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Your baby

Pregnant at 30 weeks, your little one can hear a lot from the outside now and you might notice extra kicks in response to loud noises. Your baby measures around 39cm now, top to toe.

On an ultrasound you might be able to see your baby open its eyes. More light will penetrate inside your tummy as your pregnancy progresses and they will begin to adapt to this. Your baby still won’t be able to feel temperature or pain though, as its nerve cells are still maturing.


As a 30 week pregnant mum-to-be, you may start to notice ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions, where your bump goes hard for a minute or two. If you suffer from leg cramps, try wearing support stockings and putting your feet up when you can.

Do you constantly want to clean or decorate? It’s natural for you to want to ‘nest’ and make a perfect home for your baby, but don’t tire yourself out. Make sure you listen to your body and rest when you need to.

You might find that you can’t sleep because you’re uncomfortable, having funny dreams or you keep needing the loo. Try to have a warm bath and milky drink before bed time and adjust your pillows to make yourself more comfortable.

What to think about

What travel equipment will you need for your baby? Time to get prepared for the arrival and choose your baby travel essentials.

Some women are asked to have ultrasound scans later in pregnancy so babies who aren’t growing as well can be checked on. Take your partner or friend to a 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound for support.

Still thinking about what sort of birth you’d like? There are several options available to you - such as a home, hospital or water birth. Talk to your midwife and ask for more information to help you make your decision.

Have a think about how you want to cope with the pain of labour. Discover the pros and cons of pain relief so you’re more informed.

If you’re particularly aware of increased vaginal discharge, this is normal - but if it’s yellow or smells offensive seek a doctor for medical advice.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


What’s happening at 31 weeks pregnant?
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To Ainee007, i had a silver cross 3D but i wouldnt get one again. The carry cot was nice to have when mine was a little baby, but the pushchair gradually fell down on one side when he got abit bigger and this has happened to many other people according to some reviews. My advise would be to look at ones with the most reviews, because they are used by real mums and all those little niggly things will be on the reviews. Thats how im looking for my next one! good luck x

Silver Cross 3D pram and pushchair

Hi everyone!! I m a first time mum-to-be and really don't know which pushchair to buy.... my husband wants to go for Silver Cross 3D and I have no idea whether its worth buying? Can U guys help me in making a good and affordable decision??

Vaginism/ Virginismus

Hi all, i'm almost 30weeks now and I do experience serious pain whenever am having intercourse as my partner find it difficult to penetrate. Although, I've been told that this was as a result of the tightness of the muscle in the virginal but I am getting worried now as i am getting closer to the labour period cos i am still experiencing this bad pain that burns whenever i have sex. Please has anyone experienced this before and what was your solution?


Don't worry about big movements my 1st made my stomach look a bit like the film scene when the alien hatches out of someone's stomach. Lol. My 2nd didn't wriggle anywhere near as much but my 3rd is looking like she'll b a big wriggler like the 1st! Embrace it as I think it would b more worrying if u hardly felt any movements.

Very activve baby at 30 weeks

Hi all, I am almost 30 weeks now. My baby is very active recently for most of the day. I know he is preobably getting stronger day by day but sometimes he kicks very hard. I was wondering if this is normal that he would be fidgeting so much? I can literally see my belly mowing in many directions, feels and looks very odd...:o) Thanks!

@maddiec123 Please dont

@maddiec123 Please dont worry, we had the exact same thing a couple of weeks (plus diarrhea) ago and we are currently 30 weeks. They think my wife had gastroenteritis, what ever it was it was the exact same symptoms of constant vomiting, even water. If you cant keep down water at all visit the hospital and they will put you on a drip, if you can take water then just drink as much as you can to keep hydrated. It took a couple of days to get back on food properly, eat starchy safe stuff like plain biscuits and pasta and take it very easy. Only need to get attention if you are very dehydrated and cant keep down fluid, you can get dioralyte to help if you are very dehydrated as its safe in pregnancy, you will know if you are dehydrated if your wee is really yellow. Hope that helps, if you are worried phone your midwife, one thing we learnt was all those tummy bugs arent too bad, they dont hurt the baby unless you get very dehydrated, good luck

I'm a bit worried because i'm

I'm a bit worried because i'm 30 weeks pregnant and have been really violently vomiting all morning and can't keep anything down. Baby seems fine because he's still moving and stuff but its just worrying because ive had morning sickness the whole way through but it's never been like this before :(

I am on my 3rd child now and

I am on my 3rd child now and i am nearly 30 weeks pregnant, my baby is only measuring at 26cm which is small for the stage i am at as i have looked up she should be around 39cm now. should i be really concerned or has she still got time to grow?


i am very worried about labour as tis will be my first experience. plz tell me wat to do. and i also want to know if i will have stitches in normal delivery.

through bounty, i always get

through bounty, i always get useful information about pregnancy. please send me some information about twins. as i am having twins. is there some differences between single and twins pregnancy. ? plz let me know. x

