Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

It’s wise to avoid certain foods during pregnancy. Some could harm your baby, while others may make you feel unwell, which can be hard to cope with when you are pregnant.

Make things simple with our at-a-glance checklist of which foods to avoid, and which are safe to eat.


Unpasteurised milk, either from cows or goats.


It could contain a bug called listeria, which can harm your baby.

It's safe to eat

Pasteurised (heat treated milk), the sort you get from your milkman or supermarkets.


Soft, mould-ripened, blue-veined, or unpasteurised cheeses such as Brie and Camembert, Chevre (a type of goat’s cheese) or Danish Blue.


These may also contain listeria bacteria.

It's safe to eat

Hard cheeses like Cheddar, Red Leicester, Edam and Parmesan; soft, processed cheeses like cottage cheese, cream cheese, feta, mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone and cheese spreads.


Liver and all products containing liver, like liver sausage and pate.


They may contain high levels of the retinol type of vitamin A which has been linked with birth defects. It’s safest to avoid all pates, including vegetable, whilst you are pregnant as they carry a high risk of listeria.

It's safe to eat

Potted meats and pastes, as these have been processed.


Soft-boiled or raw eggs and foods which contain raw eggs such as home-made mayonnaise, mousse or uncooked cheesecake, and soft-whipped ice cream from kiosks.


These foods may contain salmonella bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

It's safe to eat

Hard-boiled eggs, shop mayonnaise in jars as it’s made with pasteurised (heat-treated) eggs, which destroys the salmonella bacteria. Baked cheesecake, meringue, pre-wrapped ice-cream, crème fraiche, soured cream, live and bio yoghurts and fromage-frais.


Raw or undercooked meat, fish or chicken. Be extra careful about barbecued food.


Undercooked meats can contain the salmonella bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

It's safe to eat

Well-cooked meat, chicken and fish. Check that juices run clear and no pink bits are left.


Swordfish, marlin or shark and limit tuna to no more than four medium cans or two fresh tuna steaks per week.


These fish have relatively high levels of mercury which can harm the nervous system of an unborn baby.

It's safe to eat

Oysters, prawns, mussels and crabs if cooked thoroughly and part of a hot meal, otherwise the can cause food poisoning. Up to two portions a week of oily fish such as trout, salmon, mackerel and sardines.


Foods that may not be properly heated through or cooked such as pre-cooked, chilled foods like chicken drumsticks and meat pies.


If not completely reheated, these foods may contain listeria bacteria which can affect an unborn baby.

It's safe to eat

Ready-made meals that you have re-heated until they are piping hot all the way through.


Unwashed salads and vegetables.


They may contain the listeria bacteria or the toxoplasmosis parasite. Both can affect an unborn baby.

It's safe to eat

Well-washed salads and vegetables.


Is it safe to eat jars of

Is it safe to eat jars of cockles?? A few people have told me that i shouldnt eat them (im 9weeks preg) but iv read from a few people that they are fine if they are bought from a supermarket in a jar?
& also is it safe to eat the help yourself salad bars in supermarkets, because i read somewhere that it wasnt!? :s x


I am currently 4 weeks and it bounty says to avoid stilton but NHS direct say you can I'm confused!


Hi im 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I didnt have any problems with my 1st child apart from the odd bit of morning sickness. however im being sick all day ling every day with this pregnancy. some say ginger is good for sickness but ive also heard that garlic is good for sickness during pregnancy. however some sites say it is not safe to eat garlic during pregnancy????? im confused as i happen to like garlic and i prefer that to ginger. any ideas or info would be much appreciated.

I am 5 weeks 3days, my 3rd

I am 5 weeks 3days, my 3rd pregancy, getting a lot of heart burn mind u it has calmed down a bit now and also lot of backache, but worst of all sickness worse then the other 2 pregnancys, this pregnancy feels very different to the others so i think i may be having a boy after 2 girls :). and as for the eating i cannot stop, in regards to if you cant keep your food down maybe you are eating too much at one time? try eating little and often see how that goes, ginger seems to settle me :) congrats all xx

i have just found out im

i have just found out im pregnant and confused what to eat and what to do can anyone help

i am 7 and a half weeks

i am 7 and a half weeks pregnant with my second child,and although i was very ill with my first the morning sickness seems to be worse with this baby..any suggestions?

