Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work

There are a number of aspects of pregnancy that can affect your health and safety at work.

For example, varicose veins can be aggravated by standing for long periods, and the effects of hormonal changes on your ligaments can increase the likelihood of injury or strains when lifting heavy loads.

You have the right to:

But you can also think about how you can help yourself. For example, standing may not necessarily constitute a risk, but it might be hard work if most of your job involves standing.

Standing for long periods

While it depends on individual circumstances, standing or indeed sitting in one place is likely to become more uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses.

  • A workplace risk assessment will identify if you are being placed at risk by standing for long periods while you’re pregnant.
  • Any job that can be done sitting, should be done sitting. Can your work be done while sitting and could a chair be provided?

If not, remember to take frequent breaks. And don’t forget that your employer has to provide somewhere for mums-to-be to rest if they need to.

Tips to help you stand safely at work

If you need to stand for long periods at work, try these tips to keep as comfortable as possible:

  • Stand with knees relaxed.
  • Try to stand upright – no slouching! 
  • Keep your weight evenly distributed. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. 
  • Wear support stockings – rather than tights, which can increase your risk of developing thrush; they will help prevent varicose veins, too. 
  • Move as much as possible – it helps to avoid stiffness and gets your circulation working well. 
  • Take regular breaks.

Tips to help you sit comfortably at work

If you sit down for most of the day, at work or at home:

  • Keep your spine well supported. Use cushions if necessary.
  • Get up and move around regularly.
  • Don’t cross your legs – it can make your feet and ankles swell.
  • Put your feed up whenever you can.


Many women have heard the rumour that working in front of a computer all day could harm their baby. Research doesn’t show that being in front of a screen causes miscarriage or harm to your baby. But you should take regular breaks from your computer anyway; take a walk about and don’t sit for too long in the same position.

Take care at work by:

  • Remembering to lift properly
  • Wearing suitable clothing/flat shoes/support stockings. 
  • Eating little and often to keep your energy levels up – take fruit and healthy snacks to keep at work. 
  • Delegating where possible – don’t be proud!

If you need help in changing your work conditions, talk to your union representative or your personnel department. If your company has neither of these, contact or Working Families on 0800 013 0313.


