Pregnancy blood tests

The blood that is taken at your booking visit may be tested for:

  • Blood group and rhesus factor
  • Blood sugar
  • Haemoglobin level
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B. This is a viral infection that affects your liver and is transmitted to the baby. If you test positive your baby will be treated with a course of immunisations starting at birth.
  • Rubella (German measles). If you are not immune, you are advised to avoid contact with anyone who may have rubella; you’ll be offered an immunisation injection after your baby is born.
  • Thalassaemeia. This disorder primarily affects people from Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

Other pregnancy blood tests

According to your medical and family history, you may also be offered other screening tests, for example, for cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disorder. Sickle cell disorder primarily affects people from African, Caribbean or Asian backgrounds and some from Middle Eastern or Mediterranean backgrounds. Your midwife will ask if you or your partner, or either of your families, are from a high risk area. This is because these disorders could be passed on to your children. If you are tested, you’ll be given a card showing whether you have either disorder or not. If you are found to have a disorder, you will be referred for specialist counselling; your partner will also be offered screening for the disorder.

You should be told the results even if everything’s fine. All this information is held in your file – and should be written in your records which you are carrying.


Most maternity units in England now have a policy of offering a confidential HIV test to all pregnant women. You may decline this offer if you wish. If your HIV status is known to be positive, there are treatments to reduce the risk of passing this onto your baby. You will be cared for by a specialist team and offered counselling before and after the test.

Rhesus status

Your rhesus status matters when you’re pregnant because if you’re rhesus-negative and the baby’s father is rhesus-positive, your baby could be rhesus-positive. That means your baby’s blood could be different from yours. During pregnancy, a few of your baby’s red blood cells will pass into your circulation. Your immune system recognises these cells as different from yours and forms antibodies against them. When these pass back into your baby’s circulation, they can destroy his red blood cells. Babies born with Rhesus disease used to be very ill, but now they can be protected while still in the womb.

If you are rhesus-negative, you will be told, and you’ll need extra care. you may be offered an injection of rhesus immunoglobulin (anti-D) at the 28th and 34th weeks of your pregnancy. This will coat any of the baby’s cells that may be in your blood stream and destroy these ‘invaders’ before your immune system responds to them. You will also have some extra blood tests to see if you have developed any rhesus antibodies. This rarely happens, but if it does, you will be carefully monitored.

If you have any ‘trauma,’ such as an accident, amniocentesis or CVS, you will need an injection of anti-D immunoglobulin.