Hi,I am 7 weeks with my

Hi,I am 7 weeks with my third.am really happy but have had enough of constant indigestion!!
It make me feel sick.Can anyone suggest anything other than antacids? Thanks.

Eat Ginger biscults, but I

Eat Ginger biscults, but I haven't started any... that will help you stop feeling sick... am 8 weeks pregnant. Yes it is awful and not very nice feeling!!

im happy that im 5 weeks

im happy that im 5 weeks pregnant but i cant stop being sick everytime i eat something i find it hard to keep it down has anyone got any clue on what could stop me from being sick or to ease it
how long do you get morning sickness do u get it everyday because this is horriable


well I am over the moon at 25 weeks pregnant I have been avoiding mayonnaise and the nicer things inpregnancy as a lot of books dont make it clear they just say dont eat this but dont tell ya what version of it is ok ie not homeade mayonnaise but u can eat shop mayonnaise.. god i love hellmans real mayonnaise so now Im eating some nicerr things :D. . and I am so happy that so long as they are cooked proper I can have prawns and mussels ;) mmmm good times ahead lolz

Cold, cooked prawns, lobster, crab, etc

Is it ok to eat cold shell fish salads as I love them

eating nuts during pregnancy

I too would like to know what the official and unofficial views are on nuts during pregnancy. I avoided last time, and my daughter is allergic to nuts. I hear that in Isreal they positively go mad for them, and have babies eating nut paste asap, and their nut allergic children are rarer.

peanuts during pregnancy!!

sounds silly not sure if cravings should happen at 9 weeks, but peanut butter on toast tastes sooo goood!!!!
my doctor said it was safe to eat but when pregnent with my first child i was advised not to eat it, due to statistics or something. The advise changes all the time but not sure if i should be eating it or not, it tastes soo good but i do feel guilty after i have eaten it incase i harm the baby when previously I avoided it completely.
come on people whats ur views?????

Im 13 weeks but only found

Im 13 weeks but only found out when I was 10! I will miss all the cheese we cant have :( I work on a fish counter next to where all the cheese gets cut so that will be difficult especially when samples are on the go! .. ;)

Found this really useful.

Found this really useful. Off to doctor tomorrow to confirm but already did a test and i think i am five weeks pregnant. Good to know what i should avoid but i am going to miss my brie!!!

pre- packed sandwiches

is it safe to eat a pre packed egg and bacon with mayo sandwich

Just found out im pregnant,

Just found out im pregnant, around 4 weeks 8 tests later here we are :-) so happy!!!Good to see a list of do's and donts eating wise i didnt have a clue x

so much info to take in

just found out today im 5 weeks preggs me and my hubby are over the moon, its alot of info to take in about what foods u can't eat, but i'm making sure i eat the right stuff for sure :)

1st time mum

hi all i just found out that im 5 weeks pregnant and cant wait, all i want to do is talk to other mums to be as im new to this

peanut butter

hi is it ok to eat peanut butter during my pregnancy ? my friends say its not and also can i eat laughing cow cheese triangles and Philadelphia cream cheese pls thank you

food to eat

is it ok to eat pizza during the 1st couple of months? as i cant seem to keep anything else down ?

can u eat prunes whilst ur

can u eat prunes whilst ur pregnant im 6 weeks pregnant


can you eat pineapple thoughout my pregnancy?


HELP: im 23weeks pregnant and really miss eating taramasalta. have been told to avoid it due to raw fish content but just read lots of people dive in during pregnancy due to the high vit D content. anyone know for sure what i should be doing?


Im 7 Months Pregnant On Wednesday Im Just Wonderin If I Can Eat Madras?

re peanuts

i know there a nono to to baby may have alliges

can u eat corned beef and

can u eat corned beef and pastries like cheese and onion :) they also say that u shouldnt eat anything with vitamin a but most butters and ovaltine contain vit a .

