9 weeks pregnant

What's happening this week...

9 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby

Your baby's fingers and toes are getting longer and the hands will be seen on an ultrasound but the digits will still be fused together for at least another week.

During this week your baby’s digestive system will begin to develop, as well as the muscular diaphragm that allows it to breathe and hiccup!

Your baby’s head will be slightly lifted off the chest and its facial features will be more distinctive but the eyelids will shut and remain closed until 26 weeks pregnant.

Headaches and migraines are a common symptom during pregnancy, which is likely to be caused by the change in hormone levels.


You may notice that your breasts are getting larger, they may have increased by a cup size or more! During this stage, your breasts may have changed in appearance – threadlike veins might have become visible and your nipples may be darker. Be sure to wear the correct size bra to increase the level of support.

9 weeks pregnant symptoms could leave you with pica, which is when you have cravings for non-foods like coal, soap or chalk. Avoid eating toxic products like glue or coal, but you could speak to your doctor about taking supplements as it may be a sign that you need more nutrition in your diet. Read more about healthy eating during pregnancy.

Bleeding can be common in early pregnancy. If you do experience 9 weeks pregnant bleeding, or bleeding at any stage, always call your doctor or midwife, as it may be a sign of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

What to think about

Be aware that during your pregnancy it will be easier to pick up a urinary infection. This is because of the high levels of progesterone which are produced during pregnancy that relax the tubes of your urinary system. This makes it easier for bacteria to give you an infection. They are usually easily treated so if you notice the signs see your doctor who will prescribe safe antibiotics.

It might be useful to think about screening and diagnostic tests that will be on offer in the coming weeks. Have a chat with your doctor or midwife who will run through the pros and cons of each test.

Even though you may not be able to see that you are pregnant, your body is changing. You may have some questions about the safety of working while you are pregnant. Read more about being pregnant at work.

What’s happening at 10 weeks pregnant?
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hey 9 weeks today we think :-)

hey we think im 9 weeks today, cant wait for the 1st scan tho to give me a proper date, this is my 2nd child, iv got to say tho with this preg iv never been so sick, hungry and tired :-( i cant wait for it to be over already, but im feeling fluttering in my belly already, is anyone else feeling this or is it just me lol xxx kelly

Hi I'm 9 weeks pregnant with

Hi I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my 4 th child defiantly the last got to have the cvs text in 2 weeks anyone here experienced that before cause I'm so nervous

hi i am 9 weeks pregnant i

hi i am 9 weeks pregnant i have a bad time to sleep i am 33 years old i have 3 children between 2 girls they are 15 and 12 years old and a 6 years old boy, and i am having my forth baby and it will be the last one. and i love to have a bump buddy to i live in ipswich celia33.

hi im 9 week pregnat and im

hi im 9 week pregnat and im having a bad time for slepping any advice

Hi am due 7th November

Hi am due 7th November according to my dates with number two and am in west Yorkshire nicnak87. a bump buddy would be great.

Hi all especially nicnak87. 9

Hi all especially nicnak87. 9 weeks plus 4 due 7th November according to my dates with number 2 and live in west Yorkshire. A bump buddy would be nice:-)

I am 9 week 5 days pregnant

I am 9 week 5 days pregnant with my 3rd due on the 3rd November and I have a biggish bump already and only one in there as I have had my scan already. Any of you ladies live in West Yorkshire and want a bump buddie plz let me know :) x

im only 9 weeks and my bump

im only 9 weeks and my bump isnoticeble and cant top eating wasnt like this with my other kids im wondering whats going on x

9 week

hey everyone just found out im 9 weeks gone 1st baby already got a small bump showingnot sure if it twins any advice x

bump buddy please :) Due 29th October

Hey everyone, im pregnant with my forth baby and im due on the 29th october. i would love a bump buddy so if anyone would like to be my buddy let me know. baby dust to everyone :)