Hi this is my first post on ere. I am a post lady and walk constantly for 5 hours carrying up to 16kg of mail at one time. Its very draining, had no risk assessment but just crack on.
Hi I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first child. When I was 6 weeks pregnant I experienced some bleeding, thankfully everything was ok. I informed my boss at work, as I was told to take it easy by the hospital. The lady I work with was absent, as she'd just had an operation, so I was on my own doing the job of 2. I had too much work to do and was starting to feel stressed, so I told my boss and all she said was "well note it down, it'll help our case for getting cover when you go on maternity leave". I now have zero respect for this woman, she's a mother herself you'd think she'd be a bit more caring!! Good luck to all the yummy mummies to be :) xx
Hi. i was nearly 12 weeks pregnant in august with my second child when i had a miscarriage.The miscarriage was complicated and i had to have an op and two blood transfusions. Prior to this i was working part time but waking night shifts of 9.45pm to 7am. My job is as a carer for autistic adults with challenging behaviour. I told my employer that i was pregnant as soon as i found out at 5 weeks. I did NOT have a risk assessment and found that i was treated differently to a woman who was very 'clicky' with the night shift senior. There was blatant discrimination and i was left on a unit on my OWN working with an autistic, grown man who is known for violent behavior and then working with a woman with the same issues who hated babies and children and too was violent. The staff working with these clients have a 'panic' button if needed. I had asked for a risk assessment and had asked to be moved to work with another member of staff just in case...this didnt happen. I had a shift where i began to 'spot' blood. i informed the management and had a shift off work. following this i still did not get a risk assessment, no change to my duties and certainly no compassion whatsoever. I have been off work since after the transfusions have affected my iron levels and my emotions are not settled as yet. I have taken sick note from my GP into work and have not had one single enquiry as to how i am feeling and have been ignored and 'huffed' at when taking my GP notes in. All women are affected differently and i am certainly no 'wuss'. I am dreading going back to work knowing they are basically a nasty, uncaring bunch of people! Has anyone else had this and know where i stand legally with them as they didnt do an assessment in the many weeks they knew about the preganancy? i didnt tell them in writing. Thanks all.x
hi im a carer and work 12 hour shifts im 15 weeks pregnant my work really don't care less im standing a lot don't get breaks as often as I should im lifting moving and so rushed off my feet iv tryed to speak with my boss all I got wos rudeness and that I must not care about my un born child because I wont leave im having a lot of bleeding and clots on and off scans had baby ok for now I really don't know what to do for the best as I know my work will not help and are just making it harder almost like that want me to leave can someone help!!!!!!!!!!! im so down and stressed I just want to work I love my job but I love my family
I work on a hospital ward and recently had to take time for dizziness caused by low blood pressure. This was very frustrating, as although I felt fine most of the time and my employers were supportive, I was not considered fit enough for the type of work I normally do. The hardest part was trying to convince my GP and midwife to help me manage my "normal for pregnancy" symptoms so I could go back to work! With my healthy, non caffeine diet I chose to ignore the GP advice of "drink cans of coke every time you feel faint", in favour of increasing the sugar & fats in my diet, wearing TED stockings, eating at least every 2hrs, staying hydrated and adapting my work pattern/environment wherever possible...it's worked so far. I find that as soon as I conquer each of my pregnancy complications, another crops up! Sometimes I can't help feeling like a bit of a burden on my colleagues as well as guilty and selfish for being at work! But nevertheless I feel it's important to remember I have every right to be there and be safe, and not to hide how I'm feeling - staying in close contact and collaborating with employers so they can meet my needs.
Hi Everyone, I am 8weeks+4 pregnant and this is my first post. I am interested in everyone's experiences on here because I am a manager and last year I had an employee who became pregnant. That was my first experience and without going through pregnancy myself, I had no Idea how she felt and how you instinctively feel the need to protect your baby from any harm. It is through Communication with your line manager and informing them of your needs and the reasons behind them (puts baby at risk) that you will be able to cooperate fully and get what you need, because most managers who haven't been through pregnancy won't have a clue!!! Good luck everyone.
hi I am 9 weeks gone now with my 4th child and I am experiencing sometime back side is a pine and bad time today is come my discharge ping colour bleeding so I am very worry .???
Some of these stories sound awful i have to say i am very lucky i work in a busy hospital ward and am 13+1wks. I am treated very well by my co workers,my sister has done my assesment and made me aware of what i should and shouldnt do. I have carried on with my normal duties which involves maual handling etc and am on my feet for 12.5hrs. But im allowed a rest break when i need it. I have been admitted to hospital with my pregnancy, and suffered sickness at work but i honestly can not fault my team they treat me like im their daughter and look out for me.
