40 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

40 weeks pregnant

Your baby

Your little one might be quite happy to stay put for a few days yet. If so, don't start stressing - make the most of these extra days and enjoy time with your partner. You'll have precious little opportunity for it over the next few months!

Most babies may differ in weight, but are generally around 45cm – 55cm in length.


You probably wake up every morning wondering whether today will be ‘the day,’ and are likely to get impatient with people ringing up to see if you’ve gone into labour yet. You may have trouble sleeping, or anxious dreams – or worry that your waters will break in public.

One of the most obvious 40 weeks pregnant signs of labour is the contractions. The 40 weeks pregnant contractions increase in intensity as it progresses. If they are coming every 5 minutes and last for one minute, it’s probably time to go to hospital.

Have you noticed an increase in vaginal discharge? If you have a mucus discharge with a little blood, this is the jelly-like plug that seals the cervix called ‘the show’.

What to think about

If there are no signs of labour – try a gentle walk or pop to the shops for some last minute bits for your baby. Keeping active is a great way to stimulate labour.

At 41 weeks, if you’re baby still hasn’t arrived, you may be offered a membrane sweep. Speak to your midwife about methods of induction.

If you still haven’t met your baby – why not try some homeopathic remedies, raspberry leaf tea or having sex with your partner. These techniques are all rumoured to help kick start your labour.

Hospital Checkist

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What to expect from your 1 month old baby
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40 weeks and 3 days and I

40 weeks and 3 days and I want my baby!!! No had any twinges or anything, i keep getting phone calls and texts from family and friends and i keep telling them the same thing 'no nothing' :-( HURRY up baby!!! 40 weeks 3 days yellow bump

Hey! Im 40weeks and 1day over

Hey! Im 40weeks and 1day over due today, i had a show 2weeks ago and i had a sweep done yesterday and have had period and back pains since! So i know exsactly how you feel! I have herd if u try cod liver oil and orange is ment to work, my friend done this and her waters broke straight away! Good luck :) x


I'm 40weeks 5days late! Second baby Had sweep stretch done only thing done is had show! Period pain n back pains am so fed up just want my little princess here! Any ideas what can do?...


hi, i'm 4 days over now, tried everything but they haven't worked, waiting is the worst i think.... just want her in my arms now. got an appointment with the midwife on monday for the sweep so hopefully she will come as i don't want to be induced....... fingers crossed.


hi im 22 years old and im 9 weeks pregnant but i dont feel pregnant and i have done 4 test all say im pregnant is this normal as this is my first baby

I am 11 days over and the

I am 11 days over and the size of a house. Been told my baby will be a big baby at8lb5 and over. I cant sleep because I'm so big and I'm really impatient and emotional now. Booked into hospital to get induced in 2day. Really worried about the size now. Tried every old wives tales to get her moving and nothing. Need cheering up!!!

baby girl

My baby girl arrived safe an sound 10days late :) shes happy an healthy an now 6 weeks old x

39+5 weeks pregnant

i keep getting pain in my lower abdomen and sometimes sharp pain in side(down below) but not much back pain yet, am i in early labour or is this feeling, just my baby moving down ???? havent had the show yet am i just being inpatient ? or is this labour ?

40 weeks

i am gonna get my baby but my water bag broke 17 hours ago


Am a week overdue. It makes me a little sad that most apps/websites etc stop emailing you at 40 weeks because you're supposed to have had your baby! Have tried all the usual natural methods of induction but think they're just distractions really, the baby won't come until it feels like it. Starting to worry about how much of my maternity leave will be taken up without an actual baby to look after, as this will affect the length of time I can breastfeed for.

41 weeks preganant and still no contractions

im 41 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my first baby and have still not had any contractions or any signs of labour, i have an appointment with my midwife for a membrane sweep which im hoping may start things off. does anyone have any suggestions of what else i can do to get things started. stressed to the max.

what can bring labour on my

what can bring labour on my bbys due tomorrow :)


Hi all. I have had a healthy pregnancy so far. Although I have suffered from sevre anxiety all the way through. I am now 39 weeks 5 days and hit 40 weeks on Saturday. I have read that going over 41 weeks means that your placenta can not work and can cause problems. My NHS will not induce me till I'm 12 days over, can I request it to be earlier. I see my mid wife on Wednesday next week and she will be doing a stretch and sweep, thats if baby hasn't arrived and discussing induction then. Thanks for any advise.

