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Although you might not feel pregnant, you have been carrying your baby for around two weeks now. Your little one is growing faster than at any other time of pregnancy - and its sex has already been decided.


You have been carrying your baby for two weeks by the time your period is due. But because pregnancy is calculated from the date of your last period, you are already one month pregnant!

At 3 weeks pregnant, your body will begin to change but it’s likely that this will only be noticeable by you. For more on 3 weeks pregnant symptoms and 3 weeks pregnant signs, read more about the early signs of pregnancy.

What to think about

If you’re not taking supplements, you should begin taking folic acid daily as this helps protect your baby from spinal cord defects. Why should you take folic acid supplements?

You may feel anxious about telling people at work that you are pregnant. Read more about the best time to tell your employer that you are expecting.

What’s happening at 4 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 Don’t forget to take folic acid supplements for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

 Looking for a name for your baby?  Find a name here.



Hi I've done a clear blue

Hi I've done a clear blue digital test and it says 2-3 weeks does anyone know if it's true that it means im 4-5 weeks? Not sure if I've had a period cos I had a miscarriage 4th of march and had a bit of a bleed on 2nd of April but my midwife think its could be an implantation bleed. Can anyone shed any light for me? X

hi, im having my second after

hi, im having my second after 5 years, and im around 3 weeks, i suffered bad with morning sickness on 1st but never remember feeling this bloated. does any1 else feel this.


Found out yesterday that I am pregnant (2-3 weeks). My husband and I were over the moon. However, today I am feeling very anxious and nervous about it all. Is that normal?


i found out today me and my wife r having a baby it was really hard been a same sex couple and trying to get pregnant we lost our first baby 6months ago but didnt give up so fingers crossed its heart will still beat at 12weeks x


i dont know whether or not i am pregnant, i cant touch my boobs, they kill!! i have constipation and lower abdominal cramps. no bleeding, and slight lower back ache. no feeling sick or anything thou. thing is my periods can be irregular but i never had cramps a week before i roughly think my period is going to start. also, i have alot of discharge, looks like egg white if that makes sense, my last period was the 1st of march. anyone with the same symptoms? i roughly think i am 3 weeks if i am....thanks x


well it took 4months but imfinally pregnant :) due on the th december xxxx

I found out a week ago that

I found out a week ago that I'm pregnant after a miscarriage in December. I can't believe it's happened so quickly and without 'trying' extra hard to make up for our loss! Very nervous, but excited all the same! :)

I found out today I'm 4 weeks

I found out today I'm 4 weeks gone we have only been trying just over a month can't believe it's happened so quick considering I'd been on the pill for 13 years. Am so happy and excited

I'm not sure how far I am i

I'm not sure how far I am i found out today that im pregnent but I must be 2-3 weeks now but I havent told anyone yet apart from my nurse I'm excited but scared at the same time

pains in early pregnancy

Im 3 or 4 weeks pregnant, my breast's are so sore already and im getting pains in my uterus, i feel bloated all the time as if im busting for a wee,is this normal?

Ettesting for pregnancy

Hi when is the best time to do a pregnancy test? When i am due my period? I am dying to know as i have been trying for a baby, i am having certain symptoms, but i am worried that it may be alittle paranoia!

hi, ive recently found out

hi, ive recently found out that iam pregnant, the first test i did the second line was very faint so i did another test, the second test the line was much stronger. i went to my docs to confirm the pregency and even on there tests the second line was stil faint. so he sent me away and told me to do another test in a week then get intouch with a midwife. i dont understand why hes told me to do another test. plz can someone shed some light on this plz thanks xx

i am pregnant!

i found out today dat i am 3 weeks pregnant n dis is my fist pregnancy i am very excited n happy! i cant wait to hav my lil one n my arms!

found out on friday that i'm

found out on friday that i'm 3 weeks pregnant with my first. have been having cramps for the last week. i thought i was due on my period!!! after reading some of these comments i realise that it is normal and it has put my mind at ease. still not sure how to feel...mixture of nerves and excitement at the moment :)

Found out i am 3 weeks

Found out i am 3 weeks pregnant... me and my partner been trying for too months cant believe it's happened so quick... sooo happy :)

i found out on Saturday me

i found out on Saturday me and my partner have been trying for over a year now and nothing had happened been and had a lap and dye test last month then find out this month that i am pregnant really happy it has finally happened.

Found out Im pregnant today

Found out Im pregnant today couldnt be happier wanted to be a mummy for ever now i am soooooooo excited and happy keep crying laughing and shaking lol xxx


Not to sure if I'm pregnant or not :/ I'm only 3 weeks gone if I am and I'm having cramping, sharp pains in my uterus area I've missed my period and my nipples are also feeling very tender. Not to sure what to do if I am?!?! :S.. not really old enough for all of this just yet.


I am 3 and half weeks pregnant snd been having cramping, pulling pains, last 5 days on and off! Never had this with my other pregnancies though don't think!! Guess it's normal though :-)) xx


yes it is normal, it's just your body getting ready for your baby, but if you get worried don't hesitate to go your midwife. i'm 2-3 weeks pregnant with my 3rd :o) and i had cramps everytime but any time i was worried about the slightest thing i rang the midwife, that's what they are there for. x

Merry Meet!

i was just wondering if there are any groups of mums to be or ttc that meet up im the Worcester area??

me and my partner are

me and my partner are expecting our first baby on 8th May. So happy :)

found out today im expecting

found out today im expecting my first. i had a blighted ovum in feburary 2011, which killed me and my oh. we are a bit nervous plus over the moon as we have been trying since my body went back to normal. done a clearblue digital says im 1-2 weeks, looked up an saying im 3 weeks?

i found out yesterday i was

i found out yesterday i was expectin my 3rd again after 1st mc back in apirl nervous and very excited i was more fixed on gettin AF so we could try again so i havent a clue wen we conceived but clear blue says we did 1-2 wk ago so im gonna go with im 3 wks pregnant ;-)

Found out im preg 2 days ago,

Found out im preg 2 days ago, wish i hadnt found out so erli as its gonna drrraaaggg! lol. nether the less :) HAPPY <3


is it normal to have cramps and back pain at 3 weeks pregnant?