37 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 37 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your baby is now around 50cm long, weighing about 6.5lb, and could be moving down into your pelvis as it gets ready for birth.

The head could be pressing on your pelvic floor, making it increasingly uncomfortable to walk. Never mind - you won't have to suffer for much longer!

Your baby is still gaining weight and this is more noticeable in the tummy and limbs. At this stage they will look pretty much the same as when they are born.


You may feel less pressure on your chest and stomach if your baby moves down into your pelvis – this can make breathing and eating easier, but you might find walking more uncomfortable.

From this week, Braxton Hicks contractions could become more frequent, these may feel like period cramps. If you are experiencing severe 37 weeks pregnant pain, contact your midwife or GP.

Some women experience diarrhoea as their body gets ready for the birth. Clearing the back passage will make your baby’s journey easier. If it lasts for more than a day, speak to your GP or doctor.

Don’t worry if your belly button is protruding, it’s caused by your growing uterus and will go back to normal a few months after pregnancy.

What to think about

You may start to worry about how you will know know when you’re in labour. Find out more about the signs of labour.

Get your hospital bag together even if you’re having a home birth.

Make the most of your maternity leave by thinking ahead. Make a list of the people who you’d like to contact after the birth of your baby, rustle up a few meals which can be frozen or get a few natural remedies in (like Arnica to help with bruising and pain).

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.

What’s happening at 38 weeks pregnant?
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for breach babies check out

for breach babies check out the spinning babies website, its been proven to work!

external cephalic version for breech presentation at term.

i am pregnant for my 3rd baby and just found out that she is breeched.i am booked at the labour ward next week to have ECV, but i am sort of nervous.

10 stars for Coconut water

I'm 37 weeks with my 2nd baby and have started drinking coconut water. It is brilliant! My heartburn, although still there, is much easier to bear and the cramps in my legs also seem to have eased. I am able to hold down most of what I consume and I figure because of all this my moods are much better. I'd recommend coconut water to any pregnant woman and wish I had known about it 12 years ago when I had my 1st child.

Enjoying pregnancy

Hi I'm Salma 37+2days.During whole pregnancy I was feeling so nice but now little bit worried.It's my first baby and it's a boy.Now I can't sleep at night cos he moving a lot and sometimes it's painful.But still I'm enjoy that and can't wait for my big day.

help plssss,am confused

hello,am 37+4,is it possible to be pregnant with twins and the scan not showing it.cos my baby has been in breech position since,and on seeing the midwife today and listening to baby's heartbeat,we could hear two,on up and the other down in the pelvis.just curious,is it possible i could be expecting twins or wt?am confused.

Baby moving

Im 37+2 and was wondering is it just me or does anybody elses baby do sumersaults and is constantly awake and kicking an proding?...... Its awake 24/7

i'm 37 weeks and i have been

i'm 37 weeks and i have been having braxton hicks now for the last couple off weeks and finding them very uncomfortable. this is my 3rd child and just cant wait now, my midwife said that the baby is will engaged and has been for couple of weeks aswell and all so the baby is back to back and giving me alot of pain and some times making be cry as it is so painful.

Hi nikkipoo93, it was

Hi nikkipoo93, it was suggested at my last labour class that to encourage the baby to move to the right position you should lean forward as much in the day as possible. I'm 37 weeks today and I've found that even leaning forward on the kitchen counter when waiting for the kettle to boil helps, or leaning forward when sat watching TV supporting my elbows on my knees. It has also been suggested that to help the baby to engage you should sit on a gym ball instead of the sofa and have a little bounce :) Hope this helps x

advice please?

I'm 37 weeks and 3 days now, midwife said my baby girl is back to back but her head isn't engaged, shes wiggling aroung alot still. is there anything i could do to make sure she doesn't stay like this and her change position or should i go about my normal routine and take it as it comes? x


i really wish this pregnancy was over and my baby girl was here, its my 3rd baby i am due on dec 8th and its the worst pregnancy ive had, she is 4/5ths engaged so hopefully not long nw, fingers crossed 4 me :)

help please xx

Hi im 37 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and due on the 2nd of december my first two was find all the way throw with no truble but with this one i keep getting cramps in my legs my midwife said it coz im not drinking enoth but i am drinking loads im finding it really hard to walk i keep getting pains on my left hand side of my back and leg and when i move in bed to get confey im in so much pain can anyone help me please as all i fill like doing is crying coz it hurts so much xxx

hi everyone, i am 36 +3 days,

hi everyone, i am 36 +3 days, i am sooo scared because they said i should have a birth induction on my 38 week, i was due to 2nd december, now it is for 18th of nov ! it is my first child and despite all the heartburns, nauseas and sickness, i must say i am not ready for the birth stage. after all the pain birth stories i heard i am a bit stressed ! i really wish everything goes quickly and easy, i know everyone's different but....

just cant wait.................

