Top five signs of pregnancy

Some women say they know the exact moment they conceived, some women notice signs before they miss a period, while others don’t know they’re pregnant for several weeks.

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

You may notice the first signs of pregnancy as little as within one week of conception. Most early pregnancy symptoms occur within the first four weeks.

  • Slight bleeding or cramping as the embryo implants in your uterus.
  • Delay in menstruation. When you become pregnant, your next period should be missed.
  • Tender breasts that seem to be growing already!
  • Extreme tiredness... yes, it might not just be too many late nights, after all!
  • Backaches may be a symptom that occurs early in pregnancy.

Top 5 signs of pregnancy

  1. Nausea or sickness can start very early for some women.
  2. Needing to have a wee more often.
  3. Headaches due to the sudden rise of hormones in your body.
  4. Darkening of the skin around your nipples.
  5. Food cravings or aversions.

Most women ovulate two weeks before their period starts. So by the time you miss a period, your unborn baby is two weeks old. However, because pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period, you are said to be four weeks pregnant.

If you have a cycle of five weeks, your baby will still only be two weeks old when you miss your period, but your midwife will put you down as five weeks pregnant!

All women are different and you can read more about the symptoms of pregnancy in the comments below.


Hi everyone, Just found out that Im 4wks pregnant wi ma 2nd baby and I feel different from ma first pregnancy.
Alhamdulillah finally seen 2 red lines on pregnancy stip tomorrow going to gp inshaAllah but don't know still can't believe
Hi everyone, I have just found out that I'm 4 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby! I have been very nauseous and have tender breasts but the worst thing is the excessive amount of saliva that I just cannot swallow! Good luck to everyone with your pregnancies. :) X
Just found out i was and was really worried about the cramping but friend told me she had it with her first and second and all ok, it just were the baby is latching on..
hi every1 i have missed period done three tests but all three came negative,but i am getting all the signs of being pregnate what to do?
hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how far along i am, my midwife thinks I'm around 10 weeks and 6 days, but I'm not sure, as she is counting it from my period in February, which was extremely light, hardly anything in my pad and lasted 3 days but normally I'm around 7 days and extremely heavy. this is my first baby and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this a as well, i know i wont really know until my dating scan but that might not be for another 2 weeks.
im 8 weeks pregnant this week and I had my first midwife appointment but im so scared because 2010 I had a miscarried and I just hope the baby alright because ive been getting a lot of cramps or pain but it does go away after a few seconds
I am 9 days late. I am having all the symptoms of being pregnant but tests are coming back negative. I would really love to be pregnant and have been trying to conceive. I don't know what to do, would love some advice and reassurance.
Hiya duno if u could help but i come of my implant 5th of feb, as me nd my partner tryin for a bbe, nd aint had a period for this month or last, nd i did 2 preg test on the 12th nd sed positive nd next day did anuva 1 sed i was negative sence then i try do 1 every week and they say neg, but people say to me its still early, plus when i feel preg wuth my last 2 children i never knew i was preg till i was 4/5 months gone as preg tests always sed neg =-O but my boobs hav been sore, ive been more horny, nd i keep getting cramps/ light pains in my tummy. And my stomach feels werid, do u think i am preg?, x
Soft pooh is it normal
I found out yesterday I was pregnant with our first child. I am very excited but also very nervous.. any tips or advice please??? :)
Hi All! I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my first child and so excited!! We haven't told anyone yet as it's such early days but have decided to let our parents in on the picture tonight eek!!! How early should we start to tell everyone else? I know I need to tell my work but want friends and family to know too!!!
Hiya I found out I was pregnant on 27th December but my last period was on the 4th of December and was a week late my doctor said I must be further gone as it was to early to find out what do you think? Xx
Iv seen all the ladies posts and no answers .... are they emailed? I had to ask! Sorry...
I am pregnant with baby number 3 . Absolutely no symptoms apart from loving garlic mushrooms xxx good luck everyone. Xxx
Hi i did a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it came up a very very very faint positive but you could see the full line it was just really faint do you think im pregnant?
hia im wondering if someone can help me with this, ive been having cramps on the lower front part and lower back pain,sometimes i have shooting pains through my breasts and having brown pinkish colour stain in my knickers, im feeling tired most of the time and also feeling wierd in myself, people sed its too early for me to take a test as this has only started for the last 4-5days and had sex 3weeks ago :/ my friends who are mothers, sed that symptoms start very early for some woman, :/ can someone help me plz xx
hia lately ive been having lower back pains and lower front, ive had spotty stains aswell as pinkish brownish colour in my knickers and my virginal dishcharge is thick and white, also im attending to have shooting pains in my breasts a few times a day and feeling tired most of the time, ive been feeling alot wierd in myself too, but the question is am i pregnant, a few people have sed its early days for me to find out :/ as ive had sex 3weeks ago, but all of a sudden ive been feeling changes xx