I am 3 days over my due date

I am 3 days over my due date today, and have seen no signs whatsoever, apart from some looser bowel movements :/ I'm hoping he decides to pop out to see me before I have to be induced, as they are planning on inducing me on my birthday! haha. I have tried all the reccomended things to try bring on labour, but nothings happened, not even a show. However, I am staying positive as I know he will be here when he is ready :)

39 + 5 and cant wait

Im 39+5 today and cant wait for my baby to arrive, feel like been forever hoping its going to be soon, have a christening sat and worried i will go into labour there! Had my little boy by c section last time so never did the waiting game x


well im 2 days over now and no sign or twinges - even though im sick of hearing them words!!!! what the heck are twinges - either im in labour or not and so far its not..... im in no rush as yet as i know baby will arrive on own time or within 12 days when im booked into be induced....i cant wait until im holding my baby which we have waited for so long 17 months of ttc and 9 months + of baking = an excited 1st time mummy and daddy!!!!

i just cant wait to meet my

i just cant wait to meet my baby,but i have been having some lower abdominal pains and im 7 weeks pregnant and im not having a miscarriage and my baby is fine why is this

2 days overdue

I'm 2 days over 2day & just want it over & done with now! I got started with my other 2 & was determined to go naturally with this 1. Head has been engaged for 2 weeks now but have had a show this afternoon & mild contractions since last night so hopefully am on my way!! wish me luck & good luck to anyone else ready to drop!!! LOL!! xx

i am due today, but no sign

i am due today, but no sign at all, i can't wait to see my girl, i'm very worried because i have GBS and have been told i have to spend a few day's at hospital to make sure baby is ok and i've never spent a night away from my 2 year old princess in the making before, worried i'll come home to my daughter hooked on tv, junk food and sweets don't get me wrong my hubby is a good dad and my mum will be over to but i also know my 2 year old and her powers. anyway i'm tired of having spd and always being in pain can't wait to be home with my two girls cuddling them and not having a giant bump in front of me everywhere i go. good luck ladies

I am due Friday and in my

I am due Friday and in my eyes it can not come quick enough. Am fed up waiting now but everyone keeps telling me the baby will come when its ready so i guess waiting is the only answer unfortunatley lol.x

u cant fly wen ur that

u cant fly wen ur that pregnant lol

been overdue!!

i was due on the 25/08/2011 and am sooooo fed up my first daughter came as a suprise at 37 weeks and i stupidly expected the same this time around... i am desperate to have this baby as its my daughters bday on the 9th sept and we have arranged a party etc and i'm beginning to panic.... ive tried the usual rubbish, sex, walks, rasperry leaf tea, pineapple and currys i guess my bubbas just comfyx


have just found out that i am a month pregnant today and am so excited and my partner is really happy about it too, but am now panicking as i have a holiday booked to disneyland paris in march to go with my mum, sister and her four children, i know i have enough time to prepare for this but am now conerned that i will not be able to fly as i will be around 32 weeks pregnant.

well its my due date and

well its my due date and nothing would love to have a decent nights sleep, ive tried everything to get my boy to come but noting has worked i have braxton hicks from morning till night for over a week now he has been engaged for 4 weeks now cant wait to meet him


im now in my third day of being overdue iv tried every method tonight is the last one to eat a hot curry which at this moment isnt appealing but going to do it! lets hope it works been bouncing on the ball all day as well

i'm due today but there is no

i'm due today but there is no sign of my little boy coming yet and i don't no what els to try. i've got 2 other children and they both arrived at 39 weeks and the midwife said she could see it happening again but it hasn't and i've tryed everything. he's been engaged for 2 weeks, has anyone got any ideas of what to try.


hiya i have 4 days left and i cant wait i am getting fed up now my back and ribs are hurting and just want my little boy out of me cannot sleep properly at night and very uncomfortable most of the time

Over due by a week and fed up :(

I'm overdue by a week to the date, meaning I was predicted to give birth last Monday (18th July), and am now so fed up of waiting. I've tried most of the old wives tales but have stopped at eating a spicy curry and the raspberry leaf tea as I can't stand either. Not sleeping much at night either as, as soon as I am confortable, Baba moves or my fiance moves and wakes me up. Think I had the startings of early contractions very early this morning, but will have to wait and see what the day brings. Its like really bad period pains, which I haven't felt for over a year but is really uncomfortable. Going to try and see if a gentle walk around my local supermarket will help. Good luck to you all who are suffering as I am. xxxx

Im due on sunday but getting

Im due on sunday but getting v fed up now,we had to go to hospital last week as they think I had a show but no baby yet,I have spd which is not helping at night in so much pain and not getting much sleep and we have a 2 and a half year old to look after....fun :(

i was due a week ago. i have

i was due a week ago. i have tried nearly everything in the books that can bring on labour, i am felling very sore and abit fed up now. if any1 has any advice or tips to bring on labour that would be great...