Hi im 30weeks on saturday, i

Hi im 30weeks on saturday, i have being experiancing really bad cramps in my stummach and my belly has goes really hard, i havnt felt my baby move for round about 3-4days now and she is normally really active should i be worried? x

hi im 28 weeks pregnant and

hi im 28 weeks pregnant and my inner labia have been really swollen and sore for a while now it hurts when i have sex with my partner and sometimes when i wee aswell. i had thrush before but my doc gave me a pessary and it cleared but the swelling stayed. and also ive been getting pains in the tops of my legs when i walk, like cramp but worse.. does anyone else have the same symptoms or an explanation or cure?? thanks

30 Weeks preg and pains in the lower of my tummy

Hi I was wondering if any one was suffering from the same symptoms? They occur more when I walk or turn over in bed.

Emma if all your bloods have

Emma if all your bloods have come back clear and good, you could just be over tired. Being over tired can cause faint and dizzy spells, especially at this time during pregnancy we get tired very easy. I'm relieved to see that other woman during pregnancy suffer chronic pain! I thought it were just me! It's horrid :( I get pain on the right side of my back just under my shoulder blade, it travels round to the front, stops at the top of my ribs under my right boob area! It's awful. I'm quite thankful for this chronic, almost unbearable pain i experience. I am no longer afraid of giving birth, niether should any of you! Remember ladies we are strong! Pain is weekness leaving the body :) take care!

any ideas what wrong with me please?

hi guys im 30wks on friday and i get really bad faint and dizzy spells last time i had it it lasted from thursday nite to the sunday i had blood test done all came back clear and the midwife doesnt seem to know what it is either. any suggestions wot it could be?

Hi juju0151. I've got the

Hi juju0151. I've got the same - went to the day assessment unit today after a blood pressure spike and asked the doctor there about the pain under my right rib. I said it was easier if I slept on the other side. So his advice was just to sleep on the other side! I've found sleeping on my left side, with my right arm stretched up and over my head and pointing outwards of the bed helps (it gently stretches that side).

Rib Ache

I seem to be having chronic rib ache, bringing me to tears. I was hoping someone had some tips on how best to deal with this x

Period pain symtoms at 30 weeks

Hi i woke up early this morning with period pain symtoms, is this normal? maybe its just everything expanding down there? can anyone advise please :) x

Monica188 x

Hi i'm 36 weeks pregnant and suffering with swollen veins down there as well is there any advice on how to deal with it? i'm a bit worried it'll make labour even more uncomfortable. Do you know if they go afterwards s ? xx

hi everyone

im 30 wks and just wondered if anyone has had a booked c-section as i wont to no the earleist they do them, i got to have my lil girl by c-section due to a small pelvis and complications in my first pregnancy whitch could accure whilst in labour this time to so to avoid any complications im having a booked c-section

i'm 30 weeks and 3days and

i'm 30 weeks and 3days and over the last few days ive been getting light but sharp pains down below and can be quite uncomfortable any ideas?

The pain down there is due to

The pain down there is due to pressure, if your baby is lying low head down. I get the same feelings ur discribing when ive been sitting down for a long time, i asked my midwife and she said because my baby's head down its normal due to the pressure on your pelvis. So i wouldnt worry too much about it. If your getting really bad pains then should talk to your midwife.

1st time mum and scared

i everybody im a 1st time mum 30 weeks plus and so scared about the birth!!!!!! i know its cuming and its part of being preg but im such a wimp im freakin out i hate pain. is this normal or am i being silly

booty85- i suffered from what

booty85- i suffered from what your explaining at only 14 weeks pregnant, it's called SPD- is a pelvic condition associated with pregnancy and it's where your pelvic bone seperates ready for birth, it is a very painful thing to have and i was stuck in bed for 2 days with it. the only cure for it is to rest as much as you can (in bed) and take painkillers, good luck with everything x

swollen veins

I am 30 weeks pregnant & 38 the hospital told me this week because of my age I am at risk od deep vein thrombosis, the suggestions were injections into my tummy everyday or surgical stocking. I opted for the stocking which I have to wear every day now, if your midwife hasnt suggested this you can always buy your own from the chemist

varicose veins on labia/vulva

i'm 30 weeks pregnant and have very swollen veins down there. my mid wife took a quick peek 2 weeks ago but couldn't suggest any remedies. might ask for cream at next visit. i'm thinking of starting maternity leave a week earlier, i'm a teacher on my feet all day and come home to a 4yr old and a 2 yr old so i don't expect things to get easier!!!


im 30 weeks pregnant it feels like my private parts and my uper leg around that area feels bruised wen i walk after i get up from sitting down wot could it b

im 30 weeks and ive had them

im 30 weeks and ive had them on my private parts hurts

ouch! my belly!

i woke up this morning and im thinking i can feel my little one turning round getting ready, its pretty painful is this normal? im 30 weeks and 3 days? please someone answer :D

varicose veins

I didn't know you could get them on your private parts? I thought it was bad enough having them on your legs :(