hi am 28 w/p and before 3 days I was to blood test...and blood test is not good.what is and where is problem?
at the moment im 33 wks my had my blood taken at my 28wk appointment and they detected ANTI-C in my blood now I have to have my blood taken every 2 wks til my little girl is born and they said they will take blood from her cord when she is born too. I havent got a clue what any of these means can anyone shed any light on it for me please xxx
What does blood type A Rh (D) POSITIVE, antibody screening NEGATIVE mean?
Hi i'm 23 weeks pregnant and have a midwife's appointment next week i was just wondering would she do a blood test again ? they make me sick and i have no one to come with me :(
I'm 21+5 and have had a number of bleeds, two of which needed an Anti-D jab. After hearing so many nightmare stories about the needle I was terrified. Thankfully they were hugely exaggerated and it wasn't painful, just like a normal injection, one on my shoulder, the other in the top of my arm. Although I'm not looking forward to more jabs, I'm not afraid of the pain, they really aren't bad.
i've just found out i am a carrier of alpha fella thalassemia does anyone know what the hell this is i'm 32 weeks and will it harm baby i cant make sence of anything on the internet :/
hey i was just wondering if anyone else had high white blood cells in there pregnancy?, im 17 and am having my first baby the first blood test i had my iron was really good, im now 34 weeks+2 days and have got my results back on my 30 weeks blood test and my iron is on 10.4 and my monocytes one of my white blood cells were on 1.0 next to that it says its high, just woundered if you knew weather that was normal for pregnancy?
hi all.I am 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and am rh neg too.would just like to say it doesn't hurt and is a very small needle. I am due 27th dec x
I've just found out that my original blood tests to find out if I'm rhesus negative wasn't labelled properly, I had it done againg with the same problem so having it done again but I'm already over 28 weeks and worried about how long this is taking to get sorted! Should I be worried about already being past 28 weeks?
Ive had my blood tests n had to repeat them again as they said im not immune to rubella..n this is my 2nd pregnancy, my first 1 everything was fine but this time i dont kbow ehy i am not immune to rubella and this could affect my baby so im jus waiting for the results again..has anyone been through the same thing??
i have factor iv leiden deficentcy which causes my blood to clot more than normal expecially in pregnancy and i take a fragmin injection everyday to prevent me from having a life threatning thrombosis (dvt) does anyone else have this
callum hun just wondering would it matter to u wither the baby did have it if not then why bother having the test just relax and enjoy your pregnancy
I had an emergency scan today that showed every thing to be ok but I was asked if I wanted my baby to be tested for Downs Syndrome. I am only 20 and this is my second baby so i am not in the 'risk' of the baby having it. I am just worried that they seen something today. It is bad enough there is every chance this baby will have Cystic Fibrosis like its big brother now they are talking downs I am so scared. I dont know wither to get the blood tests done or not.
i'm really nervous about getting the anti D injection because risk of a virus being transmitted to me. i know the risk is low but i still have my concerns. i have to get it tomorrow. i don't know if i should put it off util after the birth when the baby's blood is tested.
Flump96 don't worry I'm on baby number 3 the test sound alot of blood but really it's not and it takes 2 mins so don't panic hun x
I am so nervous about having these blood tests, is it safe to have all of them or just have the ones required? im 12 weeks this saturday so having my first booking appointment this friday :)
Im confussed im rhesus-negative A- but i never got the anti-d injection until after my children where born is this a new thing to get it while pregnant as im now 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th child my youngest at the minute is 9.
I had to have a half dose of anti d at about 14 weeks after some bleeding and I'm not normally bothered by needles at all I hot my flu jab and blood tests no problem but this was very sore and for sum reason had to be on my bum! It felt very slow and although it didn't bruise was impossible to sleep on. Wasn't a bug needle thou, maybe that's just cause it was a half dose? But I'm not looking forward to getting it again xxx
Im Rhesus negative A neg, Ive had a anti-d jab at 24 weeks after the bleed Ive had, had the shot in my arm and didnt hurt at all x well worth getting it :)
i am now 27 weeks pregnant and the hospital hadnt recorded my results which stated i was rhesus negative!! i wasnt offered any advice/tips on staying even extra careful when it comes to any accidents etc so i was extremely concerned at first! my partner read up on it in detail and found it was quite common and the injections prevented any complications! i am now booked for my injections, first ones next week and then again @ 34 weeks. I was so annoyed to find that they hadnt recorded this, especially as i suffered a miscarriage late last year which after reading up on i saw that being rhesus negative can sometimes cause miscarriages!! i cant help feeling somewhat let down and even more paranoid than ever!! on a happier note this lil one is doing perfectly, and i can safely say that so far i have had an easy pregnancy! just wish i had known more about being rhesus negative before getting pregnant just so i knew of any possible complications.
I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with my 1st child. I have anti-d antibodies in my blood after a miscarriage. I have to have a scan every 2 weeks and my bloods taken to monitor the levels of anti-d. So far my baby isn't showing signs of anaemia and my anti-d levels haven't shot up. It's been a very scary time but all you can do is put your trust in the professionals looking after you and your baby. I had an anti-d injection after my miscarriage and it didn't stop me producing the antibodies but everyone is different. I know a big injection can be scary for some people but I'd submit to an injection from any sized needle if it meant not having this anti-d in my body.
Hi all! It's my firt time posting on here, so hopefully i can find this thread later to see your answers!!! I'm pregnant with my 4th baby and never had any probs with blood tests. This time (i'm 17weeks preg) midwife said they found antibodies in my blood (i'm RH POSITIVE!) and she said she needs to find out what kind of antibodies they are and i might need another test! I'm panicking! I know about rh Negative ladies, but had no clue positive rh like me could have antibodies, to what and how and why???:-/ was anyone in the same boat???
i got my bloods took at my booking in appoinment and have now recieved a letter asking me to book another appointment to get a blood sample took because it needs repeated. the letter says they need to retest "BLOOD GLUCOSE" and have hand written on the letter also to test for "FBC". could someone please tell me testing for them 2 things i named means or what they are?? dont understand all the blood tests?! please?
OMG i am this rhesus neg type blood and i have to have the anti D injections before and after the birth! Does anyone know where they inject you with it?
i'm also RHD and got into a total panic over this Anti-D injection, I hate needles, I hate doctors and dentists, the lot... I had my anti-d 4-5 weeks ago and it was 100 times better that i expected. I read on so many forums about anti-d being painful, a big needle, a thick liquid, slow and painful and it was the opposite, it wasn't painful, it didn't bruise, it didnt have any side effects honestly im a total wimp and even cried before i went in but it was so easy and no problems with this tiny injection, you will be fine, dont believe some of the horror stories it really is fine!
Can some one help? I'm not sure what to do at all?? I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my niece's may have measles, I just would like to know if they are safe in pregnancie??
I'm Also Very Tired ALL The Time And Trying To Tell Your 3Year Old Your Too Tired To Play Just Doesn't Work Aha, Anyone Got Any Suggestions On How To Relieve Even Some Of It? Can You Let me Know Thanks xx
Hi CorryAnneSamantha, I'm 29Weeks Pregnant And This Is My 2nd Baby And I'm Also Rhesus Negative, I Had My Anti-D Injection On Thursday And Although It Wasn't Painful Receiving It, I Had Bad Side Affects Such As A Bad Headache, Realy Tired Well Even More Tired Than I Had Been And Just Generaly Feeling Unwell! You'll Be Fine Though, If Its Got The Potential To Help Your Baby Then Its A Small Price To Pay...Hope All Goes Well With You N Bubs xx
I am 14 weeks pregnant and i am rhesus-negative my last pregnancy i produced anti-D anti bodies and had to have my son at 34 weeks, he was very ill HDN and had a lot of transfusions, I only had a Anti-D injection after my 1st born and have now been told due to my body producing Anti bodies the injection would not work. I am now having the same problems in this pregnancy and i am very worried.
Hi, I'm rhesus negative too, but luckily although I have had 4 pregnancies haven't had any of the horrible experiences you have had. I am 14 weeks now, with no 5, have been told that with every pregnancy the risk of problems increase. What happened in your case - didn't they know your blood type and not give the anti D after a birth??? Good luck - at least the hospital will be prepared this time and I'm sure you and baby will be in the best of hands.
hiya am rhesus negative and this is my first chil i am really worried because you hear all sorts of things, my biggest concern is the anti d needle does it hurt ? xx
hey dnt woory my mother in law is also Rh -ve n she deliverd 6 healthy children (all were by NVD) . dnt everything wil b fyn .