Evening ladies, It's my first post on this forum. I'm almost 46, and have found out this morning that I am just over 5 weeks pregnant with my second child (my daughter is 14) and I am scared stiff but excited too!!!! I am going home from work this evening to tell my husband and daughter :0) Wish me luck!
hi iv just found out im 5 weeks pregnant i should be really happy but instead im really scared as i lost a baby last year. i have bad lower back pain and lower front pains like im going to start by period is this normal.
Hiya am almost 6 weeks pregnant and feel really tired and feeling really sick and some times a bit dizzy all the time, many of my friends have said am having a boy as i have never felt this way when i was pregnant with my daughter
Lashezz i have also done test at home 3 times and it came out positive. i been to the GP but they didn't do the test i have done it already. i suggest do one more test at home if it still shows positive then you are expecting. Just go to the GP and ask them to refer you to the hospital for the further tests. As i dnt remeber my cycle date therefore GP have referred me to the hospital for scanning in order to find out how many weeks i am and when will be my due date. Hope that helps.
Al hamdullillah! Baby no 3 is on its way! Congrats and blessings on all you pregnant ladies!! 5 wks today and DIMARCH SOOOOO EXCITED!! Khadijah
Hey all!!! I'm 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby and so far I feel like I could run a marathon!!! I feel full of energy and have none of the bad symptoms only that my boobs are like watermelons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first pregnancy was a breeze I loved every second of it and it looks like this one will be the same! Yay for me! good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
hiya insha allah i am pregnent
Help please, anyone! I am 3-4 weeks and am having period like pains in my abdomen, am having spotting & brown discharge & a lot of cramping. I have booked an appointment with my GP for Monday but in the mean time, am worried!
I am 5wks pregnant today and i keep getting little twinges in my lower abdomen and i am a little scared its not on one side its in the middle. Is this normal it has been 12 years since i had my son so i cant remember if i had this with him. Can someone please help m. Than you
Am finally seeing 2 pink lines YAY
hiya, i was wondering wether if anyone could help me, i was bleeding for 2 days and then stopped for 3 and then bled again for another 2 days. it was light pink in colour, accompanied by some cramping (like a period) i am constantly feeling extremely exhausted and i have really bad mood swings, constant urination, bloating, sore boobs, am i pregnant or not....
hiya im not sure if im pregnant but i've had 2 days of bleeding stopped for 3 then came back on for 2 days now i've now stopped again, it was light pink in colour, my breasts are tender feeling really tried, need to wee more, also my tummy is bloated. any help would b great
Hello ladies, The doctor has just confirmed me pregnant. i had 6 negative test so i checked this morning and its positive. so i went back to the doctors to reconfirm . am so happy. i missed 2period and it was still showing negative, eventually it shows positive. just take it easy guys. the baby is there and you will get your positive test at the right time. best of luck ladies and baby dust to all of you
ive done 2 tests now - both positive... but took a few hours to even show up so i think i must be really early.. now my period should be due and ive got some real awful period pains like im just about to come on - is this normal?? im really worrying!!
hi i am 5 days late from when period was due(supposed to be after taking these tablets-but usually normally when i'm not taking anything there every 33 days-so that would make af due today but still no show) did a early pt about a week and a half ago and negative!) worried about taking another test because of it no doubt showing negative) also i was monitoring my cycle and it stated twice i had ovulated? is this possible at all-the first one showing ov was on the 11th and then the 18-has anyone else had this or know about this kind of thing.also been having to opening my bowels more(don't me to be grose but some times when i go it can come out hard or looks dry and then when i feel like i've done,most of the time i blow wing and abit comes out with it like the runs?) any advice please-i already have 3 kids,with first didn't shows positive till about 4 weeks past due af and my af where irregulary at that time but with others its showed positive stright away
.iii I am sooooo warred about my beby!!! I am trying for two month. I have lower belly area and lower beck pain..I have been getting hardburn and I have soo many haedacke..... What can I do??? Plzzzzz help mee......
hello, i've seen alot of people write on this page on how they missed period . i am 14 days late now for my period, i am having cramps, backaches, feeling tired and peeing alot.i have had 3 tests and its all negative for people that have had similar issues, plz let me know your progress whether it turned out to be pregnancy or still on it. plz feedbacks will be really apprecciated. thks
have a baby girl a year old had a misscarrage on september 28 and found out im 4weeks preganant im excited and scared.
I have been trying for 3 years and was told due my husbands 0 Morphology I would never conceive. For weeks I have felt a bit faint & full all the time and have gone off meat. Have taken a test 5days before I am due on and I am in fact expecting. How don't care how ill I feel, I haven't wanted this too long to mind :)
