35 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 35 weeks pregnant pictures

Your baby

Your baby is around 47cm long now and weighs around 5lb. He or she is still gaining weight, and has lungs that are almost fully developed.

The pupils will now dilate in reaction to light coming into your tummy.

Your baby will be practising the suckling action, so they are ready to feed when born.


You could have a sudden burst of energy over the next few weeks – but don’t overdo it. You may start to feel uncomfortable if the baby’s weight presses on the nerves in your legs and pelvis.

As you gain weight, you might notice that you’re starting to waddle or lean back when you walk down hill. It’s normal for a change in pace at this late stage too.

If you always feel full after a few mouthfuls, this is because your stomach has been squashed. Eat small amounts often as you may find this easier and more comfortable.

You might be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. 35 weeks pregnant contractions are a sign of your body gearing up for labour. Some women describe them as tightening, or like period cramps. They usually last for less than a minute but can happen several times a day.

In the last few weeks leading up to labour you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge. If you have a mucus discharge with a little blood, this is the jelly-like plug that seals the cervix, which is called the 'show'.

What to think about

It is safe to drive at this late stage of pregnancy, but make sure that your seat belt is placed beneath your bump. Find out more about driving safety during pregnancy.

Why not visit the hairdresser this week? It might be easier to get a good cut now rather than when you have a newborn. It could help with your relaxation too!

It’s never to early to think about childcare if you’re planning to go back to work. Find out what options are available to you.

Try to stay active. Swimming or walking are gentle exercises that might help you alleviate stress and keep your body in top shape for labour.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.

What’s happening at 36 weeks pregnant?
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35 Weeks, lots of discharge

35 Weeks, lots of discharge also and don't think I've had any BH, a lot of pelvic pain esp at night baby feels quite low and baby's head has been down the last couple of times when we visited the midwife. Its my 1st baby and now starting to feel anxious, wish I never watched 1 born every minute at the beginning


lot of discharge, yellow skin tones, no bh that im aware of but its my 1st so dont really know what im lookin for. would say bump feels hard most of the time xx

already had show

Already had the show n loads of discharge had the BH 34weeks pregnant swollen hands an feet skin colour in face bit yellowy but hospital says im fine its all part of pregnancy. This will b my 2nd child had boy 1st time now girl. Has any1 had same as me and did any1 say if all ok?

I have a girl which is 5

I have a girl which is 5 years old, she is sooo cute. Also i am waiting for a baby boy which is rather exciting!

I have i girl which is 5

I have i girl which is 5 years old and now i am waiting for a boy. I am really excited about having a boy this time.

my question

how do i no when my baby,s head is down in the uterus?

I want to thank Bounty for

I want to thank Bounty for the information. It is really helpfull at this time. I'm exactly 35+1 day and its really very uncomfortable for me now as i have to go to the toilet every 30 to 40 mins which isquite difficult to keep up with when i'm out of the house. I'm really looking forward to the big day.

Sleeping positions

Thanks Bounty for these information I'm 35+1 day today I find it very difficult to sleep with either of my sides I always find myself sleeping with my back any time I wake up despite the fact that I sleep with either left or right side so bcos of this I will find the lower back very painful to get up Always drinking water throughout the night this makes my visiting toilet to be too frequent than I like it really interrupt my sleep. Can't wait to ofload!

i would like to thanks so

i would like to thanks so much to provide this valuable knowledge about my self and about movements of babies in belly and much more about to do in that time of pregnancy..it is good for me and feel comfortable during this period.....i would really appreciate if u send me regular updates about different 2 situations...

breech baby

just found out 2day at 34+5 dat da babyn is breech +ave 2 c midwife agasn on mon 2 c if i ave 2 go 4 another scan, if so may ave 2 ave a caserian anyn 1 else got dis prob or got any suggestions

you need to join boots baby

you need to join boots baby club then they send you a voucher to give in at the till when you buy the nappies

apparently you get a voucher

apparently you get a voucher in your bounty pack that they give you in hospital after you have had your baby. this is in boots.


when will i get a baby bag voucher. When i buy some pampers newborn nappies i will get a free baby black bag with a small changing mat? i need to know! any help?

Baby size/My comfort

i am 35 weeks pregnant with my 4th child, yes fourth i really should know what i'm doing but this pregnancy is completely different from my last 3, this baby is large, very large, i have just been tested for gestational diabetes, and i can not find any way to get comfortable, it is painful when the baby moves and i have pressure on my nerves which is making my legs very painful, i can barely walk half the time due to the pain in my legs, i was just wondering if anyone can suggest a way of getting comfortable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanx

Is epidurals really safe?

Ihave heard all these bad stories about them and i was just looking for some advice.

almost 36 weeks

Hi all, im almost 36 weeks pregnant with my second... Have started itching all over, gettin up in the middle of the night havin showers and covering myself in moisturiser!!! That doesnt really help though...anyone know of any reason this is happenin because its doing my head in lol xxx

I don't like it... what do I do?

My partner called me last night to tell me a friend of his has offered us a 2 year old bugaboo for free... we can afford a new pram that we both like, but can understand his feelings on the subject... I just really don't like them, I walk alot and will be getting on and off public transport alot and they've never struck me as being very sturdy and robust looking. Not to mention, I'm the one who has to push it all the time. How do I decline without hurting feelings?? Laurie 34 wks today

if born at 35 weeks

im 35 weeks and my midwife wants me to give birth now and i want to know if there are any risks and if he will live if born now


Does anyone have any suggestions for a middle name that goes with Eve?