Second pregnancy

Hi I'm only 9 weeks pregnant with my second child, but my bump is already really noticeable. Anyone else have a similar experience? I do have a twin history in my family

hello to you all im new to

hello to you all im new to this site i am 9 weeks pregnant,i have 2 lovely chirldren one is neary 9 years old and my little man is 2years,i have had a bit of a bad time with this pregnency i had a early scan at 7 weeks and book in to have another one on monday,i have had bright red bleeding with dark red clots,and a lot of pain in my tummy and lower back,fingers crossed all will be ok.is anyone else going though the same thing?best of luck to all the others mummies to be.xxx

Hi to all mommys to be im 9

Hi to all mommys to be im 9 weeks with baby number 6 got 1st scan on 12 april long time but cant wait. ive got 3 boys aged 12-6-4 and to girls 8 and 2 we have desided not to know the sex of this baby i want a surprise. good luck to all you lovely pregnant ladies and all the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all, I am about 9 weeks

Hi all, I am about 9 weeks pregnant got my 1st scan in 15th march and gettin quite excited, this is my 3rd pregnancy I have 2 gorgeous boys, ages 4 n 2! I've been very anxious as I found out earlier with this 1, but with boys I was 8 weeks gone when I found out! Me and my partner are happy now it has sunk in and can't wait 2 see baby on scan, just hope everything is fine! Good luck 2 all u preg ladies xx

9 weeks pregnant

when i was 9 weeks pregnant my baby was 10cm and he/she was kicking and wingling their bum lol cutee! everything was okayy at this stage just had morning sickness alot


hi all i am 8 and a half weeks pregnant me and the daddy are so excited its not been easy as i started bleeding but everything is ok with baby had 2 scans last week and both showed that babys heart was fine get my 11-13 week scan in the next 2 weeks can wait to see how much it has grown well congratulaions all xx

Hi all mummy's... I am just 9

Hi all mummy's... I am just 9 wks pregnant and this is my 3rd baby. I already have 2 handsome little boys, aged 4 yrs old (almost 5 yrs) and 3 yrs old (almost 4 yrs), so im hoping that this time around its a baby girl!! However, a healthy baby of whichever sex is equally a god send and i think im speaking for every parent when i say that??? CONGRATULATIONS to everybody on this page. Take care. XC

being pregnant for the third time

hi yall i am 9 weeks and this will be my third baby cant wait for the scan so we can see what the baby is whn the time comes. i havent had a scan yet and i was wondering whn you get your first scan is it 12 weeks or 16 ? good luck all you ladies out there. x

9 weeks

9 Weeks today, soo Excited, Feel like im showing already even tho ppl telling me it in my head, Cant wait for my scan the end of month x Congrats to all mummy to be x

hi all i had my first scan

hi all i had my first scan today iam 9 weeks pregnant has made it feel more real seeing baby for the first time and was amazed by the strong tiny heart beating away so cant wait till my 12 week one at the end of jan good luck to everyone in their pregnancy x :)

due july 2012

Hi everyone, I'm 9-10 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby, I'm so excited and yet so worried that something going to go wrong all the time. I was unaware of the pains us ladies have while being pregnant and was convinced that something was wrong. The doctor has told me what to expected now and I must say I feel a lot better knowing. good luck ladies

hi everyone:-)m 9week

hi everyone:-)m 9week pregnant and very excited about first scan to see the little one:-)..its a great n unexplainable feeling to become a mum...good luck to every pregg' one out there!!!

hiyaa iam 9 weeks pregnant

hiyaa iam 9 weeks pregnant but when i seen the midwife before i got my scan she said i was 16 weeks pregnant it was a shock when they tolt me a was only 9 weeks. i cant wait to find out what i am having when the time comes around its the most exciting feeling ever to see your baby for the first time. i have to see the midwife every couple of weeks because i have already lost 3 babies but am glad that my baby has got a really strong heat beat and is growing :) good luck to everyone and congratulations :) xxx