I was due yesterday and still no signs of baby my first was 2wks early so think this is making me worse im so tiered and fed up been suffering from spd to so im in constant pain and finding it hard to sleep not good when you have a 4yr old to contend with :0(

I am due next Wednesday and

I am due next Wednesday and am starting to get a little impatient. It has started to drag and think I will be over due too. We dont know what sex the baby is either, so am just wanting to meet them now. I dont seem to have many BH either, so have no idea what to expect when contractions start. Anyway, good luck to you all :-)


i was due 2 days ago and im going crazy coz i dnt have any signs of him coming at all. i get strong BH every night all night thn the nxt mornin til am up nd about thn it all stops til the night time. so annoying i just want t meet my baby boy Aaron ! :(

i was due yesterday but no

i was due yesterday but no sign of him coming anytime soon! think he is far too comfy in there! :) ive tried everything!!! pineapple (but it gave me really bad heartburn), sex, curry, walking....any ideas guys?!!! please!!!!! xx

Can't wait!

Hello! I was due Monday 6th but nothing going on yet, just went for a swim hoping to jiggle little one out but just left me feeling tired! Oh! All the best for you all!



im due 23/5/11 i cant wait!

im due 23/5/11 i cant wait! everybody has told me it will drag in the last few weeks or days but for me its gone so quick! i have been getting lower and uper back pain, heartburn, stitch like feeling across my belly, saw hips and stabbing feelings in my pelvis for about a week now so i keep thinkin its 'the day' but she hasnt come yet! i have been on my ball, had curry, raspberry leaf tea and tryed sex and walkin but she doesnt want to come yet! i dont mind if she is late but the pains are really getting to me now so i really want her to come!

I was due on 16/05/11 and

I was due on 16/05/11 and been having strong braxtons, period pains & backache on & off for past 2wks!! Loads of people have told me to try this that & other but the way i see it is it'll come when its ready! I've suffered bad sickness & heartburn throughout & the thought of a hot curry makes me ill! I'd love it if my waters went in public too cos it makes me laugh when people in shops freak out when u tell them your near due date as if you have some disease or something!!!!!!!!!! But good luck everyone! I can't wait!!

my due date is the 25th may

my due date is the 25th may and am getting so worried about the water break i actually dnt want to go out at all coz i think my water could break whilst am out, i dnt know how to get relaxed . am also so scared of going over the due date coz am already fed up, can any1 tell me is ot easier to give birth when u under 18 or over 18 , am only 17 .

due tomorrow

well im due tomorrow, iv had the raspberry leaf tea, curry, fresh pineapple, cant walk much as have extremely painful pelvis, contractions started yesterday morning at 2.30am and lasted all day, cervix not doing anything though so i was a little disheartened but this morning i got a show plus im still getting what feel like strong braxton hicks but with no particular patern as yet but this has lifted me spirits, i think your baby will come when he/she is ready, iv wasted so much time stressing and willing it to happen the only thing it has acheived is making me miserable. good luck to you all. x

a few ideas

i remember searching this website for exactly the same advice when i was pregnant. my baby 7 months now. here are my tips i walked about 6 miles a day and worked up until i was 37 weeks. i swam and had 2 holidays. i never sat down to be honest and i was huge!! also had a bath every single night and never got one stretch mark. @35weeks i drank rasberry leaf tea 3 cups a day(said to help in labour) i swear by this... @ 38 weeks.. monday-had sex tues.. out on hand and knees and took every single weed out of garden. wednesday.. ten mile walk... indian food, bath... couldnt sleep so checked out my breast pump (nipple stimulation is meant to bring on labour) went to bed at 3am.. thurs.. woke at 9 with cramps like thought it was the indian running through me.. tidied up the house and got showered and dressed. 10am rang hospital as pain was worse.. ten thirty arrived at hosp and was 5cm... drug free labour.. no gas and air.. had baby at 1.30... great quick labour.. no stitches.. honestly labour is not as bad as all the scary stories you hear. good luck girls.. xxxx

caulophyllum 200c

has anyone heard or taken this herbal remedy?

i was due my baby 5 days ago

i was due my baby 5 days ago and really want this baby to be born now whats the best thing to start labour have tried loads of walking and it hasnt worked x

I was due on 6th Jan so im 3

I was due on 6th Jan so im 3 days over and keen to get baby out...any suggestions?

I was due on sunday an still

I was due on sunday an still no sign of the baby. I take regular walks and use my space ball. Any other way to induce Labour out there except for castor oil and sex?

how can i bring on labour?

how can i bring on labour?

God Sake Still Not Here

my Partner is 40 weeks +4 days And my baby boy hasnt come yet any sugestions ;-)

big babies

i am havin a home birth an have been told i am havin a big baby about 9lb an have been advised to go into hospital. wot do other people think i should do?