Agree with Pollypouches...Im

Agree with Pollypouches...Im expecting my third baby and I ate cooked mussels and prawns with my other two without any problems. Ive never had food poisoning in all my life as I always use common sense when preparing my meals etc. i was firmly told off last week for even thinking about eating mussels however ive just made a sneaky mussel curry for breakfast and it was yum lol!

eat what you want when you

eat what you want when you want just in moderation, the people i listen to is my mum and nanna, i believe they are right about homemade mayonnaise but my nanna coped in all 4 of her pregnancies and so did my mum so i believe what they have to say listen to the more older and mature women in your families they will tell you right xx

Is it safe to eat halloumi

Is it safe to eat halloumi cheese? The packet says it's made with cow's, goat's and sheep's milk.

peanut butter

is it safe to eat peanut butter?

sad times

:( Sad times i love seafood... i am wanting some crabsticks or cockles or sushii :( am i not allowed any of this lol xx

food yummy food

what happened in the 1920's when we didnt have the health care we have now, people ate what they wanted and babys turned out healthy - granted life was harder then and a bit cleaner than it is now but look at all these people who live till there 90's i think we are all to paraniod about things these days, im pregnant with my 6th child and stick to the belief of a little of what u like does u no harm

12 weeks pregnant- pregnacare makes me ill

when can i stop taking pregnacare tablets. I start to feel ill within an hour of taking them. a couple time i forgot to take them and found i felt much better and had more energy? what to do?

to rachel wardell. if ur

to rachel wardell. if ur prawns were cooked thoroughly there wont be any problem about the pate it depends on how much u had. as for me i had sauseges unknowingly but now coz i know i've stopped. if ur concerned talk to ur g.p.i had sauseges also during my first pregnancy but didnt have any problem.

nuts and asthma

hi just wanted to say that it is now recommended as of 2008, that it is perfectly safe for anyone with asthma or eczema to eat nuts during pregnancy cheers xx

how much vitamin d should I take

I live in Scotland and have been recommended it. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and have stopped taking the pregnacare vitamins as they were making me constipated. So just trying to eat healthy. I would like to take a vit d supplement, but am unsure of the dosage cheers Heather xx

i dont eat fish/veg

i really want to know this because im worried that my baby isnt getting what she needs, im 28 weeks pregnant and i dont eat fish or vegetables (never have) could this affect my baby badly?

peanuts are fine to eat

peanuts are fine to eat unless you have an allergy, asthma or eczema as it could trigger allergy in a baby. nosh try taking a multivit to replace any lost minerals and keep fluids up becuase if you dont the amnioctic fluid will get stale and cause baby harm.

I was taking pregnacare also

I was taking pregnacare also and it made me very constipated and have a lot of discomfort. I then changed to floradix and i am feeling much better and have a bit more energy. So sahrah try the floradix and c if this helps u. good luck


can anyone recommend things to eat while ur pregnant. im 8 weeks and i cant keep anything down, and anything i eat makes me sick

i was taking pregnacare then

i was taking pregnacare then iwas't feeling well and i stop taking i want to know what to do .what effect of omega 3 on my body becoz i did'nt eat fish that much ,just once a month lm ten week pregnant

im very frightened about

im very frightened about this i have been eating pate and prawns as i didnt know you i couldnt eat it, will everything be ok ?? x someone help please thanks xxx

is ok 2 eat nuts and peannuts

is ok 2 eat nuts and peannuts coz i am not sure what 2 eat coz its my frist baby x

can i eat nuts oe peannuts??

can i eat nuts oe peannuts?? i need 2 known coz its my frist baby x


is it ok to eat peanuts,pistachio and kashew?

Eating Roasted chestnuts

Is it ok to eat roasted chestnuts during pregnancy?

can i eat nuts?

can i eat nuts?

after reading this i feel

after reading this i feel more comfortable in what i can eat has i love my chesse spreads and was unsure if i could have them thanx bounty.

i love my cheese..will it

i love my cheese..will it really harm to eat a little camembert or brie?