36 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

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Your baby

Pregnant at 36 weeks, your baby might start to move down lower in the pelvis, getting ready to be born. This is called 'lightening'. Your little one weighs around 6lb this week and is about 49cm long.

If your baby is in a breech position, your doctor may try an External Cephalic Version procedure. This is where they try to make your baby move by pushing your bump with their hands, guided by an ultrasound scan.

Your baby’s lungs are now complete and are producing a lubricant called surfactant that will help the lungs when they take their first breath.


You will probably start having antenatal visits once a week from now on and will have your baby’s position checked by your midwife.

As the birth approaches you may be feeling nervous and are likely to have lots of questions – What are the signs of labour? Am I in labour? Will it really hurt? What pain relief is best? Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

You might be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, this is a sign of your body gearing up for labour. Some women describe them as tightening, or like period cramps. 36 weeks pregnant cramps usually last for less than a minute but can happen several times a day.

In the last few weeks leading up to labour you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge. With 36 weeks pregnant discharge, you may also notice a ‘show’ - a mucus discharge with a little blood - this is the jelly-like plug that seals the cervix.

What to think about

If you’re having a planned Caesarean birth, make sure you plan for when you come home as you won’t be able to do any heavy-lifting and you’re advised not to drive for six weeks.

Make sure your hospital bag is ready to go and that you have all your emergency numbers stored in a safe place.

Get familiar with your routes and the hospital so you know what to expect, this will help to reduce stress when the time comes.

Having a stand-by birthing partner is a good idea if your partner, or mum is miles away.

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.

What’s happening at 37 weeks pregnant?
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I'm 36 wks now and getting

I'm 36 wks now and getting very uncomfortable. Sleeping is very hit and miss at the mo too. I start my leave this week and really don't know what i'm going to do with myself. x

i am 35 weeks pregnant and

i am 35 weeks pregnant and expecting twin girls, i have started taken raspberry leaf tablets 2day as been told help bring them on and a quicker birth? not sure how true but if anyone else can think of anyway to get them out would like to know ASAP! as very uncomfatable and can not sleep! Also does anyone know of anything to help with very itchy stretch marks......xx

Raspberry leaf tablets.

When would be the best time to start taking the raspberry leaf tablets??? lotsof people say 36 weeks but unsure.. help??? xx

I finished work 2 days ago

I finished work 2 days ago its great altho my hips and pelvis are really hurting from the weight of baby now. I am 36 weeks now.

Still working at 36 weeks

I am still working at 36 weeks and was planning to do another two weeks leaving me 2 weeks to get ready before EDD of 28th Jan. Am I mad?! Anyone else give up work earlier, I am thinking of only doing one week leaving me 3 weeks to nest...?

36 weeks and its getting a

36 weeks and its getting a little boring now. Cannot sleep at night with a mixture of being uncomfortable, having really bad heart burn, and braxton Hicks contractions. This is my 2nd and cannot recall things being this bad! Just want it to be over with now. cant wait to break up from work (a week on Friday), and then bring it on!

37 weeks today and it

37 weeks today and it seriously dragging in, am more tired thn ever. cant sleep et nite cause its so uncomfortable a just wish she wis here now....

37 weeks today and it

37 weeks today and it seriously dragging in, am more tired thn ever. cant sleep et nite cause its so uncomfortable a just wish she wis here now....

I am with you frankie198, yes

I am with you frankie198, yes it really is dragging now. I really want to meet my baby now! Plus I have a really bad back and hips so am getting really fed up but on the upside I have a scan tomorrow so get to see my beautiful baby on a screen one last time.........yeah

early labour

does any1 no wat the signs of early labour are for the last 36hrs or soo been experiencing some quite un comfortable period type cramps/ backache and have had sum slight pinky coloured discharge n sorry 4 tmi bt havin to visit the loo more often


36weeks and i just want this baby out now!!! it doesnt half drag on towards the end!! i dont want her premature but i do want her now! i dont want my stretch marks to get worse and i just want to meet my wiggly little monster!!

36 weeks and waters have broken...

Yesterday i was 36 weeks plus one day. My waters broke at 3 am yesterday and i have been 'leaking' ever since (although this has slowed down now). I went to the hospital at 4 pm yesterday. They confirmed it was my waters and not just a leak of urine. They kept me in for 24 hours to keep an eye on me and the baby. They've given me antibiotics to prevent any possible infection. They say they'll induce me on Monday (at 37 wks and a day) if i havent gone in to labout naturally by then. At present i am not having any signs of going into labour. I have just got home. They say there's little risk by leaving it for a few days - even over a week, so long as i dont get an infection (which they say is not as common as people think). They say baby will continue making more amniotic fluid so i doesnt matter that my waters have broken. OMG! Not long now : )

hi brielle88laura i am also

hi brielle88laura i am also 36 weeks and due in march, i started getting itchy feet and hands it then went across my bump, didnt think much of it, i phoned my midwife just to b on the safe side, she took a set of bloods from me, then the results came back abnormal so i was sent out to the hospital the next day, it turns out it can b to do with the enzymes in ur liver, they monerted baby, which seemed quite happy, and they are now taking blood every other day to see how much they go up, they say the only way to sort it is to deliver the baby, and as im at 36 weeks, same as your self, they dont seem concered about early delivery as babys lungs are strong enough now, it could just b that hormones that are making u icthy but its best to get it checked anyway, hope you get it sorted oh and they can give u tablets to take the itch away witch is great! x

Hi Brielle88laura, if you are

Hi Brielle88laura, if you are getting itching on your hands and feet I would get it checked out with your midwife asap.

swollen ankles and itchy palm n soles of feet.

iam currently in my 36th week im due in march 2011, i have started with relentless itching on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands especially at night, also i have started to get swelling in my hands and ankles. i seem to have managed this by getting some maternity pressure tights from boots, these have helped. if anyone has any tips on what to do about the itching i would be very appreciative. laura x

Breach Baby

Hi, i am 36 weeks pregnant with my first and baby is breach! Midwife has talked about having an ECV but i am really nervous about this. Any tips or advice?