31 weeks pregnant

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Your baby

Your little one isn’t likely to grow much longer now but will carry on gaining weight. Your baby can also tell night from day now. Sadly, this doesn’t mean you can teach them when to sleep just yet!

Pregnant at 31 weeks, your baby is now passing water from their bladder, so they’ll be getting lots of practise before they’re born!

If you’re expecting twins, they will be getting into their final positions before the birth. Around 75 per cent of twins get themselves into the head-down (cephalic) position that makes it easier for a vaginal delivery. If this isn’t the case, find out more from your midwife or GP about the best form of delivery for you.


As a 31 week pregnant mum-to-be, you may start to get heartburn more frequently as your stomach comes under pressure from your growing baby.

Some women experience insomnia during pregnancy. Try not to over stimulate yourself before bed-time i.e avoid caffeine and exercise but drink a milky drink or have a warm bath.

It is safe to have sex during pregnancy, but it may be difficult to use your favourite positions. Find out more about sex during pregnancy.

What to think about

If your placenta was lying-low at your 20 week scan you may have been offered another scan at 36 weeks to make sure everything is ok.

Make sure you are supporting your growing body. You may be experiencing back pain so take the appropriate steps to alleviate the stress. Your breasts as they change may feel full and heavy – make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted bra.

Where is your baby going to sleep when you get back from the hospital? Think about this now to avoid stress later.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


What’s happening at 32 weeks pregnant?
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Packing my bag

Ive pretty much packed everything for baby but nothing for me I'm 31+2 weeks I've got nappies wipes nice outfits for coming out of hospital blankets carseat need to buy breast pads even though I'm still not sure if I will be able to as I lost a lot of bloody during my daughters labour (aged 4) but feel I'm forgetting something for baby and after ideas what I'll need for me to

31weeks x

Hi everyone, iv reached 31wk+2days so excited....x x x getting nervous now tho about labour and becoming a mum. very organised with lots of baby essentials filling up the house. cant wait for my lil one to arrive just hoping he/she is healthy and comes close to due date (14th may 2012) i do not want baby to come to early thought of a prem baby is terrifying although i am aware survival rates these days are high after 30weeks. xx best of luck mums-2-be x

Second pregnacy

Hi am Ruth, this is my second pregnancy and I've been ill the whole time! With my daughter who is now 4 I was so healthy and loved being pregnant, I also had a wonderful birth. With this one I have got SPD, now on croutches and bearly walk and to make it worse I've been told I've got strep-B and the baby can become ill through it! Has anyone else been through the same? They say if they give you an antibiotic drip four hours before the baby hits the birth canal there fine, but I had my daughter in three hours so wouldnt have enough time if my labours that quick this time! Am constantly worried and just want a healthy baby!


Im 31 weeks and expecting twins. Ive been told many times that twins tend to arrive pretty early. Most commonly round 36/37 weeks. Im really nervous. Dont know when my ones decide to come out. Anyone expecting or had twins? would like some advice.

Hi everyone im jemma this is

Hi everyone im jemma this is my first child ill be 31 weeks nent week iv been having alot of disscharge its a greenish colour is this normal???? And yesterday when I stood up a white watery liquid came runny down my leg whats happening??? Any answers?? :-/

Hi everyone im jemma this is

Hi everyone im jemma this is my first child ill be 31 weeks nent week iv been having alot of disscharge its a greenish colour is this normal???? And yesterday when I stood up a white watery liquid came runny down my leg whats happening??? Any answers?? :-/


hi all am 31 wks nd just found out i have a parvo infection just wonderd if ne1 has ne info all i no is that it can cause early labour

Argos voucher

Hi everyone. I filled in a form in a bounty pack to receive an Argos voucher at 26 weeks. I'm 31 weeks now and haven't received anything. Any ideas?

i have growth scan next week eeek

i have growth scan next week to see if baby is bigger then normal im scared il have 12 pound baby.

hi it my secound little boy i

hi it my secound little boy i got 9 wks left but been having little pains already is it normal o should i c bout them it only a couple a day so aint been worried 2 much x

Hiya, i am 16 years old and i

Hiya, i am 16 years old and i am having my first child i have 9 weeks to go till i get to meet my baby girl people keep staring at me because of my age but the only thing i am now worried about is that i dont have everything ready that needs to be and that i dont know how to look after a baby any tips?

