39 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

baby 39 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your baby is still putting on weight - and the new body fat will help regulate their body temperature after the birth.

Your little one’s eyes will be well formed, but they won’t be able to focus just yet. The eyes will continue to develop after the first few weeks after the birth.


You may have backache and are probably feeling restless and eager to meet your baby. You may even have decided on a name by now.

Some women experience diarrhoea as their body is getting ready for the birth. Clearing the back passage will make your baby’s journey easier. If it lasts for more than a day, speak to your GP or doctor.

You might be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions; this is a sign of your body gearing up for labour. Some women describe them as tightening, or like period cramps. If the 39 weeks pregnant cramping becomes regular, then you may be having contractions. These will increase in intensity and may occur every 15 minutes.

Have you noticed an increase in vaginal discharge? If you have a mucus discharge with a little blood, this is the jelly-like plug that seals the cervix called the ‘show’.

What to think about

Make sure your hospital bag is ready to go. Some things you might find handy are a bag of small change (for parking and vending machines), camera and something to read.

Practise the relaxation techniques that you have picked up from your antenatal classes with your birthing partner.

Have a look over your birthing plan with your partner. Do you want to make any changes? If want to make amendments, discuss this with your midwife?

Hospital Checkist

Check out our handy checklist to make sure you've ticked off everything you need in your hospital bag.

What’s happening at 40 weeks pregnant?
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39 wks and 3 days today. Baby

39 wks and 3 days today. Baby was breech but cleaning the floors on all fours helped turn him around. The head is now engaged and the heartburn is terrible (cold milk helps). The baby is very active compared to my first 3 pregancys. I have had no braxton contractions, I feel alot of pressure on my pelvic. Have Pelvic gridle Pain and was told that would make labour pain worst. I so want this pregnancy over with.

Babys head engagement at 39 weeks

I'm 39 weeks exactly today & at my last midwife appointment my babys head was engaged 1/5th and she could still feel 4/5ths of the head. Should i be fully engaged by now. Due next Sunday :)


I am 39 + 1 and hav really bad piles been gettin braxton hicks 4 theppast 2 wk and she pushin that far dwn I wee a little at 37 week she was 4/5 engaged hope she arrives soon so i can feel normal again

Im due on saturday but am

Im due on saturday but am having a slow leak could this be my waters im sure that it is not urine can your waters go slowly over a few days?

I'm 39 weeks and 5 days

I'm 39 weeks and 5 days today. started having regular pains from about 7.30am and now everything has died down again. was really hoping to meet my baby boy today ESP as it's mothers day. I was 39 weeks and 2 days when I had my first son. can't wait for my bubba to come. feels like the day will never come

39 weeks and 3days

I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for the past 3 months. I initially wore a splint but found after awhile the pain seem to get worse in my hands and wrist, so I removed the splints. Experiencing braxton hix very often now, also having diarrhoea and nausea. Baby due this Friday hope they arrive on time.

Hi, I am 39 + 2 today. Due

Hi, I am 39 + 2 today. Due on Thursday 15th Dec. Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting tightening around my bump which I am guessing is Braxton Hicks?? Happens usually when I am walking. I really want to meet my baby now and really want it before Christmas. My hospital will let me go 12 days over which will be the 27th Dec. I may not have the baby by Christmas. Just wish I knew when it was happening. Anyone else due before Christmas?

carpul tunnel syndrome?

hya, im 39 weeks on monday, i was just wondering if any1 else is suffering with carpul tunnel syndrome, ino ive onli got a week left but at night its so painful. getting up to the toilet is enough but then i cant get back 2 sleep as my hands r soooo painfull. will this go wen the baby comes and do splints work? x x

sick of being pregnant now

im 39 + 2 today and last night i was up vomiting and loose bowels, for a few weeks now i have been loosing my plug and now and then i get the odd tightening in my lower stomach and have bad back pains, its like bad period cramps in my groin aswell, on a night time when im relaxed i get sharp pains in my privates and it really hurts but i think this might be her moving down, i was at the midwives when i was 38+5 and was 3/5ths engaged, could all this be a sign of anything happening??? :)

39+1 today been having

39+1 today been having contractions since LAST MONDAY am 2cm dilated have had a sweep but pains keep getting to 5 -10 mins then stopping. havent slept in 5 days which just makes it worse!! feeling very emotional and fed up now and to top it all off my good friend who is due the same day as me delivered this morning just want my lil angel here now. Am i the only one feeling this way???x

39 +5 today and im very very

39 +5 today and im very very exited to see our baby boy. Have a lot of Braxton Hicks and i have had 3 real contractions and started to dialate. One thing that keeps me up at night is my hips as i have SPD but i got a belt from the physiotherapist and its been helping even tho it's making the baby move alot more because of him being pushed upwards. Good luck to everyone and their deliveries =D

39 weeks and counting!

