Pregnancy and work - when to tell?

Reaching the start of the second trimester is a milestone, and could be the time you want to share the news with your boss and colleagues.

You may not want to tell too early in case of miscarriage, or because because you could lose out on work opportunities. But you may need to tell earlier than you had planned if you’re suffering from severe Morning sickness, or tiredness.

Antenatal rights

Also, you can’t take advantage of your antenatal rights until you make the news official. For example, you need to tell your employer in writing that you are pregnant in order to be entitled to a workplace+risk+assessment. You’ll want to do this as soon as possible if you feel that your work puts your health or that of your unborn baby at risk.

Read your contract of employment so you know what your company does for pregnant employees. Some stick to statutory maternity provision but others might offer additional benefits or perks. The charity Working Families will also give you advice on your working rights in pregnancy. Call free on 0800 013 0313, email office@workingfamilies.org.uk or log onto www.workingfamilies.org.uk.

Don’t worry about getting fired or demoted as a result of announcing that you’re pregnant – it’s against the law to discriminate in any way against expectant and new mums. But be prepared for mixed reactions from your colleagues – some could be less enthusiastic than you.