Danniayre, I know exactly how you feel, I am a senior carer for the elderly and work nights, I am 9 weeks pregnant, I told my manager as soon as I found out, due to the duties involved in my work. I was signed off due to bleeding in early pregnancy the scan showed i have a cyst, and to be honest my pregnancy has not been great so far due to the sickness and dizziness, I returned to work not long ago and was put back onto my normal duties, my night shifts consist of 11 hours of running around caring for 57 residents most with dementia and some who can be violent, that shift left me in bed for two days after and feeling extremely dizzy, sick and with a splitting headache ( i felt like a zombie), however when speaking to my manager and asking her to change my shifts to days, not only for the health of my unborn baby and my health but also for my colleagues, all she could say was 'well I will think about it' and that i am unreliable, she is obviously trying to bully and discriminate against me as if i have chosen to have a bad pregnancy. There are a few laws to protect pregnant women against discrimination, one of them is in the health and safety at work act and sex discrimination law, it also sounds as though your senior colleague is bulling you which you can also take further through your works own policies and procedures. I hope this helps however it can.
Hi, Can I just say that yes some people on here are going abit ott about their duties at work and lack of support....but some will be true! And i shouldnt have to say this on a pregnancy site but hey...ALL PREGNANCIES ARE DIFFERENT!!! For all those who are saying "suck it up" "it's just pregnancy" or "in the old days they had to"....which is false btw as they were told that they had to be on complete bed rest...just saying! I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and its the first time working while pregnant as we were a military family for the first two, and I am struggling like hell! I am exhausted been in and out of hospital with dehydration had sick notes for stress during pregnancy etc... I told work i was pregnant as soon as i found out at 4 weeks as i was bad. And at first my work were ok had my risk assessment done a week after telling them I was pregnant, I work in retail and all I was told is that I cannot push/pull or carry heavy things cannot used ladders or step stools and what have you, but my senior on section has gone awfully funny with me now asking me to do shifts till midnight even though I am the only one on my dept that has children which she knows, I don't drive and only have myself, husband or in laws to have children my husband works and my father in law has had an op so is in pain which she knows and I have just had a call from her saying that she has changed my shifts for the test of the week, but its too short notice for me as my daughter has to be in two different nurseries to cover my shifts at work and she had a rant at me and put the phone down on me....so I feel she is being unfair and discrimminating against me for having a family and being pregnant, I work hard and do what I can, but at the end of the day I am part time for a reason! Has anybody else had this sort of thing happen to them?
@jenniferbrowen1 Being pregnant is one of the protected characteristics in regards to equal opps and special rules apply to sickness absence which is related to a pregnancy/birth; although you were at work, I'm not too sure that they can take your sickness in to account and terminate you due to it. I'm not qualified in this area so I may be mistaken but I would definitely go and seek further advice as it may be deemed as unlawful discrimination. This website might help: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/work_e/work_work_comes_to_an_end_e... Hope everything gets sorted!
Hey im 12 weeks pregnant and today I was fired, i have had quite bad morning sickness so was told by one of my bosses if i needed to sit down or get a drink whenever it was fine. Although today my reason for being fired was apparently because for an hour last week i sat down and drank cups of tea when i was feeling sick therefore 'stealing time' i was never told i had to deduct time from my timesheet when i rested, i had no verbal or written warning just escorted off the premises. I feel theres been some sort of discrimination here and the real reason theyre firing me is because they dont want to pay me maternity leave, i turned up for work and i did my jobs, i was just taking my bosses advice as i had no risk assessment and wanted to be cautious as i had a previous miscarriage- now 3 months pregnant and no job- no money, dont know whats going to happen :(
Im 14 weeks pregnant. I work as a nurse and work have been really supportive since the start, however I work 12 hour shifts and Im finding night shifts are really making me ill and its not practical to take regular breaks as Im always busy. Ive already had to call in sick twice following a night shift and am worried its just going to get harder the further along I get. I hate calling in sick and I really feel Im letting them down but I really dont want to risk my health or that of my child. I dont know any other nurses that have worked full time during their pregnancy. Love to hear any other nursy experiences. :0)
Hi I work as a carer at a busy care home for 7 hours a day with lots of strenuous moving and handling. I'm now at 12 weeks should my management be making my work load easier. If I complain about being tired etc I'm just told pregnancy not an illness. But wondering what effects it having on my baby?
hi everyone i'm 9 weeks and 1 day and i'm a administrator and sales person. I still have the morning sick and can't sit down for long. Because got pain in the bum bones. So my Q is. Is that normal?
While I wholeheartedly agree with your comments shonamarriage can I just say that a lot of us are in more physical jobs than others. I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have a very heavy manual cleaning job. I told them early I was Pregnant due to having suffered 3 miscarriages prior to the Birth of my 20 month old son. Because I work part time and for a pub that isn't part of a chain I'm not entitled to many rights. Today as well as cleaning a pub and three rooms I ended up having to lug a camp bed out of a room back into the storage cupboard. I want to say that I'm pretty much a healthy person as before I fell pregnant I went to the gym 3 times a week and ran 3 miles once a week but sometimes there are limits. Due to my job I've stopped the gym at the moment until I reach all being well 12 weeks but I don't find my bossses to be very supportive. Yes pregnancy is very much a normal situation for a lot of women IF they haven't had prior trouble and some women aren't entitled to as many workplace rights as others and are in a lot more physical jobs.