Hi all! I am 39 weeks tomorrow and am experiencing braxton hicks. Last couple of days i have felt this hard tightening across my stomach. Wasn't sure if it was baby at first but i'm quite sure it's the braxton hicks. Feels different to baby's movements. Been getting pelvic pressure and his head is engaging. I too am having a hard time getting comfortable and to sleep. Think it's a sign that when baby comes it is preparing us for those night feeds. I keep counting down the days and try not to get my hopes up that he'll be here in 7 days! As it's my first i am aware that he could arrive late. I'm a little impatient now but trying to keep busy. Well good luck every body hope all goes well :-)

39 weeks tomorrow!!! Im

39 weeks tomorrow!!! Im getting very impatient now, sleepless nights already becasue i cant get comfy. Now signs of the one arriving yet although the head is engaged!!!

2nd baby due in 5 days!!

39 weeks plus 2days and midwife said he is 2/5th engaged so it's a matter of 'any day now' having some strong pains and cramping so really can't wait to meet my boy now!!!!

1 week left

I'm 39 weeks today, can't wait to meet my baby. Been having pain like menstrual cramps since last week, backache's getting worse, can't sleep properly. Excited and counting down.

i have five days left and i

i have five days left and i and getting pains in the top of my belly this is my first and i dont know what it means

i am 39 weeks and been in

i am 39 weeks and been in early labour for 11 days can't sleep and cant do much with my 3year old due to pain. feel like im goin crazy. i was 2cm a week ago.

my baby

i am 39 been having contractions on and off for 3 days now and cant sleep at night as so uncomfy i have diloated about 1cm but been like that since late last night any ideas ot how i can speed it up

hey im 38 wks plus 6...this

hey im 38 wks plus 6...this is my third bambino...getting impatient as my first 2 were 6 to 10 days early...so just wanting a apperance...gonna start doing some tricks...been getting heart burn from pinapple..its simply not worth it...so gonna have some rumble in the jungle tonight..lol...good luck to all those expectant mums...:)

Hey.. I am 39weeks and this

Hey.. I am 39weeks and this is my first baby.. I am 19 years old and really looking forward to meeting my baby.. I was wondering if anyone has any advice that they would like to share with me to calm my nerves a bit as i have no clue what to expect?.. :)

thats me a week to

thats me a week to go...nerves starting to kick in a bit now and feeling really excited. maternity bag packed now and everything ready!.....so when the baby's ready!! :)

hi every1, im curently 38+

hi every1, im curently 38+ weeks with my 2nd child. starting to feel tired and heavy (miss energy!). really looking forward to meet baby and my daughter whos 2 and a half who is just assuming its "a sister"lol wants to meet the baby too. im all ready to go and just waiting for the new pram to come. i was overdue with my daughter by a week and was very frustrating! coz when that due date comes u just want it out.lol. i felt the days just dragged in. would be nice this time if i went a wee bit early or on my due date. think in the last few days il be doing the old tricks to try and bring on labour. i wish every1 thats due in the next few weeks the best of luck! and everything goes well and if its your first not to worry coz its a great experience! :)

ready for baby

I'm 38 + 4 and really want my baby to be born now. I have done all the sleeping and cleaning that could possibly be done and i am ready to meet my son. My two girls are getting impatient too as they would love a kiss and a cuddle with their little brother. Both girls were early (3wks, 9 days) so hoping he decides to come before his due date too. Here's hoping! Anyone else have worries of going overdue?

hey, I'm 38 +4 today and just

hey, I'm 38 +4 today and just cant wait for the whole pregnancy thing to be over. The first 8 months went by so fast and now it seems to have come to a complete stand still. I cant really say pregnancy has agreed with me but can't wait to meet my little girl now. Just hope she hurrys up and arrives! Good luck to everyone whose due over the next few weeks.

khalida tues 17/5/11

HI all I am 39 weeks pregnant and want things to come quick too. I know the head is engaged and my mucas plug may have come out . My due date is monday and i dont want to go over. This is my second baby but does anyone have advice to speed things up or to prevent baby overdue?

