32 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

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Your baby

If you’re feeling rather heavy and immobile now, spare a thought for your baby, who has less room to move by the day.

Movement in the womb is important though as it encourages bone strengthening and helps build muscle mass.

Pregnant at 32 weeks, your baby is now gaining layers of fat so they will appear less skinny, and the skin will now become pinker and less transparent.

Scans show that babies have brain patterns like adults in dream sleep, indicating that babies do dream in the womb at this stage.


As a 32 week pregnant mum-to-be, you may notice more Braxton Hicks contractions and could start to get more anxious about the approaching birth.

Don’t worry if your belly button is protruding, it’s caused by your growing uterus and will go back to normal a few months after pregnancy.

Keep yourself hydrated and make sure you are eating healthily.

Make sure you are supporting your growing body. You may be experiencing back pain so take the appropriate steps to alleviate the stress or, your breasts as they change may feel full and heavy – make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted bra.

What to think about

It’s a good idea to pack your hospital bag now. Even if you’re planning a home birth, pack one just in case! Why not purchase a pre packed hospital bag from Mama Bloom, just click here to save 40% exclusively for Bounty Mums!

At your antenatal appointment, your midwife will have a look at your baby’s lie and presentation on an ultrasound. If your baby is still in a breech position in weeks 35 onwards, you may have to have another scan in weeks 37-38 to see if he’s moved.

During labour you will be offered pain relief. Make sure you know what’s available to you.

Have you decided on a name yet? A lot of parents don’t decide until they meet their newborn but it might be an idea to have a few in mind.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.


What’s happening at 33 weeks pregnant?
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Get organised

 Pack your hospital bag with the help of our checklist

  Looking for a name for your baby? Find a name here




online antenatal classes recording

i have recently tried to watch the antenatal class recording for "preparing for labour" but have failed. i only get a 2min snippet about coping with pain. does anyone know if the full video is available and if so where? thanks

Thank you

I just wanted to say Thank you Bounty!!!!

32 weeks today!!! so excited

32 weeks today!!! so excited about meeting baby Beth,very nervous about the birth though as with my first i had to be induced at term plus 12days and ended up having forceps and had a 3rd degree tear :/ praying this birth comes along more naturally!

32 weeks wow!!!

Can't believe i'm at 32 weeks. I'm on 2 weeks holidays and maternity leave. So thankful for the time off because i'm really starting to feel the pregnancy now. I've got soo much to do before our baby comes but i feel like i'm running out of time. there is so much to think about, things to do etc. Hope all goes well for everyone.


They say that if U go on all fours and do pelvic exercises few times a day that helps baby get in right position.I had my extra scan 2day as im small and midwife was concerned baby will be small but was all ok and hes in head down position,fink he may B early

my baby is stiil lying across

my baby is stiil lying across my tummy at 32/33 wks. any ideas on how to get him to turn into the right position???

free changing bag

I lost my voucher for my free changing bag from boots is there any way i can get another 1

feeling tired!!

ive got too much to do & not enuf energy to do it lol! only 8 wks to go & needs to start moving my butt lol

bounty packs?

How do I collect them? I did get the first one from sainsburys but now I can't get there and boots would be better but how do you do it? do they post you a voucher? please help, thanks

Water Birth

Water Birth ........I was thinking about having a water birth, this is my second child. has anyone had one.. what was your experience ?

i am 32/5 weeks, and cant

i am 32/5 weeks, and cant wait to meet my baby, on the other hand im feeling quite sad that it will soon be over. is anyone else feeling the same??

cant wait anymore....

Im very excited to meet my baby,cant wait really very excited........now a days i get very tired and my feet hands and ankles are swell and hurts me alot .what i should do?plz tell me waiting...


I feel terrible pain in my left groin, once i stand up from my sitting or sleeping position and even worse when am walking. please i need advice on how to manage this pain.


Hi, Maria is now getting very tired, as she is having Identical Twin Girls, her exact date is February 16th, but they are going to give her a C.Section on the 20th January. That's all I hope is that everything goes OK & that they are Healthy. Thanks for the mail. Yours. GreatGran to be. Gill Evans Have a good Christmas