hi, im pretty new to all this and very worried at the moment. ive been having bad stomache cramps and a light brownish discharge im not due on my period for anther week or so but this never usually happens to me? been feeling sick and very tired aswell.. i dont want to take a test untill i see if my period shows.. just wondered if anyone has any advice for me?
Hiya need a bit of advice, I stopped taking the pill 2 weeks ago and had unprotected sex twice within the 1st week, since then I've had belly twinges, back ache and wee'in constantly. could i be pregnant or is it too early after coming off the pill? thanku for any advice xx
Found out am pregnant on tuesday :-) at just 1 day passed expected day of period! Seen doctor and baby due on 23rd september. Am 4wks pregnant. Sooo excited. Symptoms so far, backache, hungry all the time, urinating loads. N think thats it. Congrats to all u ladies! Xxx
To cut a long story short... I'm 6 days late, I'm usually regular as clockwork as I'm on the pill, which i never miss. I've taken a test this morning which came back negative. However there is still no signs of my period. I got slight cramping earlier in the week and (tmi) have more discharge than usual, no discomfort etc. I've been experiencing headaches and slightly tingly boobs, which I never normally get. I conceived my little girl while on the pill nearly 3years ago which is why I'm a little worried. Is there a chance I'm pregnant or is Mother Nature just playing tricks. :)
Hi all i've just found out I'm expecting again for the third time, I already have two boys. My boobs have been hurting for Weeks but had a scan yesterday and I'm only 4 Weeks. Did a test last week that was positive, so as far as I know you have.to be about 3 weeks along for test to show up. Very excited due in September x
I am 11 days late and my last period i had was last month and was for only 2 days,my breasts r sore and i keep pooing alot more then usual.Is that a sign of me being pregnant? I feel sick most of the time and i am very sensitive to smells aswell.Any help welcome xxx
Hi there...i have been trying for a baby from 11months.last time my periods were delayed by 4 days.5 day I had a test which was negative..then on 6 Day I had periods..n now that im feeling sleepy,had a tender brest a times,n all d time im having stomach cramps and pain in bottom of my stomach.also back pain..plz help me out with this..fed up of disappointing periods month after month..
Hi I am 4 days late nearly 5, I am regular for my periods I normally come on the day I'm due on, for the past week I have had slight tender breasts I have also gone up a size in my cup due to my breasts feeling heavy and swollen, feeling tired more than usual, heavy vaginal discharge I keep thinking I have come on I go toile and it's just white milky discharge sometimes I'm having to change my pants (sorry tmi) I feeling bloated and getting cramps every now and then in the lower belly area, and lower back pains, I have also been getting a lot more headaches than usual, today I've been getting a lot of heart burn, thing is I have been using the pull out method but this month durin ovulation I had sex everyday using the pull out method, do u think I am pregnant? Is it to early to test? Email me with some advise kayleydeathangel@hotmail.co.uk thanks x
Hi I haven't had missed periods for over a year now and always have been 28day cycle now I will be 4weeks late on 1/01/13... I have taken 5 home pregnancy tests and one at the doctors and all were negative.. I'm having the fluttery feelings in my tummy and some cramping but when my period was due I had a backache for about a week,was sick once and was very hormonal... I'm a very anxious person so I've been stressing about it, wondering what on earth is going on! My gp said that if it still hasn't come in 4weeks time to go back... I haven't had tender breasts at all and don't know what to do so someone ease help!!would really like to know what is going on!
I'm 13 days late on my period my boobs are killing me and my nipples are sore as well its jurting all under my underarms! I had some spotting about 12 days ago and that's it a little bit of cramping about 10 days ago also feel sicky, done a test and it came negative, me and my partner have been trying for 7 months now I'm 20 and he's 23, I had a laproscopy in May 2012 as they thought something might be wrong but it was all fine, I don't know wether to do a test when I'm 14 days late but I don't want to get my hopes up x
Hey every1 jus want time know how far do I have to be for a pregnancy test to show positive
I m new 2 d site & 3 week pregnant. it's my 1st baby so v.excited! I & hubby were looking 4 dis day so long!♥
hi everyone:) i just found out last saturday that i was pregnant after trying for two years! i was even booked for keyhole surgery to find why im having pelvic pain but she was also going to see if there was anything wrong with my tubes! so this has been cancelled! i was a bit shocked though i had a feeling i was last week so baught a test took it 4 days before i was due to start my monthly! i had a feeling i was because the give away was an increased amount of discharge! when i took the test i didnt wait to see lol i just saw one red line so tossed it but over 24 hours hours later something told me to check the test again and there was a faint pink line! so did research to see if ovulation tests can tell if u are or not which found out they can so i used mine and it was positive but then my neighbour bless her got some tests! and came out positive! ive had sore/tender breasts headaches and back ache going to the toilet alot and tired now getting indigestion/heartburn and did have some implanation bleeding on and off since wed! the doctor said im due aug 16th! 4 days after my birthday but thats on a 28 day cycle...and im on a 25 day one so according to the clearblue site im due aug 12 on my birthday! my husband is somewhat excited about it lol actually showed some when i asked if we want to know what it is lol my 4 year old son is excited! congrats to all who are pregnant!