im 25weeks +1day and very frustrated at the fact that my duties at work are not getting easier. anyone else having the same problem?
I'm 27 and 9 weeks pregnant, I am a zoo keeper so very physical outside work and I'm suffering with all day and night sickness so told my employers early and they have been great even though I have been off sick for over a week now. , My boss did a risk assessment straight away and they are really taking care of me. I feel very lucky after reading some of your horrible stories!!!
Oh my goodness! We are just pregnant aren't we? Its very hard I have been vomiting at work and home for the last 5 weeks! However I just get on with it! We can still continue doing what we used to do!!! You can still go running, go to the gym, why cant we continue working? If you can still work with ionising radiation while you are pregnant then you can work anywhere surely A risk assessment only needs to be done if there are associated risks. All information can be found on the internet. Pregnant Workers & Risk Assessment Regulation 16 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 places a duty on employers to carry out a risk assessment in respect of new or expectant mothers. Hope that helps. Please note that women have fought to get us equal workplace rights over the last few 100 years and we need to remember this. We get a year off for goodness sake!!!
Hi, I am 14 weeks+2. I told my employer I was pregnant at 6 weeks due to getting bad morning sickness. She completed a risk assessment when I was about 8 weeks. Not much needed to change. However a week ago I was given a sick note by the Dr for her to ammend my duties. She completely ignored it. The next day I suffered from heavy bleeding. Baby is ok-thank goodness!!! I was signed off for a week and due to go back tomorrow. I'm a little scared. But I am determined to stand up for my unborn baby and my health!! Lets see how it goes!!
I have been told by my company that the HSE state that it is no longer necessary for them to do a risk assessment UNLESS you feel that you need one. If you have asked for one and they haven't I would ask them again by email so you have proof and if they don't respond then contact the HSE yourself and say that your RIGHTS are being disregarded. It is bad of a company to ignore such rights and you have a right to report them!
Like princessspud, I too work a bar job which is 6 hours a week. I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant and I told my boss when I was 9 weeks and to this day they STILL haven't done a risk assesment, to be honest I bet they don't even know what one is, there rubbish! They leave me on my own behind a bar with no help what so ever while they 'walk their dogs' when really they go out for a meal and they leave me one my own for all of my shift, I get no breaks although I try to sneak 5 minutes here and there. They don't bottle up the shelves which means I have to run in and out the back to get the odd bottle of what ever, I run around like a headless chicken doing several jobs at once which means I get overly stressed, I get moaned at if a jobs not done when I only have one pair of hands, I lift heavy glass trays and if I need the toilet I have to hold it as there's no one to watch the bar for me. It actually makes dread going to work :(
hi im 20 weeks pregnant and work at a nursing home which is constant heavy lifting n only entitled to a 30min break i work 9 hr shifts n told me boss i was pregnant wen i was 5 weeks but my boss still wnt do a risk assesment as she said its no necessary cz im only pregnant not disabled! i am worried cz im being made to do things that hurt me and make me be sick im not aloud to have a sit down if i get tired or have a drink ! will be speakin to my midwife next month!
I get no support at all, this is my first pregnancy I work at a bar. They put me on shifts 6 hours or less which means I'm not entitled to a break they do this on purpose for my "benefit". It takes me an hour to get to and from work so by the time I've done all that I've gone all day without food which makes me feel faint and sickness. I just wondered if anyone could help me if they are allowed to give me no breaks and making work a lot harder than usual and also give me less hours so I may not be entitled to maternity leave?
I'm verging onto my 21st week of pregnancy. Usually in my job we stand for long periods of time, pretty much a full 8hr shift is stood up. I complained to them that my back and feet hurt too much and that I couldn't stand for that long without having short breaks in which to sit down. So they gave me a stool which is too high for the desk which we work with, meaning that if I sit down I am then hunched over the desk trying to work/use the computer. It has no back rest and no where for my feet to rest comfortably so they are just swinging in the air. I have asked them if i could change it for a proper computer chair which they have in the managers office, because it is causing me more problems than benefits and they told me I should be lucky to have even been given a stool!!
I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. My work aren't understanding at all I've been off for a few weeks with Dehydration. I get moaned at if I need the toilet to either Be sick or to wee! I've had my shift changed to lates which is worser for me as I'm more tired. I had a slight bleed and my midwife told me to go To hospital and they moaned because I had to leave work early! So not all people have it easy at work :(