Hello everyone! Im 9 weeks pregnant and very excited! Cannot wait to have our first scan and see the little one! :)

Hi everyone, Im 9 weeks

Hi everyone, Im 9 weeks pregnant with my 1st child. Iv already had 2 scans due to constant bleeding, found that im hemmoraging from underneath the baby, so am being scanned every few weeks to keep an eye on things. Congratulations and good luck to everyone!!! xxx

Hi everyone im now coming up

Hi everyone im now coming up to 9weeks with my first child and very scared and excited..think thats normal though! Me and my partner have been tryin 4-5years and just started going to hospital because didnt conceive (it was my hormones) we stopped worrying because was finally getting somewhere with hospital and next thing we know we are expecting this little buddle :) its so surreal x


Hi ladies! Congratulations to all of you that are preggers! Such an exciting time! I am 9 wks and am literally counting down the days until I can have my first 12 wk scan...Right now I am not showing at all so will be good to actually see the little bean thats been causing all this nausea and sore b**bs!!

Hi everyone! I'm 32 and

Hi everyone! I'm 32 and found out that I'm expecting on 17 July 2012. So excited! 1st scan will be in 3 weeks time... let the countdown begin! Will be amazing to actually see little bean for the first time!! Can't wait for the nausea to go... its been a tough 9wks so far... hoping it goes away soon and doesn't hang about for the whole 9 months!


Congrats to all the yummy mummys out there :) I'm 17yrs old and this is my 1st pregnancy..i'm 9weeks 2days..can't wait to see my little 1 getting very excited :D hope he or she is healthy :D x

New member

Hello everyone, well done to everyone. I am 9 weeks today! So exciting :D!!!! I have seen my babys heartbeat on the ultrasound scan twice as I had two little bleeds (little bit more than spotting) but everything is fine! Suppose we all panic when its our first pregnancy! Good Luck to all! x

Hi everybody, I'e just

Hi everybody, I'e just completed my first cycle of ivf and I'm pregnant! With twins. Really thrilled but scared due to all the risks. Loved reading all your blogs.

Hi everybody, I'e just

Hi everybody, I'e just completed my first cycle of ivf and I'm pregnant! With twins. Really thrilled but scared due to all the risks. Loved reading all your blogs.

hi ther all you lovely

hi ther all you lovely pregnant ladies out there,im 9 weeks today with my third child and its nothing like the other two pregnancys!ive had mornin sicknesss day and night,mega tired and wanting to eat the whole of tescos wen i go in for 6 pints of milk!!!having my scan in 2 weeks time,so well see if there is one or two in there(twins in both sides of the family!!!!!)

Hi im 20 im 9 week today

Hi im 20 im 9 week today could be having twins im so exited im going to be a single mum as i got dumped for being pregnant, but its his loss.

Hi, I just got referred for a

Hi, I just got referred for a scan due to a previous miscarriage, & found out I'm pregnant 9.2 weeks......with twins?!?!?!?! OMG Still in shock. I'm on my own, not sure I can do this.

Hey I'm 19 and preg with my

Hey I'm 19 and preg with my 2nd child i'm about 9weeks 3days....if there are any young mums to be out there who need someone there own age to talk to im here!!! i know how hard it can be with so many people who judge teenage pregnancy and even harder to find someone to talk to!!...I was 16 when i fell pregnant with my first and felt so alone even tho i had friends and family to talk to and were very supportive, but just no one going through it with me or who had been.... heres my email if your to shy to post on here...mslbandmsbb@hotmail.co.uk good luck!!! xx