Bounty pack 2

Hello, I don't seem to have the voucher required to claim the bounty pack 2... any ideas how i could get one? thanks a lot

hiya i'm 30 weeks pregnant

hiya i'm 30 weeks pregnant and i'm suffering from diarreaha and is this normal? i am taking iron tablets and this has caused the issue should i stop taking the iron tablets. this is my first child and very worried.

ive been waiting for my

ive been waiting for my coupons to come through but havent come yet. ive got 9 weeks left till im due and havent got a changing bag yet as i got rid of my old 1 with my 1st child?

Boots changing bag

Hiya, to get the free bag you have to register with their baby club either online or there's a form in your free pack you may have got From meeting your midwife and send it off :-)

boots changing bag worth 29.99

how do i get my boots changing bag ive sent the form off so car'nt take it in store with me?

im Naomi, im 31 years old and

im Naomi, im 31 years old and have 9 weeks to go till i will meet my little girl. Getting very nervous about it all now, i have no idea how to look after a baby but have been reading up on every aspect of birth and childcare. Im hoping those natural instincts that everyone goes on about will kick in!

I cannot wait till my baby

I cannot wait till my baby girl gets here! Only 63 days. Had my antenatal classes started and my breast feeding workshop. Just getting ready for my baby shower and getting the bedrooms redecorated. I am sick of older people looking down on me for being 19. How many of our grandparents were married and having kids at this age? What makes me different. I will love my daughter more than anything and I cannot wait for her to get here!!!


im kim this is my third baby i am 23 years old i have got 9 weeks to go and i was just wondering why i did not get any vouchers for the bounty packs as i am 31 weeks now so can you send me some out pleause


9 more weeks to go it feels like ages but the days are going so fast.

im Jennifer im 19 years old

im Jennifer im 19 years old and have 9 weeks left of pregnancy, unfortunatly it hasn't been a dream of a pregnancy lots of complications with my self but my baby is perfectly healthy. i didnt find out the sex as i thought a suprise would be nice. alot of people look down because i am young but i know i will be a good mum.

c section

hi am Maxine ,i have a boy Jordan who is 16 years old and a girl Lois who is 10 years of age both were normal births .but because of the last births they said i might be better off with a c section, am so scared please give me advise ! p.s do i take two bags into hospital or put the baby's thing in with mine ?


hi i am aiysha 39 i have a boy he is 16 i am pregnant i got 10 weeks to go iam having a boy

braxton hicks

im 31weeks and i get braxton hicks too, i get the pain in my bottom too and get worried as i start remembering how labour pains feel. i have already got a 3yr old and find shes exhausting me out. i feel the baby may come early.

braxton hicks

what does braxton hicks feel like

im 31 wks pregnant and

im 31 wks pregnant and already have a nearly 4 year old who is getting more and more excited as the time goes. i have been getting braxton hicks more intense this time around as my placenta is laying on my back wall where as it was on the front wall with my daughter so i hardly felt a thing. i have been getting sharp pains down the centre of my belly and the left side im pretty sure they are just included with the braxton hicks as sometimes they are more regular when im moving about and climbing the stairs. x

sharp pains.

I have had braxton hicks for months, some barely noticeable and some have took my breath. Yesterday I have an extremely sharp pain in the right side of my bump, then another a while later on the left side. So I did not sleep to well as i had them on and off all night and in between braxton hicks were coming as usual. I woke up to pains this morning and thought about timing them, but the pains have died down to a dull ache but still sharp all of the time... does anyone know what these are?? I was going to phone the hospital but as the pain is not so bad now i didnt want to waist there time when someone else may need attention more than me. thanks...

scared second time round...

hi every1, im just looking for a little reassurance iv got a 15 month old and im 31 weeks pregnant with my second child, im gettin a little scared for the labour as i no what is round the corner, can any1 help????

if you take baby home in a

if you take baby home in a cab you have to have a car seat so that the baby is safe some hospitals let you take baby home with a body sling but not if you are going to be in a car its just not very safe without a carseat. if you dont have 1 and dont need to buy 1 see if you can borrow 1 from a friend or family member.

bringing newborn home

hi all if anyone having info on how can we caary the baby home by cab ... do we need any special care that need to be taken .... can we take the baby in the lap in the cab..