8 weeks pregnant

What’s happening this week...

8 weeks pregnant pictures

Your baby

Pregnant at 8 weeks, your baby will be 2cm long now, complete with fingers and toes and paper-thin skin. Its heart will also have developed and will be beating at around 160 beats per minute.

During this week your baby will be moving around but you won’t be aware of its activities for a few more weeks.

The sex of your baby was determined from the moment your egg was fertilized but on an ultrasound you still won’t be able to see whether your baby is male or female.

Pigment will be starting to develop within the retina of the baby’s eyes and they may appear open as the eyelids have started to grow. But, the eyelids have yet to fuse and they won’t properly open until around week 26.


Your womb has already doubled in size, although you won’t be ‘showing’ yet. The 8 weeks pregnant symptoms will mean you may find you need to visit the toilet more often as your growing uterus presses on your bladder.

The emotional rollercoaster that you’re on may not have subsided, but antenatal tests may help put your mind at ease.

If you’re suffering from sickness, indigestion or heartburn, small portions little and often may help you to feel better. Check out our top tips to help with morning sickness.

What to think about

In a couple of weeks you will have your first booking-in appointment with the midwife. If you haven’t arranged this, don’t panic, contact your GP who will arrange it.

The early stages of pregnancy aren’t the time to start a diet. If you are worried about your weight, you should ask your midwife or GP for more information.

If you’re thinking about getting away, make sure you check out our top tips for safe travel to make sure you and your baby stay healthy.

You might be wondering when to tell people at work that you are expecting. Learn more about when to tell your employer that you are pregnant.

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hi everyone i am nearly 8

hi everyone i am nearly 8 weeks pregnant with my second and i am allready showing i suffered with sickness but bin takeing sickness tablets and they have seamed to work im really excited :) cant wait for my scans so i can see my little baby xxxxx


hiya im 8 weeks pregnant this will be my 4th pregnancy but ive miscarried each one at 11weeks, ive never had morning sickness b4 but this pregnancy i think i have im feeling very sick alot through the morning but not actually sick. could this be a good sign that maybe this pregnancy will be sucessful. im scared.


Hey all you mummys & mummys to be, im nearly 9 weeks with my second, my little girl Leah is nearly 7 so it feels all new to me again an also forgot what an emotional roller coaster this is but i do remember it been worth every single second, if any one has got any tips on how to ease the sickness would be much appreciated xxx

Hiya 8wks pregnant with 2nd

Hiya 8wks pregnant with 2nd baby.I'm gettin big already cant hide it much longer lol. I've been really tired and sicky all day but gettin thru it. Cant wait 4 my scans now 2 make sure everythings ok, it will put my mind at ease. Good luck everyone on this rollercoaster!

Painful Lump in my stomach

Hi Everyone .....I'm almost 8 week pregnant and my tummy has already grown big and i feel this lump in my tummy which is painful has anyone experience it or knows what it is. Very nervous.

So tired and sick

Hi everyone.....im 8 weeks and bit pregnant with my third baby.Im so tired and being sick all the time and not holding anything down!!! Smells good and bad can set me off and im just feeling so down lately because i havent the time to slow down because of my other two. I really have no energy to anything and house work is mounting up!!! Anyone got any tips on how to deal with Hyperemesis gravidarum...witch is what my dr told me ive got...... :(((

New here :-)

Hi everyone... I'm 8 weeks today :-) I have terrible morning sickness and a horrible pain in my bum that goes right down my leg... It feels like sciatica but surely I'm not far enough to be suffering from it just yet?? Anyone else experiencing this??x

morning sickness


Im 8 weeks with my second, im

Im 8 weeks with my second, im feeling very nauseous and tired this time round. My Daughter is 3 next month and needs entertaining at all times. Any tips on how i can relax and also keep her busy so she doesn't get bored?

I'm 8 weeks with my 3rd, and

I'm 8 weeks with my 3rd, and i'm not ill at all, it's worrying me a little. I was so sick with both my girls, just have different symptoms this time, i hope the baby is ok, maybe just a little boy or something. x

1st time pregnancy

Hi. I'm 24 & having my first child with my partner! My morning sickness is bad, it sometimes lasts way past lunch time but I'm never sick just the feeling of being sick. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Thanks

Hello I'm 19 and already got

Hello I'm 19 and already got 2 boys age 2 a 4 months I am 8 weeks pregnant and had problems since 5 weeks I had 4 scans because docs wasn't sure if eptopic bit lucky it wasn't I seen my baby heart beat 1st time today best feeling ever even 3rd time round any one know what's the best time to break news to family as I've only just had a baby x

Nervous mum-to-be......