Iam 9 weeks pregnant and must admit my employers have been great. I work in a nursing home and have already completed a risk asessment. I am scared though as i have recently had two failed pregnancies, although i must admit despite my colleagues being slightly over pretective i am grateful to them as i know i am stubborn and would continue to work as hard as i have always done, but if it was good enough for my daughter and twin boys why would it not be good enough now, unless of course im just getting too old and am too fat
I am now 14 weeks pregnant and again liek many on the reponses on here not had a risk assesment done. My manager has been great with being supportive but my actual employers haven't even really helped at all. I work late shifts alot of the time and am extremely tired by the time I finish I feel they should be putting me on earlier shifts but dont feel this will happen. Wish everyone the best of luck :) xx
To donnaker. It must be a thing with care homes. Im 13wks and not had a risk assesment done. im currently off work due to my doctor being apauled at the stress im being put under at work. Im expected to still work 13 hour shifts with no additional breaks. Ive had terrible morning sickness. Im having to do the same as i was before pregnancy so i asked for night shifts but was told no as im pregnant. So im expected to lift, turn, toilet and get hit as long as its on days.
My boss is great when it comes to my pregnancy. I'm 15 weeks and suffering with dizzy spells and dehydration, I work as a customer service assistant in a very busy overly cramped hot workplace and constantly have to keep getting drinks. I can tell some of the employees are getting annoyed with me and one supervisor even told me iv been lazy for the past 3 months :O. Which really upset me as I know that I am trying my hardest to keep up with the demand.
hi im new to the site however I have worked for my employer for 9 years and im 10 weeks pregnant i told them i was pregnant and no risk assessment has been done as yet however they have hinted that they intend to change my shift from night shifts to day shifts as their is more staff I have said I would be willing to do evening shifts as their is increased staff to offer more support with lifting etc as im a care worker but i could not do days as I have 2 other young children so i would need to get childcare and the increased cost which would have financial implications for me and my family as chilcare cost would be to much off an increasment as im on very low earnings but they are still insisting on day shifts I feel they are giving me unreasonable hours so it makes it impossible to work there which annoys me so much after i have worked for the company for such a long time.
hi im new to the site however I have worked for my employer for 9 years and im 10 weeks pregnant i told them i was pregnant and no risk assessment has been done as yet however they have hinted that they intend to change my shift from night shifts to day shifts as their is more staff I have said I would be willing to do evening shifts as their is increased staff to offer more support with lifting etc as im a care worker but i could do days as I have 2 other young children so i would need to get childcare and the increased cost which would have financial implications for me and my family as chilcare cost would be to much off an increasment as im on very low earnings but they are still insisting on day shifts I feel they are giving me unreasonable hours so it makes it impossible to work there which annoys me so much after i have worked for the company for such a long time.
I am 9 weeks pregnant no risk assesment at work.. Feel like I'm being pushed out am working loooong hours even tho they said they would cut them down .. On my feet with the comment this isn't a job u can sit down in an only have a 20 min lunch break .. Get huffed at for needing to pee and feel like I get all the rubbish jobs even tho I can't do some .. Am sooo tired have a little girl who's four and a house to think about but am worried bout mine and my baby's health :( xx
Hello ladies, I am 9weeks pregnant, had no safety assement but still my employer and coleague are sooo helpful that i cant complain a bit. As a waiteress - shifts are done to suite to me, i have my breaks . . . . and i feel great. Hope this will last and all be good :D good luck to all of you :D
I am 17 weeks pregnant and my work has been supportive enough and I can take breaks when I need to. I sit at a computer all day and find my back aches if I sit too long so I get up and have a walk around regularly which seems to help. I still have sickness and I get tired and although I realise I do not have a disability pregnancy does take a lot out of you and I will rest when I need to. The lack of support in some of the replies here is quite astonishing as you have no idea what some people have been through to get pregnant in the first place so it is quite plausible that some people, myself included, may be worried about overdoing it in case something bad happens and therefore will be overly cautious. Something to consider before making judgements. Good luck with your pregnancies.
I told my work at at 4 weeks as im a Vet nurse so alot of things i do could compramise the baby. im 9 weeks now, awaiting my risk assessment once they have run some anaesthetic monitoring to assess the risk, i am not too bothered that i have not had one yet as this is my second baby so remember the main things i have to avoid (cat poo, xrays...) Yes i still climb ladders, yes i lift things, and yes i still do my night shifts, but i know my own limitations, and im such a busy bee at work it takes my mind off any nausea and aches. i am very fortunate that i work with understanding colleagues and because i am in a large team, i am often being shunned out the way if they think i am doing too much! Someone even offered me a chair during a brief meeting...i kindly declined....im pregnant, not disabled!
