying to enjoy it more. I hope the birth is a little better this time...had a emergency cs last time! Best wishes to all mums on here x

full to capacity! :(

29 weeks and feel like my stomach is going to exploed! sharp pains shooting through my bellt button :) Is that normal? I doont remeber this with my first two pregnancies.

I am having my 4th baby and

I am having my 4th baby and can't wait:) The baby keeps getting near my ribs and i'm having bad pains. I'm due on the 17th of may. My feet are really swolen :(

i'm having my first baby in

i'm having my first baby in exactly 9 weeks today, it's a set date for Tuesday 12th April due to medical conditions i suffer from which is Diabetes Type 1 and Rheumatoid Arthritis (i had before i was pregnant) i've done nothing but worry at every ache, little movement, eating etc, i'm 21 and due to my conditions i was told it was likely i wouldn't have children so to actually be pregnant that's i'm so scared of something actually going wrong, it feels too good to be true, i have never had a big appetite and feel guilty for not eating alot and that also worries me. i'm scared of the birth and keep picturing myself dying as i'm more prone to haemorraging. becoming a mum is the best thing to ever happen to me but i really am scared of something going wrong :(

Hey Mamanina4 I am due my

Hey Mamanina4 I am due my second too and def more worried about the birth this time around as last time was pretty awful. You just have to remember you got through it before and you can do it again. I am def more emotional this time around, i cant remember feeling this moody with first pregnancy. I think it is the stress and worry, can go off on one for no reason and dont think anyone really understands. Have myself sorted to go to an antenatal group tomorrow to see if talking to others help and maybe you should check too to see if there is any in your area. Its also worth giving your Health Visitor a ring to see if she has any advice or can recommend groups to go to. You def need someone to talk to.

nervous wreck

am due my second child on the 2nd of april...having been through it all already you'ld think i would be more relaxed but am not..i feel really anxious and scared about the birth..i cry all the time for no reason and i feel like i have no support from anyone other than my four year old daughter..i can hardly look after myself let alone my daughter..my appetite has gone completely i feel so alone i have no one to talk to..