How to buy - Breastfeeding

How to buy - Breastfeeding

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The expert guide to buying a breast pump

When your baby is born, you’ll want to get a good breastfeeding routine established as soon as possible. There’s plenty of help and support available to you from your midwife and health visitor – and remember, they are there to help you, so if you have any concerns, question or problems in those first few days, don’t hesitate to call them.

There is also an excellent section on successful breastfeeding in the Bounty ‘You and Your Newborn’ guide in the pack you will receive from Bounty on the maternity ward when you’ve had your baby. There’s even more online at bounty.com

Why buy a pump?

There are many reasons to buy a pump – but bear in mind that you may not find out about them until after you’ve had your baby! Remember that you may need to send your partner or a relative to buy one for you, so having a good idea of the different types available and their benefits will help you choose the best one for you – and help you avoid making an expensive mistake.

You may need or want to express if:

  • Your baby is born early, has special needs or has to be in a special care baby unit.
  • Your nighttime routine is interrupted and you want your partner to give a feed so you can get a good night’s sleep. He can also give feeds at other times, too, which will help him bond with the baby.
  • You want to have an evening out.
  • You’re feeding twins and want to increase your milk supply.
  • You need to travel away from your baby for a few days.
  • You are going back to work and want to continue breastfeeding.

Why not consider renting?

Renting an electric model, such as those used in hospitals, can be a good option. Pumps are available through the NCT or ask your midwife. However, if you will using expressed milk on a regular basis, buying is best.

Editor’s top tips:

  • Tired, too much to juggle at once and constantly multi-tasking? Get dad to put the pump together, especially the first time. It can be tricky – but he’ll love to show off his gadget skills.
  • Express when you have time, are comfortable and have plenty of milk. It also helps to have the baby, or at least a photo, nearby.
  • If you work or travel, look for a light, quiet version with a carry case.
  • Look for models with varying speeds. Start off slow and adjust to suit you.

How to be an expert

There are two types of pump; manual and electric (battery or mains powered).


  • Great value for money.
  • Small, easy to store and transport.
  • Quiet and discreet.
  • Fewer parts to go wrong, so sturdy and reliable.
  • Can be tiring to use and take some time.


  • Express in a fraction of the time.
  • Not tiring to use and can be used in different positions.
  • Some have a ‘memory’ function that stores your rhythm.
  • Efficient.
  • Batteries might run out just when you need it.
  • Need to be near a power point for mains version.
  • Louder than a manual.
  • Can be pricey.

What to look for

  • Easy, clear instructions.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling for cleaning.
  • A cushioned, comfortable funnel.
  • Single or double options depending on your needs.
  • Safe to use in a steriliser.

Featured products

The Lansinoh 2in1 Affinity™

The Lansinoh 2in1 Affinity™ can be used as a single or double pump and features two separate phases: let-down and expression. Effortless to assemble and easy to clean, this BPA-free pump has ComfortFit™ breast cushions for a soft, secure fit. The suction and cycle speeds are individually controlled for comfort, without any compromise on effectiveness. Express more milk in half the time when pumping simultaneously from both breasts.

The Lansinoh manual pump

The Lansinoh manual pump is discreet, portable and convenient. With no need for batteries or an electrical source, it is ideal for occasional expressing or short periods away. The pump features a unique ComfortSeal™ cushion to create a secure seal for more comfortable and efficient pumping. The ergonomic handle puts no strain on the wrist, for easy one-handed use when imitating a baby’s nursing rhythm.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags
98.95 for 50

These leak-free bags are designed to store your own milk in the fridge or freezer – then your partner or carer can feed your baby. They come pre-sterilised with a double zipper seal and a write-on tab to note the date.

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
95.49 for 60

Ultra thin but super absorbent, these are discreet and won’t show under clothing. They draw excess milk away from the skin, keeping you fresh and dry. They have a natural shape and there are handy adhesives tapes to keep them in place. lansinoh.co.uk - 0113 2591425