hi everyone i am currently 9 wks with my 2nd baby and have been ok so far also my 1st pregnancy was amazing i was very lucky, felt great and had brilliant support from my work mates. i have however had friends who have had really terrible pregnancies and had to stay off work although they really want to be there and keep active, i am appalled at some of the unsympathetic messages on here yes pregnancy is not an illness but it can totally wipe you out. just because your having an easy time of it now doesnt mean you always will and think how you would feel if someone made a comment like that to you, gd luck everyone xxx
Nwhite201. my manager did my risk assessment when i told her at 3 weeks. as i work in anursery i thought best to tell her early. We have also sat down and put reveiw dates in the diary so we can reveiw it every 3 months.x
Gosh I'm utterly amazed by some of your comments about all manner of things from employment rights to whether you think its normal to be in so much pain that you can't get out of bed!! And you are airing them on a Bounty public forum? what planets are you on. There is so much information out there about maternity rights in employment, you should find out and make sure you receive what you are due. At the same time women fought for many years to have a place in 'employment', obtaining exactly same rights as men and working damned hard to be able to be seen as equals. I know that pregnancy is not easy but you have to take care of yourself, you cannot rely on other people to be fussing around you, pregnancy is NOT A DISABILITY. I am 9 weeks pregnant and work in a job where I am on my feet all day, I do not moan about it but I make sure I take my breaks and rest when I can. I am 40 and I work as hard as any youngster, I believe that keeping active will help my pregnancy along and I feel better and more positive for it. My boss knows, but no-one else and this is the way I want it to stay until I have my scan and screening tests to make sure all is well. I had two weeks of horrible nausea, morning, noon and night but this seems to be going now - I do consider myself very lucky thus far. Your employers do have a right to protect you during your pregnancy but for those who haven't had risk assessments be pro-active and organise it yourself. Good luck every one xx
im 22 weeks pregnant and work as a cleaner 5days a week. i told my manager when i was 12 weeks gone but she hasnt done a risk assesment yet as shes waiting for me to get my MATB1 certificate and give it to her. even tho i feel that she should have done one by now as im lifting, bending and walking lots in my job. are your managers surpose to do a risk assesment by the time your a certain amount of week pregnant?
Oh my god ladies!! I'm a community support worker...9 weeks pregnant, with my first child, yes ive had a couple of days off with constant throwing up. But at the END OF THE DAY...ITS PREGNANCY!!! Deal with it, what are you going to be like when your 6/7/8 MONTHS!! Just get up and go to work, if you dwell on it and feel sorry for yourselves...your not gonna help yourself feel any better.
I work in home care, and i'm 9 weeks now, i only found out a couple of weeks ago, but i am currently off with morning sickness. I'm itching to get back into work as i dont want to sit around and put on un nessesary weight. any tips for the constant change in appitite that i am getting, finding it hard to eat anything.
Hi everyone I'm now on my 4 th baby a risk assessment in my place of work is normally done at 12 weeks. There is another girl were I work who is 2 weeks ahead of me I'm 9 weeks by the way. I find it really annoying how people moan saying they can't do delivery they can't clean and they can't empty a bin because there pregnant, no one at work knows I'm pregnant yet but some people need to realize that pregnancy is not a disability it's part of life I get up at 6 am every morning clean my house get my kids ready go to work for 10 hours, come home and clean its half 11 before I get chance to sit and relax . My point is deal with it in the old days they did.
im 14 weeks with my first baby and have to say from reading all the below i have also been suffering with all the pains under the sun. Although many people say rest etc im a firm believer in staying active and am therefore refusing to let it effect my work. I am not a proud employee but i am certainly trying to stay active for the sake of my unborn and believe many should take a leaf!
im now 16 weeks and been on the sick now for 5 weeks as i have been suffering from shortness of breath when going up and down stairs or walking down town, im also tiring a lot quicker. i work two 10hr night shifts in a care home so have to run up and down stairs with beakfast trays. my manager has not done a risk assessment on me and told me im skiving is there anything i can do?
I have to say Ladies we are only pregnant, not disabled the term crack on with it really does come to mind !
im 14 weeks pregnant and i work in New Look and im doing 4hour shift, its my second baby and my bump start showing alredy 5 weeks ago which course me a lot of problems with my back and also down below :( especially while im working is very dificult as im on 4 hourse non stop stand up or walking. is it ok for me to have a sit down break while my shift , can i request that from my boss??
i Workin in tesco express and i also go to uni. Work has adapted very well for me, i have been given a nice chair and I get one half hour break for an 8hour shift but i know if i needed a break imbetween that they would let me. They havn't done a risk assesment yet and im not sure if i will get maternity pay even though i have been there for nearly 2 years.
Is this site regulated? Spelling mistakes all over the place. I am currently pregnant and uncertain if this site is reliable? Good to know about safety at work, think my employer will be very considerate.
I work as a nursery nurse and wasnt issued a risk assessment until a few weeks after I told my employer I was pregnant. My duties have not changed and i need to lift tables , empty large water containers which the children play with and stand up on chairs to change around wall displays. I also work long hours and only get 30 minutes for lunch. No tea break. Is this normal ? I have been told my someone that pregnant women should have at least a ten minute tea break.