Hi,am 37+2days weeks pregnant wt my first child n its a girl,n i just cant wait to meet her,although am abit nervous....

Hi. I'm 37 weeks pregnant

Hi. I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. My house is immaculate, i have nothing left to clean! My bags are packed, been for a manicure, a pedicure been meeting friends for lunch/dinner. Now i am so bored! Really hoping that my little man is going to arrive soon!

Hi. I'm 37 weeks pregnant

Hi. I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. My house is immaculate, i have nothing left to clean! My bags are packed, been for a manicure, a pedicure been meeting friends for lunch/dinner. Now i am so bored! Really hoping that my little man is going to arrive soon!

Hi I'm 37 weeks this wed with

Hi I'm 37 weeks this wed with my second child, he has been low the whole way through the pregnancy and now I've had enough lol!! My back can't take much more so hot spicy curry it is, fingers crossed it works :-)

hi i am 37 week pregnant with

hi i am 37 week pregnant with 3 baby birth. i am so excited and nervous at the same time.

should i start taking raspberry leaf tablets in a few weeks i am

i am 34 weeks pregnant and have been told by people who have had babys before to try this , wot do u think??


Hii everyone i am 36 + weeks pregnant with my first baby .. extremely excited and nervous at the same time. doing breathing exercise to control all emotions... lolzz.. all set except my birth plan.. please suggest me where to begin with.. enjoy rest of the weeks may god bless us all !! :)

hello u all i m going to 38

hello u all i m going to 38 tomorrow and i m excited coz this is my first baby and i m lil bit nervous coz i dont have any idea about labour pains now my fingures cross or that moment wen i m gona hold my baby in my hands and gona cuddle him/her itz gona surprize too

Pre/post Maternity Bras

Check this website out: www.NursingBra-Shop.co.uk I've purchased nursing bras here for 20 quid less than I paid for the same one in a shop. Highly recommend "Anita" brand, sooo comfie. Give it a try.

I definitly feel like I have

I definitly feel like I have been pregnant forever. I just want to meet my little girl now. She has been breech for ages now and they are planning to try to turn her on wednesday but should I be drinking raspberry leaf tea are will it make the ecv alot more difficult to preform? I'm due on the 28th and of this month and I was really hoping for a natural birth but if they can't turn her my partner is insisting I have a c-section so that the two of us will be safer.

baby names

need ideas for baby girls or boys me and m hubby just cant think of any we agree on lol or the we like enuff to consider :) what do you all think??? xx

37 weeks

3 more days of work, then 9 months off. i cant wit to meet our littel one. i feel like i have been pregnant for ever.

I still got another 2 weeks

I still got another 2 weeks until im 37 weeks, and now it seams to be dragging. My first stages of pregnancy just flew by and i couldn't believe how fast it was going, but now it seems to be going really slow. & i hate it :( I just want our little lad here now and see what he looks like & i understand at 37 weeks your full term, does that mean you can try starting to use natural ways to bring on labour? Or should i wait until a bit later on like 38+ weeks?

1st stages of labour

i will be 37 weeks on wednesday and i have been in the early stages of labour since saturday night, how long can the 1st stage last i have been told that they can get 1 finger into my cervix but am not dilating although that i am contracting.


How many scans have you had ? I just had 2 scans, the last was at 20 weeks, and I'm feeling like it was ages ago... I'm 37 weeks now, and It has been too hard to see my baby just two times in all the pregnancy ...

37 weeks

Im 37 wks and wanting it over with naw got every thing packed my little girl cant wait to see her brother or sister bless her

well was at te hospital

well was at te hospital yesterday and my bundle is weighing in at 8.10 booked in for a c sec in 2 wks cnt wait feels like im gonna bust at the seems so roll on the 4th jan xx