Hello! I am 8 weeks pregnant and petrified of something going wrong! After numerous gyno problems, I'd resigned myself to the fact that we would never get preggers naturally and were placed on a two year IVF waiting list. Cut to New year, marriage proposal and a getting busy booking venues and all the other wedding shenanigans, babies were at the back of our mind..... Then, bang! Ten days late and amazingly three positive tests later Im now eight weeks pregnant! Just wondering if anyone out there has managed to get any sort of early scan to check all is ok, not fussed about seeing anything, just to hear a heartbeat would put our minds at ease. This is all very alien to me and a tad daunting so any advice would be great! Many thanks Sophie

8 weeks

hello all good look to you all hope all those feeling ill feel better soon my worst morning sickness experience was with my second felt rotten all day every day for the 1st 10 wks then it eased off but still felt sick till 14 wks after that it went so yes it should go try ginger it works for some people though it didnt work for me. This is my 5th feeling icky and very tired still a little shocked as it wasn't planned but hoping its as healthy and happy as the other 4 were. I must be seriously crazy xxx

I'm 8 weeks and 3 days

I'm 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant, been having problems since i was 4 weeks had 2 scans already and my baby had a heartbeat at 7 weeks and 6 days, i cried loads :) it was a shame that my other half wasn't there as he was trying to find a parking space. He is so excited and can't stop talking to my belly :), got my 12 week scan on the 8th of March and the families are dead excited to see my first baby. This might sound silly but my family have already brought me a pram, moses basket, changing bag, changing mat, moniter, bibs and sick blankets and some clothes. Is that a bad thing?? xxxx

im 8 weeks pregnant with my

im 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and so happy but scared!!! but i've already been violent to my partner, i shout at him a lot and just cry everyday for no reason...my son is 10 years old and i do not want our relationship to change!! no morning sickness, just sleepiness...it hasnt hit my partner yet, will be his first :) hope i do not forget what to do :( xxx

I am 8 weeks pregnant had a

I am 8 weeks pregnant had a scan the other dan my babys so small. its my first baby im so excited. my boyfriend is excited too. have been very sick all day everyday please say this stops. i hate being sick :) xx good luck all those pregnant ladies xx

I am 8 weeks pregnant had a

I am 8 weeks pregnant had a scan the other dan my babys so small. its my first baby im so excited. my boyfriend is excited too. have been very sick all day everyday please say this stops. i hate being sick :) xx good luck all those pregnant ladies xx


hey i am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first, i am soo excited as i have always wanted to be a mummie, i have only told my mum and my partner i am finding it so hard to keep it to my self as i want to tell the whole world !! xx


hi im 8 weeks and mental i cry then im happy then i sleep then i shout and iv beaten up my boyfriend twice already im a mental women and scared that this isnt normal do i need help xx

8 weeks pregnant

Hi I'm 8 weeks and 4 days with my 3rd child..... This is soooooo different to last 2 pregnancies because my boobs are huge already, really tired and extremely hungry all the time!!!!!! Will have to try to control the food intake..lol We are excited but haven't told family yet because have had early bleeding... We are keeping fingers crossed... Good luck lovely ladies..xx

I'm 8wks 4 days with 3rd

I'm 8wks 4 days with 3rd babe..... So different to my last two girls....With a 4 year gap!! am I crazy...lol I Am feeling sooooo tired and boobs are huge already...! And my hunger is emense.... I think I will have to be careful until it settles down abit... Good luck all the lovely pregnant ladies...xx

8weeks today, feeling very

8weeks today, feeling very sick with mild stomach cramps. I hope the cramps are normal

i 8 weeeks prgant sick all

i 8 weeeks prgant sick all day and night loosing wight to i got 6 month old daughter

8 weeks today! I'm only just

8 weeks today! I'm only just starting to realise this is real. I have a 7 yr old daughter already. Still not telling anyone till we have confirmation that all's ok in there - had so many miscarriages and an ectopic before, so still trying to contain being excited!

sooo excited

im now 8 weeks on my third child a lil nervous not bout the babt about tellin everyone im pregnant again!!!. im really excited i really hope this one is a girl as i already have two boys as much as i love them dearly think i would have my hands full with 3 boys will have to start a football team haha.whatever it is i will still be happy as long as its happy and healthy. will keep posted on the scan as this is the only place i can express myself xxxx natalie

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my third child. I have been sick almost every day for the past 2 weeks and the only thing i can actually keep down is a big mac. Is there anything you can take during pregnancy to help with morning sickness? I have tried sea bands and they worked for a short ammount of time but was wondering if there is any sort of medicine thats safe to have. Otherwise im going to be living off big macs for god knows how long as it seems this is the only thing i can stomach. Weird!!!!!

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, i just

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, i just started feeling sick often. and i have this re occurring pain at the left side of ma lower abdomen. I had a scan done earlier and ma GP said i was okay, should i be worried?

I am 8 wks n 3 days pregnant.