very excited

hello ladies, i am 39weeks preg, and very much looking forward for my baby boy to come, been getting braxton hicks last week but this week nothing seem to be happening much, can only feel baby move when i'm eating, m due on monday, so i'v been doing alot of cleaning up campaign around the house to get me mind of thinking about when baby is comin, also since its me 3rd baby, the 1st 2 were a wk overdue, this 1 m really hoping will come early. so alot of DTD with me hubby, who's very much happy to be involved in helping me with the process.Good luck ladies, may it all turn out well for you all.

still waiting

im exactly 39weeks pregnant today with my first and got exactly a week to go and getting really impaciant (think i spelt that wrong :/) midwife is comeing today as my baby is not engaged and hes transversi (not sure if i spelt that right either) i found out really early on so time doesnt seem to be moveing, is there anything i could do to pass time?

hi, i,m 39 weeks with my

hi, i,m 39 weeks with my first baby!!it's all very heavy now and i'm finding sleeping at night to be very painful on my pelvice and spine....turning from one side to another is proving very differcult....Have been getting a few braxton hicks but this has been happening for weeks now. My little ones head has been fully engaged in the pelvice for over 5 weeks now and i just want things to get going now.They say to stay active but it's really not that easy when walking makes me feel like i'm a rhino!!!!:)


im 39 weeks today with my 3rd child and i dont think the baby is even engaged! i also feel baby is moving from breech position back to normal every couple of days! he is certainly playing games with his mummy!!!!!! tinker!!! has anyone experience this with a third child and have they been well over due because i dont feel like he's ever going to come out at the moment..........................


im due 8th april (in 3 days) n dont want to go over , my 1st son was 14days over and i had to be induced , what are the natural ways of inducing labour bearing inmind i cant have curry as am allergic to spice and pepper n not doing naughties as babys head is VERY low n uncomfortable :/ PLEASE HELP !!

imminent labour

Hi - Im in my 39th week and have experienced some BH contractions - which scared the hell out of me...sooooo want to be able to cope with labour but fearing I am going to be a bit of a wuss! Am changing my birth plan as we speak - from no drugs to all and everything lol x

Hi ladies, im 38+5 days with

Hi ladies, im 38+5 days with no3. Have been getting bh's for a few days, but pretty sure labour is a long way off :( im thinking about starting on the fresh pineapple, im so impaitent. Oh any expectant mums from west fife?

Hi im 39 weeks and 6 days

Hi im 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant with my first baby i dnt think my belly will stretch anymore haha... i avnt had any kind of sign that my baby is on his way, the odd braxton hicks but thats it. im due on sunday so hope i dnt go over that much. Family and friends ring most days asking if im ok or if ive started yet which has started get on my nervous, dnt they think if i had id say lol

39 weeks and getting close!!

I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and I've been having quite regular strong Braxton Hicks contractions... I know they're not the real thing because they stop after one or two!!.. Annoying thing is that this is my third child and to be honest I thought I'd know when I'm starting...but these "practise" pains are quite uncomfortable and I keep thinking I'm starting!.. My hubby works nights and I worry I'm going to phone him to come home and it be a false alarm!!... But also I'm worried that I'll wait too long and not make it to hospital in time...(my last child arrived within an hour of getting to hospital)... I can't believe that on baby number 3 I can't tell the difference between the real thing or a "practise run"

hiya ladies im 39 weeks an 2

hiya ladies im 39 weeks an 2 days im due this sunday an im getin realy inpatient now just want her out! ive had no sign she even wants to arrive yet no show or anything :( its realy getin to me she isnt even engaged yet an ive got a birthin ball an it it isnt doin anything yet... an ideashow i could hurry her along? x

I am 39 weeks and 4days no

I am 39 weeks and 4days no show no cramps nothing? this is my 3rd my other two were both overdue by 14days and 12 days. I really dont want that this time.......cant sleep, heartburn boo hooo 2me. i dont think hes ready as i dont have a name for him. wish me luck......

i am 39 weeks and 1 day

i am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my first baby, and last night i experienced diareahha and abdominal pain with was intense and hurt that bad i cried at one point. is this normal to experience or is it early signs of slow labour??

been in labour for a week and dont know what to do please help!!

hi i am 39 weeks pregnant and have been in labour for a week now and getting really upset of not been able to see my little baby is there anyway i can speed up labour?? i had a show on friday and the contractions are starting to get into a patten but always go during the night and i dont know what to do please help getting really upset.

Due Saturday !!

I am due this Saturday, but I still have the most active baby all the time. I had been told that the movements should have slowed down as baby engages, but its still always on the go. I also have not felt anything that could even be called a Braxton Hicks contraction. I have a feeling I am in for a long wait ! anyone else in the same position ?