Hello everyone and congrats

Hello everyone and congrats to you all. Im just 9 weeks today and its my first baby. Cant wait for my scan so I know everything is going well. Ive been feeling rubbish for the past 3 weeks, sickness, headaches, super tired and now im all emotional....even cried at Frankie being kicked off X Factor the other day!!! Im told it'll all be worth it in the end :-)

hi there... i am 9wks and 4

hi there... i am 9wks and 4 days, with my 2nd baby, i had a scan couple of wks ago as i have ad 4 miscarriages... but due for my 11 wk scan 25th nov, i get so nervous cause i want everything to go well, my only thing im suffering with is migraines, i have to c someone as my bmi is low and im bit under weight, my little girl is 11 months old,

anti sickness pills

Dear Jaxminx7 I am almost 10 weeks and I took tablets for about 2 weeks, plus I wore the anti sickness seabands and it did make a huge difference to me, I was nervous about taking time off work so it worked for me. I just went to see my GP.

hi congrats 2 every pregnant

hi congrats 2 every pregnant women out there!!! im about 9 weeks preg and iv got my 1st scan in 2 weeks time itl put my mind at rest knowing that the baby is fine, dis is my second pregnancy ive got a 3 year old daughter ive been really tired and just want to sleep all the the time.im also suffering with terrible acne that wont go, feel so down just looking at it.hope itl improve soon. it will be worth it at the end when i get a healthy baby!!

nausea at 8 weeks

i am only 8 weeks pregnant and have suffered terrible nausea for last 2 weeks, been off work with it am now really fed up. anyone been prescribed anti-sickness drugs whilst pregnant? also developed a really bad urticarial rash which coverd me in hives very itchy and ugly looking. anyone else had this?

Hi Sara1may, im 17 and nearly

Hi Sara1may, im 17 and nearly 10 weeks too. Im in the same kind of situation as you so hope we can talk? x

Week 9

I’m 9 weeks today with my second child. My first one is 7 years old. I know I waited a long time before baby number two. I am glad I did- I forgot about the constant all day sickness and headaches. I do feel so tired this time round. Everyone keeps saying it will get better in a month – but from what I remember from my last one I was sick until the day he was born! I have tried ginger biscuits and acupressure bands – nothing worked.

Hello! I'm 9 weeks today with

Hello! I'm 9 weeks today with my 2nd child. Really struggling with nausea all day, every day! Hoping it will get better soon. Had a miscarriage earlier this year which was devastating and now find I'm worried about every little cramp! Can't wait till the 12 week scan then hopefully I can finally relax and enjoy my pregnancy

A lot to be done!!

Hello... I am nine weeks, nearly ten ... and very excited. Sixteen but capable to be a mother; mother to be ... =P - Just hoping that there is someone my age that is in my state who I can talk to ??? :) thank you x


hiya! reading what you have put is like hearing myself talk! I think i'm 9 weeks possibly further along. I have a soon to be 16 year old, a baby girl who has not long turned 1 and am doing it all again! I feel like things are very different this time too, may be a sign of a boy at last! I can deffinately feel something going on in thier but i can remember feeling things early on with last baby too! Does make you think it's too early but i think when you've had one you notice things a bit more, even when your not looking for them.


hi every1 i think im 9 weeks on tuesday wiv my 3rd got my 1st appoitment wiv the midwife 2moz so hopefully shell be able 2 tell me more things ave been diffrent wiv this pregnancy thoo i knew i was pregnant the 1st week i conceived n all the pains never had them wiv my other 2 and i also think i can feel the baby movin a bit sometimes but that mite be my imagination gud luck all the mums 2 be

hi im miller19. I am 9 weeks

hi im miller19. I am 9 weeks and 6 days. this is my first baby, am so happy. Going ok so far. To be honest i dont feel pregnant. Ha nothing, no sickness. only thing is my boobs hurt so bloody much. I also am already having to buy bigger trousers. Cant wait for my scan then ill no its real. I no i am not going to be a glowing mum, already breaking out in spots and having some really down moments. x

I will be 10 weeks tomorrow.

I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. I feel very sick and even vomit sometimes. I get so bloated and this makes me so uncomfortable and sick. I also feel a sharp pain in my hip sometimes. I wonder if this sis normal?

Thanks for the advise Becci.

Thanks for the advise Becci. Hopefully should start feeling better soon. Hope you feel better soon as well :)