I am 8 wks n 3 days pregnant. I have a 2 1/2 yr old gorgeous little girl. I hav had ivf both times. Conceiving naturally is a blessing, consider urself very lucky! I am on a lot of medicine, my clothes don't fit me n I feel like I'm 8 months not 8 weeks! I've got a scan today so even though I'm a little apprehensive I'm also excited!! I know being pregnant is difficult but I think if I relax a little more this will send good vibes to my baby. I've also had a miscarriage n this is probably my last chance to have a baby as these were my last two embryos. I have left everything in God's hands. I say a prayer every morning n hope everything will go ok. I count each day of my pregnancy n when I can stop all the medication. Can't wait until I'm 12 weeks!!!

im 8 weeks and not been

im 8 weeks and not been feeling the best suffering from migraines and morning sickness any suggestions of what i can do to ease this?.

hi i am 8 weeks pregnant with

hi i am 8 weeks pregnant with my third little one well my other 2 arent quite so little now, literally having to start again, ive also had 2 quite heavy bleeds but been sent for scans, and everything was fine so fingers crossed been for my first antenatal appointment today all went well so now just to wait for my 12 week scan

Iam 8 weeks pregnant and i

Iam 8 weeks pregnant and i feel stomach cramps at night or in the morning.my breasts are very sore and tender.i had spotting 2 weeks ago and my GP sent me for a scan which proved that everything was ok .That was a relief.I find food difficult to eat these days especially fried foods,i wake up craving for sour foods or something strong like vinegar or ketchup in my food.this is my third pregnancy and my last born is 12 years old.



too anyone experiencing cramps

This is also my second pregnancy, I too have experienced cramps but I know this is my body changing. I had mild cramping first time around and I was majorly worried but now my minds at ease because I've been through it before. Your womb is starting to expand and so long as theres no spotting or blood with cramps there is generally no need to worry. (Unless pain is severe) XxX

this is my 1st child and i am

this is my 1st child and i am realy looking forward to the 12 week scan but i keep geting period pain and i am geting a bit worried what should i do x

Hey, i Pregnant with my 2nd

Hey, i Pregnant with my 2nd child and this pregnancy is sooo different to the last one!! its crazy.... Anyone else experienceing this?? my first i wouldnt of known i was pregnant if i didnt do a test but...this one i feel sick all the time sore breasts get ddizzy when i stand up to quick and period like cramps now and again :/ xX

just found out yesterday that

just found out yesterday that i am pregnant, so happy and excited! not sure how far on i am due to irregular periods, but somewhere between 5-13 weeks, was at my gp today who thinks im in the region on 8 weeks and is referring me for a scan next week. cant wait to see the little one who's growing inside me! congratualtions and good luck to everyone! xx

Im 8 weeks and 2 days and im

Im 8 weeks and 2 days and im so frightened . my breasts are incredibly sore and fluxuating in size slightly , my abdomen feels hard to the touch and i feel sick constantly , but it gets worse in the evenings , im realy freaking myself out about this as its my first baby . is it normal for me to be so frightened by what i've been assured are normal signs?

chuckers82 i am 8 weeks

chuckers82 i am 8 weeks pregnant and have just finished taking some baby safe antibiotics for a water infection, i had a miscarriage in may so have been very aware of every change in my body but had a scan last week and so far so good and not in pain now thanks to the antibiotics. xxx

Water Infection

chuckers82 go to your doctor and get some pregnancy-safe antibiotics. It can be really dangerous to have an untreated water infection during pregnancy. X

Water Infection

chuckers82 go to your doctors and ask for a test, and some pregnancy-safe antibiotics. It can be really dangerous to let a water infection go on without being treated. X

i have just recently found

i have just recently found out that i am 7 weeks pregnant, me and my fiance are so happy about it, :) congrats to everyone else who has found out their pregnant :)

i keep getting stomach pains

i keep getting stomach pains like i need to go to the toilet is it normal?

pregnant at 7 weeks and 6 days

I had two miscarriages one in febuary and one in march this year which i had no symtoms of pregnancy with them at all in which i knew there was something wrong. but ive started cramping in my lower abdomen like menstrual cramps and they only happen at night is this normal and my breasts hurt on and off so im very paranoid about this pregnancy thank you

I had three failed

I had three failed pregnancies before having my first child. One at 4-5 weeks, one not detected until 9 weeks and one at 5-6 weeks. I then went on to have two children who are now 7 and 6. I am now 8 weeks pregnant again and not telling anyone until I am 12 weeks. I will not look forward to this pregnancy until I reach that point and have a dating scan to confirm that all is OK. It is OK to be concerned but if you are really worried, ask for an early scan to put you mind at ease.

water infection

hyia there just wondering has anyone got ant tips for a water infection am 8 wks pregnant , tryd cranberry juice didnt work :(

6 weeks and already showing ?

hi there i have just found out i am 6 weeks pregnant but have noticed my clothes are not fitting to well already this has never happend before with my others can anyone help on this

im 8 weeks 3 days i had realy

im 8 weeks 3 days i had realy bad morning sickness sometimes it would last untill 1 in the morning but i found that if i eat rich tea biscuits soon as i wake up im fine :)

Im 8 weeks and 5 days , the

Im 8 weeks and 5 days , the midwife thought i was 12 weeks but i had my dating scan yesterday and im 8 weeks , lol i thought i wouldnt have to put up with the nausea anymore lol

tender boobs and tender tummy

my boobs are tender and i have strange pains in tummy